Wildfires, Friday, Canva, and Pedicure

Well it seems that the whole Western US is on fire. But I think MOST are smaller contained ones. However some in California are poised to burn a lot of populated areas. Many are evacuating. So I hope this comes under control. Ironically thunderstorms set a lot of them off due to the lightning but they need to rain to quench the fires. So prayers for those out west dealing with that. I notice a lot in Texas too. It is VERY dry in the areas where we were. The grass crunches under your feet. Fire and wind is no match. So I always worry about that this time of year for Katy and Cody. I think they do have fire fighting capabilities and protocols in place but they can get out of hand fast when it’s windy.

So glad it is Friday. Just need the down time in a big way. Yesterday was very busy and I didn’t get all done that I needed/wanted to as we had some extra things thrown our way which delayed the other needs but it is what it is. I’m one person doing two weeks worth of a day and I was getting caught up but now I’m behind again. Oh well. It’s Friday and I’m ready for a break anyway. I will do what I can today and that should do the trick unless there are more surprises. It’s all good. I’m not THAT behind. I have the ability to catch up quickly in this job since I’m not usually interrupted and actually get time to do the job. The last job was just constant interruptions and you had to fight to get time to actually work on anything. Let’s not even go there. I’m so glad to be where I am.

After work I headed to get my Pedi done. Most people were at the nail center in back of where I took this photo. But this is my shop. I have not been there in a while. I think I may have gone in May or June once. And had decided once we were back from Texas that I would go. So last night was the night. Hardly anyone was there getting toes done. Lucky me.

The protocol was very safe. We had to wear a mask. We had to sanitize upon entering. We had to take our temp. We had to sign in and say we didn’t have a temp and then sanitize again and then go to our seat where they led us. The workers wore masks/shields.

It was wonderful. I sat and caught up on social media, texted with a friend, and just enjoyed the pampering.

Upon getting home, I texted with Katy some. Being pregnant, her feet are hurting. I remember those days. She was on line looking at Crocs! They have some cute ones now.

I made a new Facebook cover for the Less Hustle More Coffee Facebook page. I may use it on my own page for a while too to let folks know it’s out there. But I may wait a bit until the next video is ready. We’ll see how it goes. I did this above using CANVA. Things have a tendency to work out. I guess this is replacing the other graphic program. Now I can use this and layer things and do a lot of what I could with Paint Shop Pro. I did the premium upgrade to be able to have access to all the photos, fonts, and be able to remove backgrounds. So much easier.

WordPress Comments

I have had two people in the last two days say they lost their comments. I checked with the WordPress Help Center and they looked at my blog and said they couldn’t find anything wrong. They said if I could get more specifics they could look deeper. I suspect that if you are going through a program or app (email, facebook – whatever) it may be that you are not signed in through that app and you will lose your comment if you are not signed in. That is how it’s happened to me. So always make sure you are signed in.

If I comment using my computer I can comment all day long. If I try to comment through aol email on my phone that has alerted me of someone’s new post and I go through that and read it and comment – it’s lost it before b/c I wasn’t signed in on my phone. So try making sure you are logged in. I was disappointed b/c I love hearing from you guys. But instead of the actual comment I was getting “argh sorry lost the comment” b/c who likes to retype things twice? I get it. But I think this will solve the issue to make sure you are logged in before you try to leave a comment. But please comment. They are little golden nuggets left for me during the day! It says “someone cares about me and my words enough to reply”. ;-). Most people just read and act like they didn’t. LOL

So. Off to work I go. And then we will be into the weekend! I’ve just about got all the vacay stuff up. Will have more pics coming on the weekend though with the transfer of pics from camera!

3 responses to “Wildfires, Friday, Canva, and Pedicure”

  1. Hi Sonya, here we go, fingers crossed this comment gets through to you.
    Glad that it’s Friday and you can look forward to a nice weekend and having a nice meal with Mom and your Aunt and Uncle I know how much you enjoy seeing them…..looking forward to hearing what else you might get up to..
    I’m sorry that Kate’s feet are bothering her the heat in Texas wont help it must be awful in the heat….We have seen film of the fires in CA but I know what a big county it is. The fires seem to be up in the more northern areas my friend who lives further south says it’s not near them thankfully. But sorry for all the people who have to move. Just as well it’s not here in the UK as we are having gale force winds which is very unusual at this time of the year. It’s not cold though it’s 21/22 today think that’s 70s but not able to sit out because of the wind !…Well love hope by now you have arrived safely at work….Take care. God Bless

  2. Ok. I’m on my pc so I’ll try again.
    I usually comment using my phone. I know that is an issue but if I wait until I visit my pc it could be days.
    RE: your last post
    I can understand Katy & Cody not wanting their business on YouTube. I respect that.
    I would love to have that green pitcher that you got at Publix. We have no publix anywhere
    here. I think I have seen that pitcher before, maybe in a store or catalog.
    And…I think you are way too intelligent to fall for any conspiracy theories. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Oh & would like a purple mask just like the one you have!

    I would love to get a pedicure. That must have been heaven.
    Yeah, today is Friday finally. One more week of August. Isn’t that just crazy?!?
    I can’t wait for 2021. It has to be an improvement. 2020 blows!

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