Twilight Zone

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I kind of felt like I was in the Twilight Zone yesterday. And yes, I AM often in my own world that only I understand, but yesterday some weirdness happened that made me believe the “Smile you are on Candid Camera” dude would pop around the door any minute.

Someone called me and we spoke and hung up and then my phone immediately rang again and I said “Hello” and then the person on the other end said “Hello” and I waited for them to ask me their question or state the reason they were calling and it was an pause and she finally said “can I help you”. If I weren’t astounded, I would have laughed, but I said “you called me, can I help you?” She retorted, “I didn’t call you, you called me.” I said “No ma’am, I was sitting here and the phone rang and I picked it up and you were on it”. She said “well I didn’t call you”. I said “well I didn’t call you”. Again I think we would have laughed if we were not so confused. Sometimes you wonder if someone plays games or if our phone system is really that weird. And I tell you now that EITHER is a possibility. LOL

So the next thing is that time sheets print from one of our plants and I notice that people’s time is coming in past 24:00 (military time). It’s coming in a 25:25 and up to 26:00. In communication with the plant they proceed to tell me their military time goes up to 26:00 not 24:00 b/c they are two hours behind us. ??????WHAT???????? LOL LOL LOL. I send her the correct military chart and said “no the time clocks don’t go past 24:00 and that is midnight”. But she said “no it’s always been this way”. Because they are on our server they are always two hours behind. So if they work 5:30 it shows as 7:30 and if someone works til 10:00 that is 24:00 and midnight would be 26:00. What is even more surprising is our system will configure up to 26:00 and it seems to pay them accurately. So yes indeed we evidently use alternative military time charts.

(Insert twilight zone music here)

Then I get two letters from a state saying that we did not file w-2 information for last year. It’s a state that is new and has been very different from all the other states. I pulled the file and there is about three or four different places that you file various things – by places I mean websites, lol.

I had made a note that there was this one place that you did several things including w-2 information and a few other things (form numbers of various year end information). In my note I had said we only had to supply the total numbers that it didn’t ask for the individual w-2’s. Some states don’t want anything but the totals. Well it’s what July now and we are just getting a notice?

I could hear Gomer Pyle popping out at my desk going Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Gaaaaalee! Shazam!

Anyway, I suppose all is well that ends well. We do have a small wee bit of time to get the date in before they slap a charge for every single w-2, and my boss is having IT figure out an upload file so we don’t have to handkey over a 100 w-2’s. I think it may be over a 100 due to turnover.

Anyway the day seemed a bit normal when it started but I was ready to go home when the time came. I did my *almost* 24 hour cleanse give or take a few hours. At least it was a very reduced calorie day and it felt good. I had the deep red berry cleanse blended into ice water two times yesterday and it keeps you full for a while. I had one chocolate square which is infused with green tea and a tiny bit of sugar to keep you from having a sugar dive. I had bone broth at lunch. And I had a BEA drink which is heavily infused with vitamins and a sparkling drink with adaptogens and a bit of caffeine – about like having a cup of coffee. I actually never even got a chance to have coffee or my fruits or greens as drinking all that kept me full. Plus I had regular water a couple of times.

Once home, George said he was fixing us a Monday Mojita. Well I was NOT turning that down. Fresh mint in it.

Then dinner was exquisite. Pan seared pork chops finished in the oven and green peas and carrots which are favorite of mine now. And then the little baked potato topped with a wee bit of sour cream and real bacon. It was a reasonable dinner. I did not have seconds but I do have them to take to lunch today.

And that is about all the news I have. I am feeling a bit like I need to be home to do a few things. I did more laundry and changed the sheets yesterday. Talked to Mom and my daughter and then it was time to eat and we watched Bloodline. We are two shows out from it being over and that is it. I didn’t realize it was an older show and I guess that is all there will be. So there is not another season coming. This will be it. This has been a fun one to watch. Very intriguing and mysterious and thrilling. All set in the Keys, mainly Islamorada – I think. Sissy Spacek has been excellent in this. And all the characters were great! Even Beau Bridges was in it.

Anyway, so much I want to do but have to work. lol It’s ok at least I like what I do now. But once I can I need to learn the camera, set up my wifi and software and get the pics out that I took over the weekend. Need to fix my vitamins for the week, need to vacuum, need to download my watch update, need to read/delete by 543 emails, need to do updates on Mac, iphones, etc. Need to do some planning. Need to pick my 45 Tags on here. And try to get more done on my to do list. I just need to do all my normal weekend stuff, but will get a little bit done each night and then I can play and be techi all weekend. Also need to get started on clearing out the old video and adding in the new. And then soon we’ll be packing for Texas. I always pack a week out so I have plenty of time to do laundry, and not rushing at the end. It’s harder the older you are to pack up and go somewhere for – in this case over a week.

Also need to touch base with our House Sitter who will be here to take care of things while we are gone. I also am happy we have a camera and system as well to keep an eye on things. That is a game changer.

So, off to do payroll, but one more thing….I finally finished In Defense of Food. I started a new book called “God and the Pandemic” by N. T. Wright. It was published by Zondervan I think. I prayed first before I selected it. I’m liking it so far. The author is reading it I believe and he has the nicest British accent. I love hearing his voice.

Anyway better go! Ya’ll have a great day!

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  1. It was wonderful getting a laugh while reading all about yesterday at work…I can well understand how you expected to hear someone say…” surprise Surprise”. I once had a phone call like that, so it can happen I answered the phone giving just a number and got no answer…not even heavy breathing LOL. ..that would have made me sit up !! Put down the phone and almost instantly it rang again and I had the same conversation as you had with the unknown person, very weird really…
    I’m still keeping praying that you George and the dogs can get to Kate for the baby gender annnouncment ….I have a friend in California who is in a similar state as yourselves. Their grandson is getting married in Utah next week and they are driving up over the weekend but they are very worried about either catching the virus or unknowingly taking the virus up with them. There is no specific advice,,,
    Take care love, keep mask on and you should be ok. God Bless hope your day goes well. Xxx

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