Weekend trip to Mom’s!

True to life, after a post about “gonna eat healthier” we eat Catfish from Cracker Barrel – but it was Mom’s birthday and she loves Catfish. And I love fish. They had grilled, but it wasn’t my birthday. I’ve had the grilled and it’s amazing. Or we would have had grilled chicken. However, we all enjoyed it. The slaw however, tasted soured and Mom figures it was just cider vinegar dressing, but I’m not sure anyone went back for seconds and I didn’t eat the rest of mine. I did get a bit nauseated by bedtime. But it was likely the fried food. I don’t do well on fried.

So yeah! We went to Mom’s Saturday, grabbed Cracker Barrel to go and landed at her house around 1:15, with the dogs in tow, had birthday lunch and she opened birthday gifts.

I gave her a round brush hair dryer like I bought myself. I also bought her some oven mitts and some of those handles you use on cast iron skillets. And a pocket that you put on the side of your chair for glasses, remotes, ink pens, etc. And some snacks – things like a microwave muffin in a cup, individually wrapped cookies, a new kind of unsweet ice tea (that I love and wanted her to try), peanut butter crackers, and things like that. Just to give her some munchies when she is a bit hungry and doesn’t want to cook.

This photo of me was laying on the dining table at Moms. I remember seeing it once. Mom said an Uncle had picked the material out for the dress, Uncle Gene, and then had his wife make it.

Mom said it was an unusual pattern for a baby girl to have but that it turned out cute. In those days, at that time, it was unusual for a man to go and buy material like that I guess. That means a lot. I barely remember Uncle Gene, but I do remember him a bit.

It was not long after that he died in a wreck on Old Bear Creek Pike in Columbia, TN. I can’t imagine how awful this was on the family. But it was nice to know that he did that for me, picked out material and had a dress made.

It was a hot hot day at Mom’s, not even much that breeze could help. But I decided to try to take some pics with the new Canon camera – just without reading instructions. I managed to get some taken and kinda learned what some of the buttons did. I have not had the time to sit and do lessons or read the manual but I was ready to take some pics. That is the way it goes with me I guess. But I will come back and try to learn it by watching videos. And I will read through the manual to learn the camera and learn more about photography. But I did go ahead and get some initial shots and then we’ll see how to improve from there.

Now, that said, I’ve not been able to get it on wifi, download any software or anything like that. So as of right now, I have no idea how to get them from camera to my Mac, but I’ll figure it out. Normally that is the first thing you do, but I think the camera came in one day during the work week last week? We have been busy or gone. So I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can before our trip to Texas. But that will be on the agenda so I can share the few pics I took playing around. So after taking some pics and trying to sit on the back porch – the heat ran me in.

We watched a few shows on Netflix. We watched Somebody Feed Phil which is always fun. We watched a couple of my shows of the sailors that I follow out there. Sam Holmes has a good one – just sharing his experiences. And Gone with the Wynns we watched Sunday Morning. Along with Matt and Jessica from MJ Sailing. I’m going to have to do a blog entry on all my favorites that I enjoy keeping up with. It’s my opinion, that whatever you enjoy as a hobby, or as a wish I could hobby. You can experience it on YouTube. Just get on YouTube and search for it – I almost said “google it” on YouTube b/c “google” has become synonymous for “looking it up”! There’s probably someone doing a show on YOUR THING and you will have hours of intrigue and excitement.

We had hot dogs for dinner!

So in the middle of the night, Maisy was unsettled and couldn’t sleep – or was it Roger? I think it was Roger. It’s kindof all a blur. One of the dogs had to go out. And George took them out. I reminded him about the alarm and he said Mom said she would leave it off.

Well, she forgot and by habit switched it on. So he came back wanting the code. I was trying to find it on my phone but it was too late. Very loud alarms started going off soon followed by a phone call. Mom and I ran into one another in the hallway as she darted out of the bedroom as I was coming down the hall. LOL

Mom got the alarm off and told the company the pass code and had to answer some questions.

The rest of the night Maisy was unsettled as she hassled in my ear all night. I remember being hot, crowded, and wanting my King Size bed. No one slept well. After George got up, I slept in until about 8 I think gloriously loving having the whole bed to myself. And no dog with needs trying to wake me or keep me from sleeping. It was nice getting away but we just had a hard time and especially with our oder doggies.

I was amazed that they were kind to wait on me for breakfast. It was already cooked when I got up. They didn’t have to wait. But they did. So when I got up we ate a wonderful breakfast fixed by Mom – eggs, bacon, and cheese grits, and biscuits. No pics. I was still half asleep and enjoying my hot coffee as we dove in.

So we let our tummies settle, I ordered George’s birthday gifts on Amazon, and then Mom had a few projects for George which he fixed. And I worked on the floors – vacuumed and dusted in the hard to get spaces for Mom in the kitchen and den area. We went through the office with Mom and she gave George a bunch of books and magazines.

We snacked on grits, pimiento and cheese, and fritos for lunch and made a glass of ice tea for the road. We through our things in the car. I drove home and George sat in the back with the dogs. It was reverse on the way down.

Roger gets unsettled and has a hard time now on the road it seems. I kinda dread the long drive to Texas. We have to split the drive up not only for ourselves but for them too. The way we do it works pretty well. At least we will have beds for them for Texas. I need to be planning what to take for our trip and rounding things up I guess. Like those dog beds.

So we got home mid afternoon unloaded and sortof unpacked. I had laundry to do and ironing for the week. Got that done. I did not get the sheets changed nor my meds/vitamins reset for the week.

We had a salad and frozen pizza for lunch. I’m doing a 24 hour cleanse which started after dinner last night. I’ll eat dinner tonight but will do the cleanse during the day – mainly liquids with good supplements during the day. But by sundown I’ll be ready for something to eat.

So yeah it’s so hard to break away from eating bad and to break those cycles. It made no sense to order me a separate meal or to refuse to eat the quick pizza that was already in the freezer last night. Like I’ve said, I will always eat pizza. I have no intentions on giving it up.

So I guess it’s easier to eat better when you eat by yourself. lol

Anyway, it’s Monday and I’m way past my “quit blogging time”.

And I’ll be doing housework tonight – finishing laundry, changing sheets and trying to find time to vacuum, repacking my vitamins. Still have to get all those chores done somehow since I didn’t get them done over the weekend. And I need to start on the next video! I’ve kinda taken a break as there wasn’t much to share. I may have enough to do though. I will have to work on it and see what I can do.

Ya’ll take care!

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  1. Looks like a fun time with your Mom. I like cracker barrel but have never had the catfish. The husband likes it but I like flounder or cod.
    I think a lot of what they are putting in our foods is what is causing so many of us to gain weight. Hormones and antibiotics and so many preservatives and chemicals.
    If you think about it what we ate as kids and teens was mostly an organic diet. I ate what I wanted and never gained a pound when I was young. Stayed a size 7 to 10. Then the 40s is when I started to gain weight.
    I know it is hard once we get older. Have a good week. Stay cool it is going to be in the 90s today.

    • Have you checked into doggy hotel/kennels at all for your upcoming trip? I know how close and protective you are with your pets but some are probably wonderful. I have a couple of friends that have found their spots and their dogs are like their kids. (Ones dog even goes to doggie daycare a couple of days a week to play). I can’t imagine the trips are that pleasant for the dogs, and if you go to Texas after the baby is born is that a hardship for mom/baby. There’s different options than the old “kennels”. Just a thought. Both friends dogs get excited when they know where they’re going ha!

      • We’ve considered but find it had to without them. We may end up at hotel in January. Dogs do well if our car is well packed and their beds placed a certain way on top of everything 😂 – for some reason. But they are getting older and we may have to do something different. They are just very loyal and would grieve our absence- breaks my heart.

  2. Hi Sonya, I’m glad you got to Mums and had a nice time with some good looking food….pity about the disturbed night though. But oh how I laughed at the vision you wrote of everyone rushing about trying to settle the alarm…that would have made a great video everybody would be in stitches a bit like the old silent movies !! I’m glad you also got a few photos taken with the camera I’m sure maybe next weekend you will make time to read a bit about the taking of photos with it. You are great at figuring things out I’m sure you will know it inside out in no time, after all all you really need to know you probably know already…..Glad to see that the trip to Kate is still going on. I was reading that Texas has one of the highest rates of the virus so whatever you do take every bit of care you can plenty masks etc it would be awful if Kate or indeed any of you got caught by the virus….over here from this week it’s mandatory for us to wear masks in shops, I think this is the right way to go about it I just hope everybody observes it….night night. Hope work has not been to bad today xxx

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