First iMovie on the New YouTube Channel

Well, it was another labor of love, this iMovie! I’m going to have to start tracking the hours. I worked on it every day of this 4 day weekend. Not all day long but a few hours each day.

Since life happens so fast and I am only capturing bits and pieces of it, the media (pics and videos) I have had to work with was minimal. So piecing it together is interesting. But I enjoy it. There were some clips where it was hard to get the audio consistent no matter how hard I tried.

I wanted to show pieces of the pandemic and the issues with Maisy and the washer going out, and George’s good cooking saves the day!

So much improvement to be had but I look forward to continuing to learn:

To film, to tell a story, to provide value and not just entertainment. I’m already looking forward to the next one. They will always be behind the blog though.

So I’m going to take a break this week and work on getting ready for the June shower – need to gather items and order items and such. I will work on knocking some OTHER things off my list besides creating movies. lol

So I DID go ahead and create a NEW channel with a new email and I created a new Twitter account and a new instagram account. So over time I will build those up and also I will connect everything here. I also need to add some other things to the blog as well.

My first goal is to get 100 subscribers. That is when I get my own YouTube URL where it makes it searchable. So if you like it at all, please SUBSCRIBE! And give me a thumbs up on the video.

I’ll be ordering a gimbal or some kind of selfie stick thing so I can film better from a distance. And probably need to invest in one of those little iphone microphones. I have already decided that I will be buying myself a Cannon EOS camera. I have the stimulus money and blow money already saved up to do it now. But I’m not allowing myself to do it yet. I want it to be a reward for reaching milestones. I’ve not decided how many subscribers that will be but – I’ll decide as I map and plan. And then I want to get out and use it. Which means I’ll need that raccoon looking thing they have on top to block out wind and probably some other tools. And we’ll need to be able to get out and explore. I’m looking forward to all of it.

Here is the video! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like it at all and give me a thumbs up. Thank you Thank you.

It’s me in Vlog form for sure.

I learned how to do Thumbnails through Canva. I need to go in Paint Shop Pro and make my logo round so the square background is not there.

Anyway, off to work we go after a beautiful 4 day weekend. And I have a lot to do in a short work week. Minus a day to get PR done.

Take care! See you in a couple of days!

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’ve just been watching your wonderful Vblog. I can’t see where to subscribe for it ? Or can I do it by subscribing on here ? ( ie your blog page). You know how daft I am with tech things LOL. Anyway I think for your first attempt your video was good, indeed very good. There’s a few things that I know you’ve already thought about changing etc. you forgot to introduce Mums dog at first I thought it was wee Tuggie till I realized it couldn’t be.!! ..loved George’s acting throwing the wood away etc and in his cookery mode, I had to laugh at his ….new nose job ……music was good, but there was time when there was some intrusive sounds cant work out quite what they were…laughed at you wearing your mask especially when you almost forgot and went to have a drink !!!….it was wonderful for me to hear your voice after all those years of following you and George’s few words as well…I’m now going to let Mary view it I know she will enjoy it. Looking forward to your next time. The length was just about right…bye for now from a VERY HOT village of BOX in Wiltshire UK

    • Yes I had some audio issues that were hard to correct and I did forget to include Fancy’s name. I pooped her in at last minute! You have to pull up the video on YouTube and it will have a red subscribe button underneath the video on the YouTube page!

  2. i’ve had a youtube channel for years. nothing recent, though. never had many subscribers. nothing fancy just raw footage. but my red lobster video did get quite a few hits. i thought for a first attempt you did a marvelous job. the music was perfect. your captions informative. and your content enjoyable. it was fun to watch and i know you’ll get many viewers. keep up the good work. can’t wait for the next one. it’s exciting seeing you move into this arena.

    • Oh thank you – I appreciate the encouragement- I worry about the silly side! But I’m goofy not elegant and I’m ok with that showing! It’s me! lol lol

  3. OMG! This is fantastic. You did an A-1 job. Wow! I’m impressed. I can see how much goes into the making. You & George are naturals for this. I believe you have a future in vlogging.
    You go girl!!

  4. You certainly can see the work that entails. Very nicely done! I love to listen to the accents ! lol
    We are very different. in ways of living. The south is very matter of fact, slow living. That is not a put down. From watching your Vlog you hear the drawn out talking and moving . Its cute!

    In Mass . The Berkshires ! We are very fast moving, fast talking , fast eating and fast driving! Move out of the way or we’ll just peg ya to the left somewhere ! lol Eating? Sit down and enjoy the food and drink? Us? nope… cook for 10 hours and eat in 3 mins. Dishes and we are done!

    Just funny how much different we all are in our own home snd states. Very fun video to learn of your neck of the woods!

    🙂 Rose

    • I love it!!!! I feel I talk too slow even for those around here. But I’m glad you liked it. I’m pleased that people like it. Hoping for subscribers!

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