Eating Out Again and Packed and Ready

Yes! The day has come! Although I have to work about 5 hours today.

I like the look of my new desktop theme these days. Some days you just want to hop on into the computer! Not sure where that is, but looks like a good place to be.

We have someone going away at our office to go work somewhere else. And we are all very sad that she is leaving. I was asked to go to lunch yesterday for her going away. It was our normal lunch crew but grew to 9 people. I was a little concerned about 1) Eating out in a restaurant and 2) being close around 8 other people. We have been trying to lay low so we don’t take anything to Katy. I talked it over with George who really said two things: 1) You work with these folks every day and are around them anyway. 2) It’s really your decision. So I went. We had a great time. It was so nice to finally get to talk to some people other than saying “How’s your weekend?”, “How’s your day going?” and “Happy Friday”. I mean really – it was great conversation and much laughs and a few tears – we’ve just not all eaten together and talked in so long. It’s forbidden at work as far as having food brought in and having “gatherings” and 9 of us would not have been allowed in the break room at once. I think only 4. Anyway, it’s sad that she is leaving and I’m glad we got to eat lunch together. And I hope none of us had the Rona. We went to Santa Fe. I had grilled chicken but it was topped with some mighty sinful toppings: bacon and mozzarella. And there were mushrooms and onions. And I got the potato loaded and also got ranch on the side salad. I was really hungry and had been eating healthy most the week. I liked this dish. The piece of bacon was just awesome.

The cases of Rona are going back down in Nashville again. That is a good thing.

So last night was a big night of packing. It’s mostly done now. I just have to add in the cosmetics from this morning and honestly I just don’t wear a lot of cosmetics anymore. I’ll pack some eye shadow. I might throw some make up in there for the gender reveal party. lol

I will work a few hours and head home. Then we will head out and hand things over to our house sitter. Also have alerted the close neighbors and have the cameras and security system all set. Our Little Bit will be well looked after by someone who loves him a lot.

We will land somewhere in Arkansas tonight. I have it booked and have the address in my purse. Then we will drive into Texas tomorrow. I also have a In/Out Burger either Pick Up or Drive Thru – on my list for tomorrow’s lunch. And then we head into ranch territory for the week. Small towns and reportedly very little Rona. Of course family is coming from Nashville but just a few of us.

And so again, prayer requests and keep us in mind. I’ll be posting each day as I can. I just have to. It captures more of the trip that way.

I do want to say that it is extremely hard to not take the entire house when you go somewhere. You might need this or that. Especially as you get older. And we have the two dogs. It looks like we are truly going on some big expedition for the rest of the year. I’m not sure Katy and Cody will allow us in the house with all this stuff. But here we go with it all anyway.

So I will likely post some photos/videos on Instagram and Facebook Stories if you want to follow along.

I can’t believe the day has come and I need to get going too!

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  1. Good luck Sonya and George have an extra super safe time whilst you are away. Please give Kate a hug from me and say how happy I am that she is expecting a baby ( in January I think you said ). If it is January make it the 14th !!! I hope today will go fast at work. I’m glad that you took the chance of lunch out yesterday I love chicken, indeed that’s what I’m making for dinner tonight. ….Our prayers will be with you as your driving down to Texas bye for now. God Bless. Xx

      • We use to have a Santa Fe, now it’s a Green Turtle. :0(
        I can’t even imagine what it’s like to eat in a restaurant again. I would feel so normal.
        I’m sure Katy is excited for her company to get there. All the doggies together.
        Enjoy every minute of your time together there. And enjoy the ride! Be safe. My 🙏 are with you.

  2. I so missed reading your vlog while I was up in the mountains the last few days. I’ve caught up on the days I missed and watched your video, which I loved! I hope your vlogger audience finds you because your videos are REALLY good!

    Safe travels to Texas! I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for the gender reveal! Do you have a guess?

  3. enjoy every moment.being with katy and cody during this stage of her pregnancy. stay safe.

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