Yard Sale Prep, Tropical Farmville, Mizithra Bacon Spaghetti and Eyeglasses Trends

Display of old goodies in the basement

Well, we are prepping up for our yard sale this next Saturday and so for the past month I have spent some hours in the garage marking things and pulling things to put in the sale. We are talking “dirt cheap” get rid of stuff. While down there I snapped a pic of the above shelf (items NOT FOR SALE) just for the blog. Old barbie doll that was mine, my first diary, my cheer leading letter, my girl scout badges, old pics of George and old pocket watches from the family.

These items are also in the garage on display. The old rabbit probably needs to be tossed. It probably is ladened with all sorts of mites and such. He has a music box inside that my grandmother fixed at one point and it has an opening, so there could be critters (spiders) inside. But I just can’t bare to toss it. If we ever move again, I probably will b/c it’s just not sanitary but I’m ok with the basement, lol. My grandma added the diaper too. She always had a fun side like that. She was creative too. I love her and miss her.

Katy and I face timed yesterday as we planned to put some things in the yard sale that she and Cody left that they said they did not want. We wanted to make sure. Good thing we asked again. So we spared the items they wanted.

I did do several loads of laundry and empty the dishwasher and ironed some. I spent time relaxing, and enjoying having the time at home. I caught up on YouTube shows, which only about three 20 minute segments were available. Was disappointed to hear that Joe with We’re the Russos had a motorbike incident and dislocated his shoulder. I’m about to start his 2nd book on my ipad. And of course I am reading a real book with pages about the life of John Denver. I started it yesterday (having been on my table to read the last several months) and I’m half way through it already. I’m enjoying every bit of learning about him since he’s been someone I looked up to for so long. I think we have a bit of a kindred spirit somehow. When I read of his life, it’s almost like I’m reading about my own in the way that he feels a lot, has a lot of emotion, loves nature, is often misunderstood, often trying to analyze too many things, and trying to apply his background of learning to his current situations. Of course I’m not a musician of course, but his persona has always struck a chord with me and now I see why. I think George is a lot like him as well. And those glasses help. I hate that he is no longer living. Anyway, I am reading it so quickly and it’s very surprising. It normally takes me too long to read a book b/c I’m not sitting still long enough.

I’ve enjoyed the sun room this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I forced through the heat when our a/c got a bit too cool for me. With fans it was pretty ok. But this morning the front is coming through and there is the most awesome of breezes. I’ve opened the screens and the breeze is coming through and passing through at the other end. It feels so good. I live for these moments. It’s hard to get it. It’s either too cold or too hot or we are not here or too busy. So those rare moments that I can sneak away in here with screens open are wonderful.

The coffee is not too bad either this morning. It’s Starbucks Sumatra I believe. I am about to sip on a 3rd cup if there is any left. I usually don’t do quite that much coffee but when the sippin’s good…and so is the breeze and I’m still typing…why not.

So coffee break….be right back….

Ok, I’m back with more coffee and some nuts (a mix) to hold me over until I make a little brunch. After which I will shower, get nails done and head to the store today, and then back home to upload my Isagenix challenge info (pics and weight info) and start the next one. Then I will hope for some devo and reading time.

Have also been playing Tropical Farmville and just by accident found myself in 3rd place in the weekend challenge, lol, lol. I guess I played a bit too much. I played so much I’m almost tired of it. But it is fun to “run the island” and it meets some sort of mental craving that I have. It’s fun to put your psyche up to something to see if you are up for the challenge. The features I like about this game is that you have to balance the exact items to have in your inventory to stage yourself for production. You can’t have too much in there though as you can only have certain levels of inventory – you can upgrade your inventory as you collect certain items. There is a market b/w all the players of the game and you go into the market and find things for sale, but you have to be quick – it refreshes every two to three minutes and you pop in and buy things you need for the island that you are short of. Maybe you have made too many things that needed sugar and so you are out of sugar crop and it takes a while to grow it but you might find some for sale in the market. You do a variety of things with your guides. You send guides to the cave to gather items, you send guides to the hot springs for items, you send guides diving for items. You also fill orders for the guests staying in the island huts above the ocean – you can send orders by boat and now helicopter. Also there are cruise ships that come near by and you can allow visitors on the property and fill their orders as well. All of these order have varying levels of points for your experience level (more grown and more things added with each level) and also varying amounts of payouts (money) in which to buy things with – such as shops and businesses, plants, and decor for the island. There are also little wild life sections that you can activate and you can take “pictures” of to sell to the tourists and it gives you items, ingredients, points, money and so forth – as it does when sending the guides places. There is also a treasure chest you visit two times a day and it will give you prizes or things to play the game with. There are little bitty hour glasses which speed up the making of products that are given away a lot and little sun shines given by club buddies that speed up plants, trees, and animals output. It’s just quite the game. I joined a club and mainly you can send each other extra guides, give each other sunshines, and you have these little turbo badges that speed up the manufacture, cooking, or out put of the shops – when one club member activates it – it activates for all. So this is fun. I like to wait and use my turbo badges for the weekend tournament (Thurs thru Sun) to give me an extra push over the others. 😉 So fun times. But I musn’t let this be anything other than a time relaxer and a filler of time. I need to get things done. And so I don’t want it to take over. But this feeds my persona. I play it on the ipad.

Mizithra Cheese Spaghetti with Bacon.

George fixed a wonderful dish last night with the Mizithra cheese I bought last week. I usually like to have half tomato sauce and half mizitha cheese, but he asked if he could try a recipe with bacon and egg based sauce. So yeah…it was good. Gonna have some I think here in a minute of leftover. I was going to fix eggs and have some on the side but forgot it already has eggs in it so I’ll eat another bowl of that to get me thru the day.

Oh, I forget that I did not tell you about my glasses experience on Friday. I went to pick up my prescription every day glasses and prescription sun glasses and was going to leave my current glasses to be filled as computer glasses. So I sat down and tried them both on and looked at “the menu” they have for you to see and could see fine but looked up and away and realized distance was a blurry as if I didn’t have glasses on at all. I said “oh no this won’t work at all the distance is off – the prescription is wrong. Do I need to go back to “the chair”? lol

The guy said “hang on”, took the glasses and disappeared to the back. He was gone a very long 5 – 8 minutes and I sat there thinking “Oh no”. I also had noticed that I just did not really like the glasses look and was disappointed after trying so many on that it wasn’t really the look I was going for. How does that happen when I told myself I wouldn’t “settle” this time. Anyway he came back and said “well they put the computer prescription in both these glasses instead of the main prescription”. I said “well, let’s do this….I think I’ll keep the computer ones and you can change the sunglasses ones to regular and I will pick out a new pair for my every day b/c I wasn’t really too happy with those anyway now that I can see what they look like on me. So it was expensive as I had to buy a frame and one that was designer (Calvin Klein) but at least I kept my current pair for back up and I’m happy with the new design (Oh Lord, please let me be when they come in). They are different. But I was wanting different. I am the only one that liked them on me except for one woman who “got it”. I wanted modern and the modern styles coming in are just like these so I was glad to see that this morning when I looked it up. Glasses are going larger again. This was in Milan in 2019 which we are following a bit behind as always in our trends here. My glasses are of the shape of those on the left but they sit a little higher above my brow. It’s going to be different, but I’m ok with being different. I AM different. My sunglasses are rounder like those on the right but not the designs of course and not perfectly round but they do pop a bit. I’m looking forward to both but anticipate a lot of “have you seen her new glasses, I don’t like them” going on behind my back. At least people are nice and won’t usually say that to your face. There are a few that might but I don’t really care. I liked them and I’m ok with that. (The tribe has spoken, lol). I will show you pics when I get them in a couple of weeks.

And that all said – I am ready to get on with today. I’ll pop in – in couple of days with another entry. But I do have a question for you?

Are you ok with the not every day blog posts? Or do you prefer the daily dose? I know I know, it’s really my decision, but I’m a pleasing sort (sometimes) so if you really like the daily posts I can usually do better to do so but they will be quick on some days. Let me know your thoughts. Hope you are having a good weekend. I love your comments. They make me smile. I get them on my Apple Watch as I’m going about the day. It’s a good boost for me to realize people read.

Well, I’m going to head out and get started. But I’m loving this day. Storms headed our way. I hope I do not get caught in them but if I do I do. Gotta get nails done and grocery done and then I can be free to stay late this week if needed to work on filings and reconciliations. Oh but there is Wednesday when I have to leave early to go to the dentist. The bad tooth hasn’t bothered me too much this week. I don’t even know if it IS bad, but it hurts when biting down on something hard so I figure I better get it looked after while I can control the schedule instead of letting it be an emergency in Texas or on a payroll day. So trying to head it off. You all have a good one. I’m really gone this time. Why does it take me 2 to 3 times to say bye? lol

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  1. Hah!
    The glasses. You have to like them. That’s all that matters. I wear glasses full time and I hate it. But, I love being able to see!! I don’t think I’ve liked any of the glasses/frames, I’ve had in the past 10 years. I like them when I pick them out, but I’m never really happy once I get them. But I deal with it and hope to do better next time. I never really go for the trends because I usually keep my glasses 2 or 3 years and the trends change with the seasons.
    I’m sure you will be fine:)
    I usually check your blog daily for a new post but I completely understand the time factor involved to create one. I say, make it easy on yourself.
    It’s cold, 50’s, rainy and windy in my neck of the woods. A good day to dress warm and read a good book.
    Take care, Monica

  2. I like the glasses. I bet they will look good on you. Good luck with the yard sale. I need to have another one. We have way too much stuff we never use. I hate going to the dentist but nothing hurts worse than an abcessed tooth. I have had several root canals and they are too expensive. I hope they can fix yours without too much trouble.

  3. Well I check your blog daily to see what is going on. I know you get busy and need the time for other things. I do like the glasses. When Ken gets over his eye surgeries, I am probably going to have mine done. Hope the storms stay away for your sale next weekend

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