Appreciating Sleep and Other Mid-Week Thoughts over Coffee

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Good morning. I’ve made a discovery. It should have been a discovery that I’d made already but I guess I’m a late bloomer. lol. First of all, last week I had many many nights with not enough sleep. I know what not enough sleep does to you. Brain fog, moody, and low energy, and low on the inspiration and motivation because you are in survival mode of sorts. I would say I get about 6 hours of sleep if I’m really honest. I don’t have any problem going to sleep. Sometimes if I wake at 1:30 or so I can’t go back to sleep. I always wake up a couple of times in the night. Usually up once to go the bathroom. Usually twice in the night I wake up and drink water, just being really really thirsty. That’s that sugar issue at play.

But my discovery is that twice lately I’ve been able to get 8 hours. And just discovered how good that felt good. I guess I needed a taste again of what that felt like. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Start getting ready at 8. And when the alarm went off this morning- even though I was dreaming and wanted to stay asleep, I was rested and felt great when I got up. It made me think maybe it’s worth going to bed at 8:30 again. I have often refused to go to bed that early because you only get so much time in the afternoon after work and commute. But things have changed a bit. The commute is not as long with school out so I’m getting home earlier. Since I’m in Payroll/Accounting now instead of HR, I’m not staying late and going in early to handle everyone’s surprise crises. Which in order to get my stuff done, I had to have time for everyone else and all the surprise stuff that came up. Now my job is more efficient and scheduled and yes, there are still surprises, but not the nature of the job to have as many. So often I can leave in reasonable time frames. So I’m considering going to bed earlier on a continual basis. The only thing getting in my way is if we are into a show on Netflix. Everything is a tradeoff, lol!

Ahhhh the coffee is good this morning! It’s Starbucks. For a while Kroger had them on sale around $6 and we bought a couple of packs. I need more! I think we have Seattle’s Best brand next up as Publix did not have Starbucks on sale, so I’ll wait.

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Well, so Payroll is done for another week and that is always a relief. I always hold my breath that something doesn’t break, or I hit a wrong key, or don’t hold my lips just right for it to all come together. Had a lot of interruptions yesterday on payroll day so it was a good day for things to go wrong. You really need peace and quiet on payroll day b/c it can backfire on us all. If a wrong number keyed in for plant location or a wrong date entered could blow the whole thing up. But it’s just a busy time for us all and we all have to interrupt each other to get things done. That is fine when you have a good team – so I made notes as to where I was every time I had to leave it and come back. Was not a problem to be interrupted – at least yesterday it wasn’t – but it’s always good to get through a Tuesday and a sign of relief that everyone will get paid again. Ironically if there is a night I don’t sleep well it’s Monday night. The night before. I’m never worried about it, so it must be a deep rooted thing. I’m just unsettled on Monday night’s. I guess it’s like when you have an early morning flight or have to be somewhere early – it’s just this “thing” looming that you need to get through. Once it’s over, you feel a surge of relief. But I do enjoy every minute of the payroll closing process – so it’s kind of odd but I guess it’s just my persona to hold my breath and worry a bit sometimes. I even pray over the payroll. God whispers to me that I’m the perfect one to do this job because it meets my persona so. But I know how easy it is to mess something up. Wiggle your toe in the wrong direction at the wrong time and you are done. LOL. So I sit still and hold my breath through my prayers!

Oh hang on a minute. I need some more of that beautiful dark earthy liquid. Be right back.

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Ok I’m back! Thanks for waiting. LOL. While I went to get coffee, George was in the sun room and saw the deer family that comes through morning at sunrise and evening just before sun down. They have their little routines like we do. Two little bambi’s. I have some footage (not from today, but another day) that I will share once I get to work on the next video. Which is soon.

Here are some photos of the same family but on a different day. I think I’ve shown them before.

So last night I was able to get a few things done – somehow the post office lost our check to the car insurance company as they are saying we are past due and it’s under my name in the account itself on line. So I needed to go in and see what was going on so we had insurance coverage. We don’t really want to pay twice as they probably will get it eventually. In years and years, I think that has only happened once of all the things we have mailed where it didn’t get there. Anyway we are covered. But have to pay a late fee. We are never late on anything so it kinda makes me mad as it’s not our fault. But things happen.

I also got on line to my medical records and downloaded January and July’s bloodwork information. I’ve not poured over it and compared yet, but it’s downloaded. I peeked at the numbers and yes the cholesterol is high. I’ll be anxious to see if it’s lowered or gone higher in comparison to the others. But I was happy to see that the sugar issue – I was barely considered a “pre-diabetic”. One point lower and I would not have been.

The cleanse day went well on Monday. Doing it from dinner Sunday to dinner Monday. I wasn’t drained like I am when I do it from dinner Sunday night to breakfast Tuesday morning. But I think it still released toxins and fat. Don’t ask me how I know. 😉

George fixed a ramen noodle with veggies for dinner last night. It was really good. It had cabbage and carrots and a few other things stir fried in a big batch.

I have leftovers of that for lunch today. And had left over pork chops, green peas and carrots yesterday.

So George called me back into the kitchen to watch the babies and the Momma. Yes, it’s through the screen. But the baby is trying to get some milk. The Mom says no. lol You can see all the mint growing back there.

I’m kinda wondering if we shouldn’t grow our own garden again, but we have access to local fresh and it’s reasonable, so with us working FT, we just go get fresh at the store or farmers market stops. There is talk of going to the Mennonites in Scottsville, KY again when we get back from Texas. I had suggested it for this weekend, but George wants to wait so we have time to eat it all. I think we would have time. But….I think he already has a lot of meals planned for the next couple of weeks.

Do you know how hard it is to leave my little office in the morning? I could be writing, working on my to do list, working on videos, planning, shopping :-)! I could be learning how to use my new cameras, watching talented other’s video creations, doing some videoing of my own comparing microphones, iphone videoing and new camera videoing. I have so many things on my to do list to research or check out. I love being here in this room. It just calls me to be creative and be me. Here’s the office this morning. And I’ve got to go and tear myself away!

But hey it’s Wednesday. Over the hump day. As Ma Rainey says “We are sliding down into the weekend now”. Ma is one of my blog readers through the years. Love her and her spirit always! You all inspire me to be better, do better, and I appreciate your listening to me through the years.

Off to work I go!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words today ! Yes it’s over the hump we gooooo… sleep is so important glad you got some good rest! Keep up the good work😊

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