Much Accomplished, Another Baby Shower, and Planning for 2021

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Much has been accomplished. Having the extra day has been a God send. Most all of the gifts are wrapped except for gift cards and liquor/wine gifts. I do have stocking stuffers to get. And pretty much every day has been mapped out for the week as to what errands will be done when.

We have also planned out our Christmas Eve and Christmas Brunch menus. We are so ecstatic over the upcoming time with family.

I also need to mention that we DID NOT go the Ornament Party on Saturday (yesterday). As much as we really wanted to see our friends, we just didn’t feel it was good to be at a party with the virus raging as we go into the nearby Christmas holidays and in seeing our soon to be born grandson not long afterward. It’s risk enough being at work with family members of coworkers having the virus at times.

I snapped a few pics around the house for ya. So you don’t have to just focus on my words without some cheer around.

Roger again last night couldn’t sleep in the bed so George put him in the den/kitchen with doors to the rest of the house closed, like we normally do when we are gone. At some time in the early morning we heard him howling. He was put back in bed with us. But during the day he sleeps all day long. I’m not sure that he didn’t have a partial stroke the other day or a slight seizure of some sort. He was really acting strange and going sideways and holding a paw up in the air. I think I mentioned it yesterday. I just want him to go natural if he can. He’s just old and you can’t fix old too well. It’s a matter of time. I think he is losing some of his sight as well as he can’t seem to see where the water line is on the bowl. We have to keep it full. Or he will keep licking and standing there all day licking air til he quenches his thirst and finally gets it right. How sad is that?

George asked me if I was looking for a puppy? NOOOO. Not right now. Maybe after Texas, after spring, in warmer weather, after new pet friendly flooring. I can’t handle it right now. I need to get over this some more (losing Maisy) and let it digest and finish my grieving. Not that you don’t love another dog in different ways, as they all have such different personalities, but I just need to process losing her some more and certainly don’t need the headaches of another dog in Texas as that was an issue anyway. God and George must have known this was coming. I’m not sure Roger will make it long enough to go to Texas. I’m not sure even that he should go but can’t imagine anyone taking care of him either as he will be a hard one to keep – hard to pick up, won’t sleep at night, and so forth. He’s not going to like the trip very well either.

However, my heart is overjoyed that my friend Lisa, who lost her standard poodle, GiGi a year ago, has another one! His name is Reece (chocolate and peanut butter colors). I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing the love bug on my blog.

Did you know that hearing this news has helped even to heal my own heart some? It made me smile. I’m so excited for them. I can’t wait to meet him. They too had to wait to process some and also to do a few things before having another commitment. I want that for us too. Although I doubt we’ll wait a year. Our pets have always seemed to find us for some reason. So we’ll see what happens.

She’s about to pop!

Katy’s church shower was yesterday. And it was so nice just like the other one. I’m sharing the details. We also got a facetime from Katy yesterday to see all the things and to see the nursery coming together. Look at the shower details here. It was so nice. I’m real good at stealing photos at this point. What ya gonna do when you can’t be there in person and you are 14 hours apart?

Like how cute is all this? I know that the younger generation is really getting into these board displays. It’s awesome. I’ve seen recipe books on putting them together.

And of course all of this is perfect for Texas.

It is really getting exciting to realize that our little grandson will be here soon. The days are getting closer.

I spent some time this afternoon trying to segment all of my to do’s that were floating around in my head. My office is still a bit cluttered as the wrapping station is still in here. I have to keep it up until probably mid week or so, to make sure we don’t have something else spring up. But we can keep it at the bottom of the basement stairs and grab it if we need.

Having a few minutes in my office space at least on one side of the room, I was able to gather my thoughts, segment out what to do this week, next week, after Christmas, and after New Years. I’ve had some time to list everything out and prioritize. You know me and my planning. I have to have to have a plan! With or without COVID world, I WILL HAVE a plan. I’m coming out of the grief a bit more and concentrating on living and what all we get to look forward to for the coming year – EVEN IF much of it is spent at home.

So with all these things swirling in my head and looking at my current little small planner and how even with nothing going on, I’ve filled it to the brim – I decided to up my planner size. It’s a little bit bigger with enough room to write appointments or errands or reminders on one side and to do lists on the other for each day.

So I ordered this one. It has a flexible cover. I’ll never use a hardback one again. It’s 8 X 10 but much better for my needs.

And with all the “planning” and “learning” I’m going to be doing this year with camera and vlogging, I decided to go with a plain 3 subject notebook for note taking, planning, and keeping up with my thoughts and ideas. It’s also flexible, but I ordered a normal size notebook b/c I plan to learn a lot and plan a lot and those “big” ideas need to be parked where I can see them. This makes me happy.

I do have some thoughts rolling around in my head and it’ll be fun to see where God leads everything.

7 responses to “Much Accomplished, Another Baby Shower, and Planning for 2021”

  1. Great post!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your long weekend. You deserve it.
    I’ll take the 3 frogs in the 1st pic & the teddy bear in the 2nd pic. I’ll send you my address:)
    Reece is handsome pup. I bet he’ll be big soon enough. It’s hard to get another doggie after losing one. I didn’t think I could even consider it. We waited almost 2 years before we got another & I swore I wasn’t going to
    fall in love with this one, but of course I did. Take your time & when it’s right you’ll know. Why am I telling you this? lol
    Looks like Katy had another nice shower. Lucky girl!
    Are you getting snow this week? We’re suppose to get a real doosie of a storm. Hmmm

  2. I am. Sorry not to reply yesterday but I wasn’t feeling very well..woke at around 3.30 and knew I wasn’t feeling just right so lay awake for a wee while before getting up, then it hit me I had forgotten to take my pills and as they are a morphine base they can only be withdrawn slowly and I hadn’t taken the 90 I usually take….I immediately took them but the damage had been done, it took me till mid afternoon to begin to feel better….lesson learnt !!…
    Glad to see that your weekend has gone well ….I’m so sad that Roger seems to be going downhill rather fast I sure hope that he will recover a bit from the loss of his …mate… be able to go to Texas with you. I’m sure Kate would like to see him one more time. I remember the excitement when he came to you…..must go now and get my day started….you hopefully should be sound asleep. Xxx

  3. No rush on another puppy The right one will be waiting there for you They may just appear out of no where when you are not expecting. So many are looking for home and love. I often think of the one we saw at Petco about a year ago. If we had room for him I would have brought him home Our yard is not fenced and he was a hound breed. When I walked up to him and put my hand out he licked it and gave me a bark The bark was so weak, I asked the lady from the shelter what was wrong with his voice. She said the people that had him shot him through the throat but they had nursed him through all of it and he was ready for a home. I just cannot image what kind of person would do that. They don”t deserve a pet much less children

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