Little Souvenirs from Texas, and a Productive Day Cleaning

Some of us are lazing around lately, but I had a lot done by 9 a.m. Up at 5:30 this morning and hitting the ground running. I was impressed by a wonderful night’s sleep. Was surprised that it was 5:30 and no alarm, no dog, or person had woken me up in several hours. I did wake up sometime in the middle of the night though but not numerous times as I often do. So I felt great this morning and began laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, doing a bitty trim on my hair, changing sheets, ironing and transferring photos from my camera. Not ALL of that was done by 9 a.m. but a chunk of it was.

Having transferred my pics over to the Mac, I had to look up again how to do it. I had only done it once and I found I can also transfer to my iphone. I prefer the desktop version – I think- but it’s good to know I can transfer to the smart phone app if needed while out there traveling sometime.

So, ironically, since the Pandemic had kept us away from salons, I became more confident in continually doing my hair and I really have been able to cut it the way I have been wanting it for years. It’s not anyone’s fault other than my not being able to communicate it as my stylist was a really good one. But I’ve been able for the most part to get it like I want it. The brown is gone now it’s been interesting to see what the natural color actually is. I was surprised that it is more charcoal than brownish in tint. And I’m ok with the grey which gives natural highlights.

Using the new curling wand blow dryer, has made styling of it easy and makes growing it easier. But today I just needed to trim 1/8 of an inch or so to kinda shape and take off any dead ends. Probably going to let it grow in length but I want to keep some layers to have light curls. Here is the product I had bought on Amazon a while back. And have loved it.

Here are some things I bought in Texas. Now I’ve shot the pics I can put them up. Sorry I didn’t get clothes bought in Texas on a picture but I wore a lot of them already.

The little pillows I like to sit around on shelves. The cookbook had some interesting recipes in it. I don’t really care for books that plan your entire party for you, but the recipes were good. Those cookies spoke to me…they said my name when I wheeled by them in the store. I could not turn down the Texas Tea and of course had to have Clint’s Salsa.

We LOVE the Signature brand found in the United Stores. Their coffee is really good and so is the price. I knew I had to have some to bring home. We also drank a chunk of them (not shown) while in Texas. We can put some coffee down!

So in the next few days I’ll share some pics from the new camera taken in Texas. I figure I will do another Gender Reveal post, another Graham, TX post, and random Texas photo post, and a Texas Sunset Post. Certainly too many to just start posting here today.

I am ready to start working on the next video now that some housecleaning is done and now that the pics are transferred.

But today was much needed. Good sleep. Good down time. Good busy time at home getting things back to normal. We are having pork chops tonight, corn and taters. Loving the sound of that. Meantime, Roger is getting him a good snooze at his Daddy’s feet, who was at his office desk doing “the household finances” at the time.

We are going to get to see My Uncle Ken and Aunt Martha and Mom tomorrow for a brief time. With all we may have been exposed to it’s probably best to limit the time and the distance. So I made the choice not to go down for the whole day and not to take the dogs, but just to drive down, eat, and head back. Damn this COVID virus messing up so many plans as it has. It’s worth the curse word. Sorry.

I was happy to see some rain today. After the 105 to 112 degree heat in Texas, a 80 degree day with showers is refreshing. Currently it is sunny and 81 as the rain has gone by. I imagine there will be some more coming our way though.

Alright, off to get a few more things accomplished and to begin working on the next video.

So what you got going on this weekend? I’d love to hear about it. I love hearing about your lives too.

6 responses to “Little Souvenirs from Texas, and a Productive Day Cleaning”

  1. The picture of your little dogs is cute. They have it made, don’t they? I like your hair like that. I think the color looks pretty.
    I need a haircut badly. I may try to brave into a shop just for a quick cut while wearing my mask. I have not had a haircut since March. It is long and I can’t get it to stay in place like I want.
    It was hot here today. We went and got a fish box for supper. We try to eat out to go on weekends to help our local business. So many are hurting because of this virus.
    I hope the fires and storms miss your daughter. It is awful how many fires there are now with this heat. Your coffee looks like it would be good. We both enjoy our coffee here as well. My favorite thing in the mornings is a good cup of coffee.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Dang it!!
    I was going to suggest you trim/cut your hair in your next video. I have no idea how you cut the back of your hair, especially in layers. Maybe next time?
    This Covid-19 has really messed up a LOT. Gheeezzzus. Just everything.
    It sounds like you got caught up quite a bit today. That’s impressive.
    Hats off to the coffee!! lol
    I hope you enjoy your time with your mom & aunt & uncle. That’s quality time.🤗

  3. Good morning, Sonya! I always drink Signature brand coffee. Drinking it now! Signature and O Organics are the store brands from where I used to work. Very tasty.

    Your hair looks so cute!

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