Fall Transitions, Outings with Family and Friends, and Canon Lessons

I love fall! The changes are slowly evident of our season’s turning from late summer into autumn’s arrival. Our mornings are foggy – especially around bodies of water or low lying areas as the night’s are cooling. I’ve already had opportunity to switch in some longer sleeves, a few thin sweatshirts, and take away some of the thinner and lighter summer clothes from the closet.

I ordered pumpkin spice from that wellness company I use as I’ve waited on this for two years. It is the most divine taste – not too sweet – just right. A better version even than the last, and I liked the last one. With the upcoming “challenge” I’ll be doing a bit more shakes and working them into my mornings and trying to overcome my constant need for a hot breakfast in the fall/winter months. Even in the summer I had not been doing the shakes. I began to associate it with “dieting” instead of the goodness they provide. I had forgotten just how good they make me feel. I’ve been struggling lately with tiredness, muscle issues, musculoskeletal issues, and I remember how these seemed to repair my body. So with challenge ahead and needing some extra help and nutrition, I’m going to be drinking more of these. They will help me toward my goals.

The 55 day challenge is coming up and it will be something I want to commit to as I try and develop habits that stick. I am creating some rules around how to be able to live my life, be healthy, less fat, and still be able to enjoy food like we do. I think one of my rules is going to be one that I’ve heard someone else use. They never say no if there is something they want really bad. They just have “TWO BITES”.

We went to Paula Deen’s last Friday – a group of us girls – in celebration of one of our coworker’s birthday. Look at the goodness of these rolls sat on the table. Slathered in ooooey gooey butter and herbs and cheese. Oh my. They were as heavenly as they looked.

The two bite rule could have been used here and under the 55 day challenge in which I hope to lose 5 lbs, before we go into Thanksgiving, I would have to keep my goals in mind and not eat the whole thing. I think that is doable with me. I would have to get over being wasteful and not eating the rest of the roll, but remember what the butter and fat does to my body.

I’m going to sit my 1 lb of fat around in my room to remind me what losing just 1 lb will bring off my body. Five lbs seems like a small goal. But five of these coming off my body – just imagine!

Here was our Paula Deen “family meal” choices. Catfish, broccoli casserole, Sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, beef roast and rice, and chicken and dumplings. The rolls have been attacked at this point. It was a great meal. I had a couple of bites of everything! TWICE, LOL. But keep in mind that my Challenge has not started.

Saturday, since George was going to play golf in Kentucky, I decided to make a plan for my own outing. Because when the guys go play, so do the girls, and usually it’s eating and shopping. (Insert evil grin here. And also please forget that I had just gone out the day before, lol.)

So Mom and I went to eat breakfast at Just Love Cafe in Mount Juliet, a place on my bucket list. The breakfast was wonderful. I had a burrito and Mom had a “Wammollete” or something like that – it was a ommellete wrapped in a waffle. My burrito was a think waffle also as the tortilla. Oh.My.Word. This was so good. I had forgotten my phone and left it in the car so I’m sorry to say that I do not have any pics. I was mad at myself for that. But it wasn’t convenient to go back to the car and get it. I’ll be back and I will take pics next time. I want to go for their lunch. I noticed they had a drive through too. Likely not a lot that would be healthy for breakfast though – but they did have avocado toast – so probably would do that sometime. But they do have nice looking salads for lunch. Once again, glad we did this before the challenge. After the challenge, I have to define – how often would I eat such a breakfast as this? A weekend splurge? Not during the week? Hmmmm. It’s these things that gets one in trouble. I’m sad to say, but I need rules I guess with my eating so I can learn to say “no” or “not now” instead of “yes, yes, yes, and more yes, and I’ll be better tomorrow I promise”. It’s a mindset and it’s a hard one for a lot of us, especially if you have a foodie family and foodie friends. I like being foodie and I like my foodie peeps! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We didn’t do a LOT of shopping. Mom wanted to look for a comforter and some items that she would need for her new house. She wanted to go to Belk but they were not open yet. So we went to Home Goods, a part of TJ Maxx. She found one she liked but didn’t get it yet. She decided she really needed to wait until she saw the place to get a mental pic of the colors and understand what will match. I pulled up what was picked out on my phone but you need a mental pic of the space as well and the total look. So we’ll wait.

Mom sat in the car and I ran in Rack Room Shoes for their Buy 1 and Get 1 half off deals. I found the first pair right off. The next pair took a bit longer but out of site I saw them and tried them and loved them. I considered another set of two but just didn’t really see two other pair that would be basics. I’m really a basics person when it comes to shoes and pants. I like to have one pair that goes with everything in a color set. For shoes that is: black, navy, tan, and either silver, gold, or bronze to blend in with most things. I love my sandals in the summer and have pretty much converted to solid color tennis shoes/walking shoes for work (no stripes or colors so they don’t look sporty). I no longer enjoy wearing loafer type shoes in the winter. I’d rather wear the tennis shoes and same color socks and try to make it look uniform. It may not look dressy but it usually looks “uniform” as I said, and comfortable. I hesitate to call these tennis shoes, but they are most like tennis shoes as they tie or lace up anyway. This seems to do what I need for winter with my work clothes.

I am happy to be able to add these to the collection. I had bought some other black sandals that I wore the past two summers out of desperation as I was looking for these above and couldn’t find them anywhere. Of course last year was a bust at finding shoes in stores and online you can’t try them on. At last, I have them.

The left are my new metallic pair to dress up an outfit, dress up jeans, and just bring an uplift to the look. I haven’t had any like this, the past year or two and I’ve missed the metallic sandals. I often will wear the metallic look instead of white or beige and to go with outfits that are not calling for black or blue or brown. So I’m a happy girl!

I will find some blue sandals in spring. They are the only missing ones. I have some brown and blue croc sandals both, but they have a “gold” metal design on it that I’m not fond of. I bought them til I could find some I really liked. They have been “ok” as I bought them in a hurry a few years ago to wear at our new office when they ruled out the thong type of shoes, that we usually call a flip flop. However, I’ve since realized since then that apparently thongs are ok if they are dressy like the above and I even see and hear others wearing flip flops, so……I decided to go for these on the left as “if they can, I can” and will. ;-). I don’t want to flip and flop but I’m at least going to not rule out thong wearing shoes in the work place if I see others wearing them. And honestly, many of the women’s dressier sandals DO have the thong toe now days. Or it’s a pricier more expensive shoe.

In addition to doing some laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and fixing spaghetti for dinner, I had made plans with myself to do a Canon lesson. So I watched three videos and also made some changes to the camera that should help me with vlogging. At 58, learning and remembering new skills can be a challenge. But with repetition it slowly sinks in. I’m able to find my way around the various functions. I mean that is half the battle. There are SO MANY setting screens. For now I’m mainly using automated settings on the videos that will help me. But am branching out on the photo side to do more manual settings to get better pics. I did NOT get to do my “photo shoot” this summer to practice that was on the bucket list. I had hoped to work that in yesterday but it didn’t happen. I suppose I can “check off the box though” with some photo shots around the house and call it a day. It’s better than nothing and I need the practice.

When I’m living my life though, I always have my phone available so mostly what you see are iPhone shots. The camera quality seems to be sinking though – is it just me or is the quality getting worse over time? I’m hoping for a newer phone in January. I’d really like to do the new every time upgrade but I think you have to pay so much per month from now on. I’m not sure what is best to do. I have to decide before my birthday but I also will look at it as an improvement to blogging and the videos as well, part of a hobby, and not to mention a HUGE part of our every day life. I’m also willing to give up cable but not sure George is. We seem to watch Netflix and YouTube most of the time. I watch weather sometime during a bad outbreak but I also have my phone and have been my own meteorologist for some time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know how to read the radar and no how to tell what’s coming – for the most part. We are paying way too much for cable. But hey, if George wants to pay hundreds to keep cable for himself, then am I in a good position to argue for the “new every time” iPhone via ATT? ha!

This blog has been long enough. There is much to do today. George and I are going to the store to get stuff for beef Bourguignon and I’m probably going to film it. So it’ll be a busy afternoon.

I also have to finish watching a few KYD55 videos and doing some finally planning and defining for this challenge. What is ok and what is not and what my rules are and define my goals and such. Ahhhhhh I always do this to myself. I push and push but it’s worth it when I see and look back and see any growth, any happiness, and any goals met. Can we just retire already? lol Life is much! But the fun is in the journey. Just have to remember that when it gets stressful instead. My heart loves to see progress!

Good Food, Good Finds, and No Worries

It was nice coming back from Mom’s and good to be home Saturday night so that Sunday I could get numerous loads of laundry done and prep for the week. I actually got up early – for a weekend. I think around 4:30 and was able to get things done, get unpacked, do my devo and prayer time, and work in the house some. I knew we would be going to run errands, get groceries and that we would be out a few hours, so I started early so I would not end the weekend in frustration and being behind.

George fixed us an egg and avocado toast. I love the avocado now. It’s supposed to be a healing food and so good for you. Also George has found some tomatoes that taste almost homemade. We’ve been using them a lot to top off foods lately.

So I bought a rug at the Dollar Store for $18. And I really like it. Oh the increased moral it brings – good chii – when something looks aesthetically pleasing! Little Bit likes it, he says.

I took a pic to use as phone wallpaper. Feel free to snag it if you want!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lesshustlemorecoffee) you probably saw some of this already. I enjoy doing stories on there when I have time. I also enjoy watching others stories. If you are on instagram, let me know. I think it’s fun to get to see tidbits of people’s day. I really really enjoy watching for my daughter’s stories!

But that said, my zoom lens came in. It came in about a week (or two) ago. I just hadn’t had any time to even open the package. But I did that Sunday. I wanted to make sure it would fit and work. I pointed it at a few things and zoomed in. But there was nothing to really take photos of much. I will play around with it some. We have talked about going walking on some of the new trails around here. I could take it then and try to get wild life or “whatever”. I want to zoom at a full moon and see if it will take a better pic of the moon. I guess getting a moon shot is on my bucket list in life. ha. But I am excited to expand my lens collection. I think I’m set for a while. Now I need to learn to use what I have and when to use each and get the best performance from my camera. Sadly, most of what you see on here is with the iPhone. That is what I always have on me when life happens!

This one is blurry. But I snapped a pic of Roger hanging out in the beach bedroom. And I love snagging photos to share from Instagram or Facebook. My precious little grandson. I want to scoop him up and love on him. He is missing out on his GrandMom’s love!

I hear he is fast growing out of newborn clothes and needs some daycare clothes. His Momma is going back to work soon. Their home time is almost over. It’s a precious time, a hard time of adjustment, but a very precious time to look back on. He is so sweet. He’s been on a growth spurt and also having a time sleeping but Katy and Cody are adjusting and able to get “enough” sleep to get by.

George and I ran our errands Sunday as he had an Amazon return to take to Kohl’s. Amazon is getting creative in their collaborations. I tried to find something for me and can you believe I didn’t? lol. Just nothing sung to me. I even gave someone our 25% off coupon we had. We tried to buy coffee with it and of course you couldn’t use the coupon on coffee. Really? Really. So fine, lost a sale.

This showed up in my memories on Facebook. I said a lot had changed. I will say the whiteness of the kitchen appliances along with the white curtains were refreshing, but I changed to stainless as things wore out and have different curtains. I do like our stainless. We no longer have wall paper as that changed to a coffee color and I no longer try to do plants either. I see a plant on the counter. I gave those up long ago. I just forget to water them. I prefer real looking fake ones. Low maintenance. George no longer wears his Hawaiian shirts much. We both are heavier now, but one thing remained the same beside the cabinets – that darn blue linoleum. lol

So we headed out for a beer stop after some errands but before our grocery run. It is a joy to get out and do brewery stops. Actually this one is just a taproom but has a lot of our local Nashville favorites and then some. It seems pretty safe. There is hardly anyone there at the places we have been. We like Homegrown Taproom in Donelson.

We were pretty hungry as it was about 2:00 or so. It had been a while since that early morning egg and avocado toast. So we split a sandwich. Turkey, bacon, avocado on sourdough and also with their green tomato jam, which was awesome.

I put up the pig pic I bought while I was in Columbia. I went in to Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace to get a quilt ladder, but didn’t find what I wanted. I did find this pig though below for our kitchen and it reminds me of several things: 1) Being on the ranch in TX 2) that we love BBQ 3) We are pigs ourselves, LOL.

It fits in nicely right behind the stove.

After we got back from grocery shopping and put the groceries up, I was so tired. I grabbed a blanket and a glass of red and began watching some of my YouTube shows. A nice end to the day. George fixed hamburger steak and also fixed fresh green beans in the Instant Pot, and they tasted like they cooked all day. They were so good.

Yesterday I had a doc appointment! Mainly just to refill Rx. My BP was perfect! He said “lose some weight girl”. I told him George cooked some amazing dinners! He gave me a no no list and a “good to eat” list. It’s on our fridge. We won’t go by all of it but we will try to do better.

Anyway, better get off of here and get to work. It’s payroll day! And at 5:30 I have a hair cut appointment. I am sure I’ll end up with the same cut as always – my hair never does what is in the pics. Oh well. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll enjoy the stages of letting it grow again and styling it various ways. Right now the heaviness of the back is getting on my nerves. And my hair has never had electricity in it until this year. I guess it’s the new blow dry brush I use. I have to douse in hairspray to make my hair not fly away and stand up! So yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what I walk away with today from the salon. It’ll either be nice or I’ll be in tears with a goofball cut. Is it appropriate to pray for ones haircut? lol It’ll at least grown back!

Ya’ll have a good day! After today I’ll be trying to work on my “to do list” a bit. Getting closer every day to making some movies! Just had a list of stuff I needed to do this year before spending hours at the time doing them. But it feels good to be so close. I just had to have time out to fix my PC, go see my Grandson, and catch up on many things behind. Soon. Soon. Soon. Maybe this weekend I can get the new Intro done and get going! I cannot wait!

Working on my “She-Haven”!

I have some cute little photos I know you will want to see with our Little Roo’s eyes open and alert. I might have taken a screen shot of Katy’s Instagram, lol!

George has already given out all of his cigars. Bubble gum of course!

Our other baby is still hanging on. He needs grooming. We have not addressed that yet. He needs pretty immediate grooming on his nails and hair but an appointment around here is usually 30 to 60 days out unless you are off during the week. I keep hoping George will get to work from home some and be able to take him somewhere. They have to be gentle with him and be careful that he is scooped up from behind and not picked up from the middle like most tend to do. He is a long dog with some back issues when not picked up from a scoop up from behind. He gets anxiety when going to the groomer and having someone new pick him up. He shakes all the way when he realizes we are going (I guess he knows the routes). It’s sad to watch so we have not groomed him in a while. But we at least need to get his nails done and while we are at it, should let them cut his hair I guess. This is probably becoming urgent.

So my chair came in. Out of all the things I’ve wanted for several months, I think this tops the list. I’ve been so excited to be able to order and anxious to set up the office with this chair! I’m like a kid with a new toy. It may sound boring but this opens up the window for a lot of things – mainly study, reading, and learning time. For some reason I just wanted THIS SPOT and THIS SPOT ONLY in my little nest back here. I’ve looked forward to this for a long time and it will make my office complete. Well, one can hope, LOL!

So now the fun begins to figure out where all the other stuff is going to go! lol. I have already taken the before pics and I will show you the before and after pics once it’s all in place. I’m also going to do some video with it and do a vlog video for the YouTube on it. I’ve not stressed over vlogging and videos but I’m itching to get back into doing another iMovie. When you are over 50 you kinda forget what videos you took, lol. I’m going to have to start on the next one before long. But I need to get my workspace set up for it. I also need to get the update on the iMac done and get the back up drive in and do a back up first.

I feel so bad. I’ve spent a lot of money and I’m not through yet. But….I will do my best to be cheap the rest of the year! I’ll have enough to keep me busy for sure. I’ve bought the chair – most of it paid for with Christmas and Birthday money. I just bought the little table to go beside it – for $40.

How could I not. The wood is the same color as my desk and the fabric the same as the chair. It was meant to be. Maybe it will come with the cat? I need a little buddy! lol

George had me to order my Canon telephoto lens, which for now should complete my lens set for what I need! That took some research! If I become a professional I can upgrade, but that is a long way off if ever. I really just needed equipment for my blog and vlog and personal needs and I believe this will do it. I got the wide angle lens for Christmas and then the zoom lens for Birthday. I think I have all the avenues covered except maybe someday macro shooting might be fun. But hey let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Someday I will need a windmuff/Rode microphone – but not needed unless I’m going to be doing a lot of vlogging outside. I figured if we traveled more I would need it then. Til then, I’ve mainly been just muting sound on outside scenes and playing music and doing voiceovers and hoping for non-windy days. As I do more outside shots I’ll invest in this. It’s not expensive. I do need to get a light ring to provide some extra lighting though. I will start with that. They are pretty cheap, but I will wait a week or two or a month to get it since right now I’m catching up on life and not doing a lot of filming. I think those light rings are about $30 ish. So no biggie.

Since I’ve spent so much I have decided to put off doing mani/pedi until March. That saves a bit. I also ordered a handbag and shoes from Marleylily. And with monograms! I thought it was cute. Katy has a purse like this I’ve ordered her for Christmas or Birthday (can’t remember since they are on the same day).

I hope these are comfortable, because after monogrammed if they don’t fit then…oh well.

I wanted these so bad – but decided I really didn’t need them.

I’m not sure I totally needed the other shoes either but I don’t really like the color of the beige casual tennis shoes I have. They are too light and more off white and don’t match a lot so I convinced myself that I needed those tennis shoes above. They are fancy enough to wear to work with business casual sweaters and tops.

I have hiking boots, some every day boots that are leather and durable and good in the rain, and I also have some rain shoes but they are not comfortable and I hardly wear them. The rain boots have been hard to fit and that was another deterrent. So I let these go. I am usually not in the rain/mud much anyway! But they are a cute fashion statement. Bought the time I’d buy them they’d go out of style right? lol.

So I need to get a lot done today. I need to shower and get ready for my photo shoot here putting the office together. I have NO IDEA how I’m going to move stuff around. But I’m an organizer by heart and I will figure it out. I need for this office to fit my needs and be functional so I’ll keep that in mind. I will try NOT to spend anymore $$ on it, but I can’t say that I might not need some storage bins/options. We’ll see. lol

I will keep you posted through my January projects! I wish I could get paid for just being me FULL TIME! I have a lot of fun just doing things I want to do. Don’t we all? How cool would that be to get paid to just fiddle around in your house all day. I need to work on that. Only 4 years left til Retirement. Unless I write a major book that is a best seller, or the YouTube channel is such a big hit I have to do it Full time, LOL LOL! Yeah probably need to keep the day job for another 4 years. We’ll see. lol

Speaking of that day job, I didn’t have to work today. EVERYONE has busted butt – sorry that is kinda our expression – but we have. The bosses said they are happy where we are. I could not have gotten done what I got done if I hadn’t had help and trained someone to do some of my job. That person had the time so it worked out. I’m grateful! Thankful to my bosses for letting me go meet my grandson. I keep saying that but truly I’m thankful to have been able to keep my job for needing to leave at a horrible time. That said there are very few good times, I must note, but this was great and we all worked hard and made it happen. I can’t speak too early though, we still have a busy week ahead. But things are progressing better than I’d hoped. I was given information I needed ahead of time that I normally get it I believe and that helps us to meet our goals. I am also grateful not to have to work today. It was really impacting my mood in a big way. I think mainly just because we’ve not had a lot of free time in several weeks. Certainly the last TWO Saturday’s we were gone on the trip itself. Before that we were getting ready for the trip and dealing with coming off of Christmas. We are still dealing with coming off of Christmas, lol!

So I’m excited about the New Year and the new grandson, and excited to work toward some of my goals! Major goals include bible study, writing projects, video projects, photography, YouTube channel growth, having some fun excursions, working on health goals, spiritual goals, and maybe a few financial goals to aid in some of the dreams I have! Anyway it’s all very exciting. But just getting the foundations into place. And if I die before my goals are met at least I’ll have enjoyed trying to meet them! Sometimes it is sad to know that our time here on earth passes so quickly. I have so many things I want to do. I need some more good years to add to the calendar to be able to do them all. But oh well. I figure what doesn’t get done on earth, will get to be done in heaven. You know if God has a world built for us that is better than this one – it’s going to be amazing the adventures we will have.

But for now, I’m gonna go climb that mountain – that mountain of getting my office fixed up so I can write, dream, play, learn, and be creative! My She Cave is coming together. Well Cave is not a good word. Let’s call the She Haven! ๐Ÿ˜‰ yeah I like that!