Weary of Ticking Boxes but Pressing On

Well, I had to research who Og Mandino was. lol. Apparently he wrote a book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. And apparently it was a very successful book with reviews like “he captured it all right here”. So if anyone is in sales go back in time and give it a read, I guess? Anyway, as for me, I’ll take the quote in itself. Determination is a strong suit! And I’ve been determined this week to get caught up. I believe I have! I am now where I normally am when closing a quarter. I’m to the point of waiting on others information. All my withholding returns are done. I’m ready to do the unemployment returns but will do them when the information packets come my way. There are other reports I can skip ahead and do in the interim that I had said last time I would do. So I will do those. I have a lot of payroll related things to do today like process garnishment checks and upload 401k but this afternoon I will about be caught up to where I normally am in a quarter end. I will come in this weekend if I have things to do, but won’t if I don’t.

I WILL say, that I am “weary” though and losing my spunk. I’ve pressed hard this week both at work and at home. I’ve ticked off boxes like mad. I can say already I’m ready for a down day. A day to just do whatever. I thought about getting a pedicure, mainly just for the soak and the soft feet and the massage, but I think I’ll just do them on my own one more time or two and then go in the spring. I’m on the fence, but perhaps I should go just for the morale of it.

The coffee is good this morning. And speaking of coffee, I got my 6 month subscription started, so my first shipment is on the way. The sample packet was shipment one. So this is shipment two. I’m unsure if I have to schedule each one or if they just ship a month apart. They had a nice website but that part was a bit unclear and confusing. It’s Driftaway coffee. A bit pricey, but makes a great gift! I think the pricing is about $17 per 11 oz. Not something we would pay for during the year. But George loved giving the gift of food items this year. And we enjoyed the “test kit”. We make it fun and only drink THIS coffee out of a china cup! 😉

The To Do List is below. It’s kindof an expensive to do list too. Which is another reason I kinda want to put my nails and toes on the back burner! I had though I was getting the back up drive and external hard drive for Christmas, but didn’t. So….it is something I need to have. I think I’ll order the back up drive first and then maybe in a month get the external Lacie to house the movies. But George wants me to go ahead and order the lens for my camera as that is my birthday present. He keeps asking if I have ordered it but have hardly had time. I need to get going on the Big Sur download but need to make sure I have some time to deal with it all. I just need TIME! And time is something that is luxurious right now. This below is only one of 4 project lists. lol I will have probably 5 more projects added to the first one in a day or two. Once my chair arrives, that will take precedence and I’ll be setting up my office corner and moving things around. I look forward to this and I’m going to be royally pissed when it comes in if I don’t have time to work on it. lol.

So yeah, I’m weary of working as fast as I can to tick off boxes, but I still keep going. I will have to stop and insert some morale boosting activities. At home that would be a show or just doing what I want to do for a few minutes. At work, that might mean a lunch out. Or leaving on time one day instead of staying over. Or perhaps not coming in on a Saturday. I probably still will though if there is work to do so that next week is not so stressed. The last week of the month following a quarter end is always stressful. I’m slumped over my desk, shoulders hurt, don’t drink enough water, don’t take enough breaks, don’t eat right, stomach distressed, and working like a slave trying to get it all done. It is usually the week in which I either get diverticulitis or that fever thing I get from being tired. I usually end up in tears before the week is out as the data always comes at the last minute and then bam it is all on me to finish! I do love my job but I will say I hate those weeks like that. And I dread next week and I will need all the morale boosting things I can come up with next week.

So there you have it. The state of my current being. I’m still positive, just weary, and trying to prevent being overly tired or allowing the negativity to creep in. I’m kinda sitting on the fence right now. LOL I do start to get a little rattled when I cannot get done things I need to get done. I’ve been able to get a lot done this week despite how busy it’s been so I’ve tried to be patient with myself and understand it is not all going to get done at once.

Notice cleaning house is not on the list. It should be! As well as putting up Christmas related things and getting my house back to order. I have to have a weekend off for that. If I’m working, not much of that will happen this weekend. In a way that makes me mad. But like I say, I’m trying to be positive. Maybe it is ok if the tree stays up til Valentine’s. Yes, my soul shuttered as I typed that. That is NOT OK!

Well I’m off of here before I convince myself that I’m in a bad mood. I’m not. I’m going for more coffee and it’s all going to be ok and we’ll work on ALL AGENDAS. Mine, yours, everyone’s until it’s all done!

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  1. Sonya…you are much to hard on yourself love. You do more work than anyone I have ever known,,,and I mean that. …I just get concerned for you..one day you are going to have a breakdown and then nothing at all will get done, no going to work every day, no cleaning house, doing laundry. ( I have seen this happen when a friend of mine worked so hard that even her marriage almost broke down ). So please love. Don’t go into work on Saturday. Go and have your ped. That will relax you and I’m sure will do you much good….but don’t just squeeze it in….RELAX….close your eyes deep breathe then make the appointment. Please. Hopefully you can then do a few things on your to do list….PLEASE
    take care, enjoy your lunch today, remember it’s called a lunch break….means a stop work time RELAX
    Love winging its way towards you, and George

    • No the breakdown happened years ago! lol Not really- more of a meltdown. I’ve already taken steps to slow down. So it’s all good. I’m calm during all of this because I did. But I am ready for a vacation after our vacation! Working on a weekend definitely sucks the morale out of my system and I’ll be in a bad mood til next weekend. I just need time off from the crunch. It’ll all be over in a week or two and I’ll be good.

  2. I had forgotten all about that book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” but I read it years ago and it was awesome! Especially the chapter called “The God Memorandum”. I need to find it and read it again. It was so comforting to me. You need to read it!
    I hope you get your down time soon. I know how much you cherish that. In the meantime, hang in there and take it one day at a time!

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