Eating, Shopping, Resting, and Playing in Breckenridge, TX

We had a quiet and relaxing day yesterday. Katy needed rest and little plans for her last day of summer. George and I have all week to gallop about these parts. So no plans were made.

We all had our own individual breakfast. Katy had cereal, George had a pita pocket salad, and I had a bologna sandwich lol lol!

We later went out for lunch. Katy said the baby wanted French fries. LOL 😂 So like old times we took her to McDonalds! She gets tired of Mexican food but was game for George and I to get tacos and burritos for lunch. She suggested Adrianas. She said they get breakfast burritos from there too. That sounds good to me!

Adriana’s Downtown Breckenridge,TX

That brisket burrito was about the best thing ever! And their salsa was so good and on fire!

We went to Bertie and Olif’s to shop.

Bertie and Olif, Downtown Breckenridge, TX
Bertie and Olif

I found a cactus green top for $10! And some souvenirs for those helping take care of things while we are gone. I love that shop. We shopped there the last two years at Thanksgiving. Everything in store was half off. It’s so crowded and fun, and everyone having a ball. I’ll miss that this year!

This towel was in another store down the street and made me laugh! One of my favorite things to do is to take pics of sayings on dish towels while shopping – or plaques, etc.

And so there were these! These look great on your Instagram page and they will fill me with glee to look back on the sayings later!

And this was a photo opp…there is a lot of Mexico here.

In the afternoon we came back and everyone rested. I got out the old laptop to play on it and discovered it needed updates and I made sure the security service was still active and went thru email. The downloads took forever and email was slow. Katy said their internet was really slow. My laptop battery is challenged! lol It will only last about 45 min now so I had to plug in at the kitchen counter. Sofas were taken and no plugs where there was seating. lol.

I had a little buddy. Maisy stays by my side.

I looked though this cookbook yesterday in Katy’s kitchen.

It’s a cookbook from a restaurant in Savannah.

Then I worked crosswords. Here I am about to start another.

Getting ready for bed, I had to laugh 😂 at the piles in our room as we live out of our suitcases- like you do on vacay. What a chaotic mess. But I know where everything is.

Oh and the cord goes to the sleep maker machine- noisemaker that George brought. And here is George’s side. I told you it looked like we were on an expedition of some sort.

George packed light. Well lighter than me-ha! I brought extra tops not knowing what we would need and extra shoes too. The hiking shoes took up a lot of space. I wondered if we would need them as we walked about due to rattle snakes and scorpions but no not generally for around the house and driveways. Too hot for long walks anyway with temps 100 to 104 this week. We picked the hottest week! It’s only in 90’s next week. That’s hot too though. Plus there’s all the dogs stuff and some shopping.

Bedtime is so inviting on the other side of the room. I throw Maisy up there and we snooze. I have slept so well here except for last night I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. As always it was a Monday night. Isn’t that weird I never can sleep on Monday night? I thought it was payroll but apparently it’s just a Monday night thing?

The low lights at bedtime….as I get jammies on and go thru my nightly regimen.

More tomorrow. We are up and Katy is off to school for her first day of the year. Meetings only as the kids start back next Wednesday.

George and I are about to go and see what we can get into here at some point. Katy will be done by 4 or so and we are getting steak dinners for the Tues night special. We’ve longed for that since we had it the first time we were here. Off to shower and clean the place a bit.

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  1. Yep, you pack/unpack like me.
    I know the Mexican food down there is the best! I spent time on Corpus Christi yearz ago.
    Right now I’m having a mamo done & waiting…
    I bet Katy will need a nap this evening. 🙃

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