Arkansas Bound

All packed and ready to go!

Great trip in to Arkansas. Maisy settles in but Roger was a bit stir crazy 😜 a lot of the way. Not able to find his comfort zone and trying to get in our snack bag. lol 😂 We stopped at a really nice Rest Area mid way between Jackson and Memphis!

The hotel here in Bryant, Arkansas is nice!

Mine and Maisy’s bed

I wiped everything down and sprayed Lysol! A storm was coming and I’m not sure it ever got here. I never saw it or heard it. It may have rained but I didn’t see any evidence of it when we took the dogs out.

George went next door and picked up our to go order from a Tex Mex place called Ta Molly’s . We ordered a steak and chicken fajita dish and also a chicken tamale dish. Of course we had chips and salsa and all the fajita fixin’s! We split it all and still have a few leftovers. There is no breakfast buffet anymore thanks to COVID-19 but we get a brown bag. If we are not too late going down to get it!

The ride was pretty as it was flat and green. Not as boring as Thanksgiving time when it’s all brown.

We enjoyed hanging out in the hotel room. I was a little annoyed at not having access to The Weather Channel- apparently a premium channel here. So we had to watch Accuweather so I pretty much ignored it as it gave no local data. None that caught my attention anyway.

The “kids” were soon sleeping. And slept good all night til Maisy woke at 6 barking and wanted to go out. We all slept good til then. It’s a hotel and the walls are a bit thin here. So we hurried out the door with both dogs. I had to go back and get mask. Who remembers at 6 am – I normally don’t wear a mask at home when I take the dogs out lol! So George took them on and I met up with them!

Is it me or is she smiling in her sleep?
Has monkey, well fed, had water, has his Daddy, and now will finally sleep!

Traveling with Roger today was like traveling with a toddler except he moans instead of cries. lol But we got thru!

Time for a shower and another cup of coffee. And we will hit the road again and onwards to Texas past Dallas and to the ranch!

Hoping for IN/OUT Burger 🍔 today as we get to Arlington on the West side of Dallas! Yeee Ha!

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  1. I love the picture of them riding in the car. I know you can’t wait to see your daughter. Have fun.
    I hope you have good weather. We have been having storms here.

  2. Maybe Roger is having some aches and pains from his earlier lifestyle. I know he has a great lifestyle now at you’al;s; home. Have a great them with Katy and Codu

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