Next You Tube Video is Published

Enjoy! Bloopers at the End!

In good shape this week. Very busy. Worked 10 hours yesterday. Month End taxes are paid! Now to conquer this week’s work.

Came home and worked on the laundry, packing supplements and vitamins for the next few work days, gave myself a pedicure. Hopefully the last self given one for a while. September I plan to go get one – I think.

Brought the suitcase upstairs, watered the plant outside and gave the cat more water. Charged another camera battery. Fixed/repaired my ear buds, and packed a few more things. Every night has his list like the above. It just takes a while to get ready for a trip. Just a whole lot of itty bitty details.

Worked on the thumb nail for video this morning as I was too tired last night since my mornings are starting at 4:00. So I’m kinda running behind on my morning and now need to catch up to get to work at the allotted time I had decided on.

I was going to wash dishes. Oh well, no time. I had saved it for last. ha. Dishwasher guy comes today to fix it – hopefully. So George is working from home today awaiting his arrival.

Gotta go ya’ll. See ya!

Sunday’s Sentiments and First Pics with the Canon

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Happy Sunday. Sipping coffee here and hoping for an ultra productive day. The plans? Finish laundry, clean up the kitchen and try to stay on top of that since the dishwasher broke. Will be packing the bags for next week’s work week, replenishing things to eat for the week, the vitamins, drinks for the fridge. Vacuuming and getting the house in shape – it’s not too bad but could use some love.

Yesterday was able to get a few things accomplished despite the Pandemic obstacles, and some things were not accomplished due to the Pandemic.

First of all we took the the babies for their trims at 8 a.m. Then we were on to Kroger for a few things and dropped those few things off at the house. Then we went to Lowe’s to rent the carpet cleaner. But NO. Lowe’s are not renting out the carpet cleaners during COVID. Great. So empty handed we went back home. We have a carpet cleaner but with pets, they just don’t work as well. Often when we use the thing the carpets look worse to tell the truth. It’s not a big huge issue as we’ll get it professionally cleaned. And often they run deals and I’ve seen ads they are doing it during the Pandemic. So we’ll watch for an ad, or coupon in our neighborhood booklet, or Groupon or something. Was disappointed but we’ll get it done after Texas I guess.

So I came home and washed the MANY dishes that were in the dishwasher (dirty) with the dishwasher not working now and the ones in the sink and counter. Starting to get truly backed up. I was at it for over an hour. I didn’t mind. I really never minded actually washing the dishes. I always hated drying them though. It was my job to dry dishes and put them up and to vacuum growing up, so I kinda hate doing that now. LOL. But I love washing them. Don’t tell George or he won’t get the dishwasher fixed. HA! Truth be known he ends up doing the dishes as he is in the kitchen already. I try to pitch in with kitchen help on the weekends or even during the week if it’s needed. Mostly I do our laundry, keep up with household supplies and inventory, do our ordering, and keep the house clean – or NOT. I used to be one of those wanting it all perfect but got tired of keeping it all that way! It was all I was spending my spare time doing. George taught me to play and relax at life! I bet he wish I hadn’t b/c I took him up on the offer to go have fun and dove into blogging, reading, graphics, gaming, vlogging. And lately I think I’ve become a professional shopper. I have shopping time every weekend! 😉 I try to be reasonable with it, and practical, and cost effective. I’m convinced Amazon is building the distribution here due to me!

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I spent a lot of time, I repeat, a lot of time getting the Canon software, and getting the new camera to talk to my Mac. The actual “doing” of it was not so hard. It was finding out what to do. It went something like this.

The instructions with the camera sent you on line to the Canon website for WiFi connection. I entered that and found a lot of videos – all informative but none explaining this – well it could have been deep into one of the videos and I just missed it. Who has time to watch an entire video series to just get the pics from your phone to your computer? So I looked up in the manual. It sent me to my camera settings. I was looking in the viewfinder and was pulling my hair out – it was so little. Later I figured out the same screen viewing is in the larger touch screen panel, if you pull that out and open it, lol. That made things easier. I still didn’t know at that point what software to download to make it pair. So I ended up googling for help. Someone had recorded a YouTube on the exact thing. I was able to follow along pausing it at each step. The first time it didn’t work. The second time it didn’t work. There was like two parts to the download. It was weird. I still don’t know what happened. The second part of the download never triggered until I did it the 3rd time. The charm doesn’t show up til then I’ve heard. So camera settings adjusted for wifi ready – software on the Mac and then BAM – it paired. And photos were on my Mac!

First Pics with the Canon EOS M50

Here’s some of my first pics taken at Mom’s. This is the statue from the Garden of Good and Evil. The rest are little things sitting around Mom’s porch.

I think I really like what it does! The manual settings are great, but it’s fun to play with the other settings too.

Here’s a pic indoors at Moms.

George, and Fancy in Mom’s Lap
BedTime at Mom’s
Gone With the Wind at Bed Time

So yesterday…. We picked up the dogs from the groomers and came back and I worked on the next video. I have enough to do one. So I am hoping to get it finished and uploaded before we go to Texas.

So the lighting could have been better on the bottom one. I can fix that with other software, but I’m happy with the quality of the pictures. I know I will enjoy this camera. The camera itself will lead me to some awesome experiences. It’s going to Texas first of all. Texas and Time. We’ll have time to go explore – even if it’s just on the ranch! Or pics of the Little Texas towns. Park and take pics! I’m in! Can’t wait. And we will have a Gender Reveal party to capture! 😉

I’m going to miss my Mac – when traveling is the only time I will miss having a laptop. I have the windows laptop. My guess is that I will take it for easy access to blog. Why not. It still works. I will wait to transfer pics from the Canon over though. I guess. I guess I need more memory cards? I might ought to order more today. I’m not sure how much they hold. So much to learn. I don’t want to be out of room for pics at the Gender reveal, lol.

So backing up a bit – here is THE VERY FIRST pic. I wasn’t really focusing or trying to take a perfect pic – I just pointed and hit the button pretty much straight out of the box, lol. Not bad really. I had video’d opening up the box and shot a pic of myself – kinda by accident.

Well I need to get George’s birthday gifts wrapped today. I’m giving it to him before we go to Texas. He’ll open them next weekend. But I want him to stare at the gifts for a week, lol! We are having a special meal next Saturday night here just he and I. We’ll celebrate in Texas and then also with my SIL and BIL when we get back from Texas at some point.

We’ve been trying to lay low with little contact or outings before our trip – however, we decided to have dinner here at the house with my SIL and BIL tonight, on a whim decision. I mean really all you can do is pray thru this thing. It is hard to just never see people. So hopefully all will be ok and none of us have anything. Don’t want to take anything to our pregnant Mom’s and the babies.

So I should get off here and get on with my day. Much to do in the house and to prep for the week ahead. I’m pleased though with the progress this weekend. The past couple of weeks, I’ve taken a break from working on videoing – just enjoying sunsets, talking to George over a cocktail, watching movies together, playing with doggies, and keeping up with all the little details and needs of daily life. The week and a half ahead requires a bit of a push. As now I will need to both be creative, prep packing, working (extra), and trying to get this video done. You actually have to live life in order to be able to record living it too ha!

You know what? I actually heard a fun song from the past called Bertha Butt Boogie – just made me laugh in the car the other day. I just downloaded it on iTunes recently b/c anything that makes you laugh needs to be had! It just came on right now as I type this. I hope to play it as we go down the interstate and see what George’s reaction is, lol. I have no idea what all it says, I hope it’s not a bad song. I just like the chorus. lol

OK off to go get things done!

Ramen Noodle Chicken, Camera Delivery, and Hope for the Future

Doesn’t look like much but it was really good. George fixed a ramen noodle chicken dish. We have had a Ramen Noodle Cook Book for years we have thumbed through. We vowed to try some one day. And we picked out a chicken recipe that looked good. I love to eat with chop sticks so any time he fixes something like this – I grab some chop sticks.

I was given the left overs for the following day for lunch and added little green peas to get some greens in for the day.

Usually I eat Raman with the chili flavor. Once a college dorm room staple, especially on evenings where I needed to study for tests, I had given this up as I ate so much of it. It was cooked in a little “hot pot” – about the only electrical thing allowed in our dorm room besides a hair dryer and curling iron. So for many years Ramen was off the table. During the Pandemic, I thought it might be ok to keep a few on standby for side dishes and such. More than anything it’s been sortof an afternoon fuel pick me up to get me to dinner. I do not use all of the seasoning packet. I’m not exactly what all is in it, but it likely has a lot of salt. I only use a portion of the pack and that makes it taste wonderful. But will admit my favorite weekend lunch meal during Pandemic is a tiny Totino’s pizza layered with grated parmesan cheese. :-O. The waist shows it a bit, so I have been adding a few exercises in. But I need some cardio!

It’s Here….

Well, guess what arrived yesterday? I was nearly hyperventilating from work seeing the delivery on the porch.

I texted George because I didn’t want my camera to be sitting on the front porch. He works from home again these days most of the time since the Pandemic blew up again.

He was messing with me.

So I came home and did a video of me opening the camera.

I will enjoy this so much.

I will say that my Aunt and Uncle (Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken) bought me a nice camera at graduation. It was a 35 mm and I can’t remember what brand. They knew that I would have an eye for photography as I was “artsy” a bit. However, college, dating, working and basically not going and doing much – it just wasn’t the time to learn or to use the camera. Family members used it. I always felt bad you guys (Auntie M is reading) that I never took time to learn that camera. Life got in the way. I never got to use it much. And it got really busy, took a lot of turns, then Katy came along and I had smaller cameras that I could stuff into diaper bags, book bags, and whatever. Then came the iphone. Then came my love for blogging and graphics – but I used my phone or the small camera George bought me that took great pics and videos and was easy to carry. But I never had the camera with me when needed. I enjoyed that little camera (sorry I do not have the brands of those cameras to share) but I did take that camera to Tybee Island and also to the ranch in TX and it was great.

But now my needs have changed since I’ve started doing videos. And my passion is ignited to see what all this new camera will do. I have a feeling it will see a lot of places. 😉 At least that is my hope. The time has finally come to learn how to use a good camera.

So I’ve charged the batteries and even ordered the extra battery and charger. And I need to watch some videos and read the manual and learn how to operate it. It seems like a good camera – fairly simple to operate and hold. So hopefully I will take some pics around the yard in the next couple of days. We’ll see how it does compared to the iphone 8 plus – which is what I have right now. I know a lot of folks are buying cameras into the thousands of dollars, but for this gal learning – this seemed to be just what I needed.

So I’m a happy girl. And I’m thinking I might be able to work on the next video soon. There is just not a lot of interesting things going on around here so I have to wait until I can gather up some footage half way worth watching and try to provide some type of value to it to compete with others videos. It’s going to be a long while before the videos can grow. More than anything though I just want to share fun stuff we do around here til we can get out and go some places. We do have two trips planned. We get to see Mom soon and get to go to the Ranch in TX and see our pregnant daughter and SIL.

Anyway, I need to get up and go in to work. It is a work day. Just needed to come babble a bit.


Oh, there is some good news. I think. In looking at other places across the world that have had surges in the virus – like Italy. It seems their cases are waaaay down and things are looking better. Same trends in many other places. So I’m hoping that things will look up before too horribly long and it becomes in control. The last thing we need to hear is that antibodies don’t build up from it. But you know what. I think God created a body that learns to do what it needs to do to survive. So I have faith that things will improve and get back to normal at some point. It’s gonna be alright!

Til then wearing a mask and giving up make up! ha!

So let me know how you are? Are you hanging in there these days? Keeping busy? Learning a new hobby? Now’s a good time. I’ll share some pics here in a day or two! So excited!