Burgers for Breakfast and A Little Trip to Graham, TX

We hung out at the ranch house drinking coffee yesterday morning.

Findlay, Roger, and George

We took our time getting showers and getting dressed. One of the perks of vacation.


Findlay discovered treats on the table. She jumped up in the chair and put her paw on my shoulder to let me know she wanted one. She might’ve gotten one! Her “Nonni” loves her! lol

Coffee and a View

We headed out for a breakfast burrito in Breckenridge which are extra special but we were too late at 10:30 as they were getting ready for lunch. So we had a burger. No arguments from me!

The place is called the water store.

Water Store, Breckenridge TX

They have a drive thru too but we sat on front porch as it was not too hot yet. But we waited inside for our order.

We stopped at The Tattered Pearl. I bought some cute cactus earrings. Their decor outside was cute!

This shop was on the outskirts of Graham as you come into town.

At this point I took a lot of photos on my camera instead of phone. I mainly took shots of the square. I was able to find some tops – all at good prices. Cheaper than home and some were half off! Then we went for tea at the tea shop, Oh My Tea and Coffee. Well, I had tea and George had coffee. We sat a while here.

George always the humor clown….

Then we headed over to United for a few things. George needed some things for pizzettes tonight. Those are little personalized pizzas that he makes. He made the dough last night. We also just like to go in grocery stores in other towns to see if there’s anything different.

On the way back to the ranch we stopped and got tacos at Taco Casa.

We stopped under a shade tree to eat. The temps hovering around 103. I will say that Taco Casa’s surpasses Taco Bell by far. A lot of meat, a lot of cheese and it was real good beef and fresh ingredients.

Then we headed home to see doggies and do a few things. I set the table, put up dishes, and folded laundry, and mopped the floor. George vacuumed and made the pizza dough.

Maisy and Roger
Roger and Maisy

We had the Pit Stop BBQ – take out. I had steak as did Cody. George and Katy had beef BBQ and also peppered turkey And after dinner I had to catch the sunset!

Today is Wednesday and we are halfway thru vacay. It goes by so fast. Always.

It’s George’s birthday today and we plan to do some more shopping around in Breckenridge today for places George wants to go. Like the general stores. And a couple more that I like. And we will have the little pizzettes tonight.

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  1. Wow! You guys are on a roll. The doggies never disappoint. Love those puppies.
    George is something else with the “smell me”. lol Funny.
    And tacos and burgers. Is there anything else?? I can’t wait to see pics of all you bought on this trip.
    What day it is?

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