Gender Reveal

We began the day watching the sun rise and then had breakfast at the guest house with Cody’s family. Breezy cooked breakfast for everyone. It was a breakfast casserole scramble along with fruit.

I took pics of Katy’s entrance to the house.

Everything you see here was taken with iPhone camera. I will transfer the pics from new camera and share those when we get back. I love these trees at the house. Look close and you will see Ford, the kitten that showed up. He’s afraid of people. But he’s interested in the dogs and comes close to see them.

View out back at breakfast.
Teasing George that I saw a couple of turkeys 😂
Room with a view!

We went to pick up decorated party cookies and helium balloons! Passed by some kind of yard art place! lol

The doggies rested good as did the humans until mid day.

Then we began to get ready for the party. It was 100 degrees out- not so much humid but just hot. There was about 15-20 mph and everything kept blowing over and so duct tape became the friend. But it was frustrating for all and caused quite the delay.

We were given Nonni and Poppy shirts! So cute!

Cody’s Parents Marc and Julie

My heart was pounding as Cody was about to pull the trigger on the rifle to hit the big avocado piñata filled with powder to reveal the gender! How exciting is this?

Explosion of BLUE!

All my best pics are in the other camera of the food and festivities. But will enjoy sharing those later!

I crashed about 10:30 and everyone else up til midnight.

We are so excited! I have pics of us on the other camera too! Lots more to share of this special day!

6 responses to “Gender Reveal”

  1. Oh Sonya, I’m just trying to imagine how excited you both are. …now you’ve just got the next 5/6 months to wait the arrival of River David. Please tell Kate and Cody how happy I am for them and that like you I am now just hoping the next few months fly past, and that Kate keeps healthy and everything they dream about goes to plan. This is the very first babies gender parry I have ever been to so is extra special…
    Glad that everything is going well and hope you can get back down to earth again in the next few days…take care. God Bless and love flying its way to Texas xx

  2. Everything looks so lovely. Glad you all are enjoying your time there. I know you are all excited about this party. the guest house looks lovely. See you all soon when we get to Tennessee

  3. A grandson. Your legacy. Such an exciting time for your Katy. She looks beautiful.
    I love the name. Enjoy your time together.

  4. so wonderful you are with the family celebrating this special news. love the nice deck for quiet reflection. enjoy the rest of your visit.

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