Arrived Safely to the Ranch in Texas!

I guess this is a Gecco? Can you find it? It was outside our hotel room yesterday.

In the car I worked on crosswords with my much needed erasable pen – you know – so you can try a word out! lol I knew a lot of words but sometimes George knew ones I didn’t.

We headed Southwest into Texarkana and finally Texas. Traffic was pretty hefty the entire route. And it was a bit harrowing in a few places with big trucks, construction and lanes with barriers.

We stopped at In/Out Burger and got one!

Then George went in Total Wines. This was in Arlington TX.

They are so good!

Then we were only 2 hours to the ranch! We really ran later than expected as we mosied all day and took our time. Only to realize or remember that we had 5:30 reservations. How had we been so slow as we had gotten up at 6:00? I guess we showered, ate leftovers for breakfast, and repacked car and checked out, got gas refill and headed out. The rest I’ve told you about. But we were almost late! I guess it was a 6 hour drive left with a few stops. We made our reservation obligation with 3 minutes behind. We dropped dogs, and changed and headed out.

We ate at Canyon Road. Enjoyed it! Got a Grand Canyon margarita! Most of the girls did!

Sometimes you take the traditional first night sunset however you can!

Got a better view later.

We came home and gave Katy her “haven’t seen you in a while” gifts and the guys went hunting. We also went next door to the guest house and toured it.

Then I crashed into bed around 10 for a much needed and excellent nights sleep. We each have our own reg size bed and it is so comfy.

I’m out on the front porch as I write. While it was 103 here when we arrived yesterday it’s in the 70’s at sunrise with a pleasant breeze of 10-15 mph this morning. That will be gone soon.

Today is the gender reveal and in just a few hours we will know if our grandchild is a boy or girl and a second reveal will show the name.

We are so happy to be here on the ranch!

I will get to use the new camera today! It’s easy to use the phone as it’s already here. Anything taken in the camera I can’t put on blog til I get home. I think. Still learning but I sync it to my iMac. Need to get extra batteries recharged in case.

Better go get more coffee and get a shower. We have a family breakfast this morning around 9:30.

Ahhh the breeze! Ahhhh vacay! And foxes were seen on the porch this morning- here’s one!

4 responses to “Arrived Safely to the Ranch in Texas!”

  1. Foxes creep me out for some reason. We’ve seen more than normal lately. One attacked a dog & the owner rescued their dog but the fox had rabies so the owner is going thru rabie shots etc. because he handled his dog. Sheesh…
    Glad you made it safely. That burger looks mouthwatering for sure.
    Enjoy today’s festivities.
    Roger has beautiful eyes, that precious puppy dog. 😊

  2. Now that’s my kind of margarita! lol. I’m glad you made it safely and made it in time for your dinner reservations. Oh, that In & Out burger looked delicious! I always make a point of going there whenever I’m traveling somewhere that has them. Wish we had one here! The sunset was beautiful there, as it always is from Katy and Cody’s home. I bet you’re excited for the gender reveal today. I dreamed they’re having a girl and naming her Ryleigh. I’m probably way off. lol

    Enjoy your vacay. I’m looking forward to the pictures with your new camera, and the next video!

  3. have a wonderful time visiting. enjoy the gender and name reveal parties. a big moment, for sure.

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