Geeks, Games, Testy Tuesday and the Payroll Summit

Fall is here.

We are loving the coolness that has come through. And I’m so glad that fall like temps are here. We finally got the rain and some storms came as we went to bed Sunday night. Maisy was afraid so I laid a pillow over her head so she wouldn’t see the lightning. She was out in the storms when she was rescued a few years ago so I guess she is afraid of the thunder and lightning.

Sunday was kind of a geeky day once I got back from getting nails done and from Walmart. I looked at iMacs and have decided really that I want a desktop computer instead of laptop. When I think it through that is what seems right for me. Often when I have traveled, I didn’t take the laptop and I rarely even take it into a different room now that I have my office space. I usually have ipad or phone anyway and I can still blog on those. I know you can set up a docking station of sorts or attach a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse if you got a laptop but – I think I’m just ready for a regular computer. It’s not like I can’t get a laptop later in life if my needs change. If we retire and George agrees to RV for a long term trip on the road – then yeaaaaahhh, laptop here we come. lol But for now, I think I will enjoy the regular set up. The monitor/screen is nice and I may even watch my shows on it if George is watching the TV.

I placed third place again by accident in the Tropical Farmville Tournament. That is not quite true though this time. Once I realized I was moving from 10th to 9th to 8th and on up, I began doing a few things to give me some edge. However my last push was not a good one as I had used up a lot of my materials and resources. But I still won third place. It’s just very relaxing. I’m about to get close to the next level in which I can get a banana tree. And I’ve gathered almost enough items to unlock a different area. So silly. But it is very relaxing to me. And sometimes I need that to clear my mind of whatever is in it. lol

So yesterday was cleanse day. I started the day all hopeful and excited as it was that Monday feeling of starting afresh and gonna get a lot of things done. I even took my personal calendar thinking that at lunch I’d call and make the mammogram appointment and that I would let Mom know the date we’d be down to cook seafood for her. And I need to redo my “to do list” as I have more to add on it. But all that stuff sat there and I didn’t even get a lunch. It’s my fault as I could have taken one but when you do it’s that much longer in the day you will have to stay after every one else is gone. And I tried to squeeze in paying a couple of taxes and doing quarterly filing of returns. There is so much at Quarter End. It’s hard to get thru it all. I started early and working my way thru but then it’s payroll time again and honestly that takes up most of the week as it is. So no lunch for me and I came home a little depressed as I had left the house just after 6 and didn’t get home til 7 p.m. That is really not what I had in mind for my Monday. Also on the way home it took longer as the police stopped/blocked I-40 toward the airport at 4 cars in front of me going home. Had I left even a minute earlier, I would have not had to go home a different way which took longer.

Also the day decayed a bit morale wise b/c it was cleanse day and I was really struggling to not go thru a drive through. What got me through is my promise to myself to have peanuts – the kind you break out of the shell – when I got home. That ends up being the perfect thing for cleanse day evening. Yes it breaks the fast a bit, and I have an issue getting in the last cleanse drink, chocolate, and compressed shake tablet on round 4 b/c I’m so tired of it by end of day.

I enjoyed peanuts and Tropical Farmville and my recliner when I got home because I didn’t have anything left to give to my schedule. It’s ok. I’ll find the time from somewhere. I’m not one to be owned by my list anyway. But I do like to be focused and it’s better for us all if I’m all organized and ready.

Today is the Testy Tuesday which my former assistant and I would laugh at b/c I am often hangry after the fact. Things bother me, worry me, test me, and irritate me on Tuesdays. I’m far more verbal and bear like on Tuesdays. If I’m unhappy about something on a Tuesday everyone is going to know about it. No offense to Momma, but I become my mother in a heartbeat. She puts her foot down when she wants something. We laugh at the “put your foot down” b/c she is always telling me I need to “put my foot down”. Well, I do put my foot down on occasion and when I do it’s usually a Tuesday or someone has pushed me to point that I am ready to blow like a volcano. Most of the time though I’ll hold it in, tattle to God, and cry rather than to try to battle or confront my way through and issue. I get tired of trying to convince people of my views or opinions. I just say phbbbtttthhh on it now. I could care less most of the time if people shared my opinion or vision or thoughts. I guess it’s been a lonely life of sorts in many ways. But yeah – it’s Testy Tuesday and Sonya’s rights, opinions, irritations will be flashed upon everyone like a neon sign in the nighttime desert. Instead of “putting my foot down” my phrase is “The Tribe has Spoken”. The tribe consists of me, myself, and I.

So off to embark on my Testy Tuesday with Coffee and I’ll try to keep my opinions to myself. I AM looking forward to eating today. While I have visions of eggs, bacon, grits, hashbrowns – I will instead break my cleanse day with a shake. I have to remember that cleanse day helps me with my goals and has been one of the leading reasons for keeping my weight off give or take 3 to 5 lbs as that is always back and forth on any given day. So I will continue the struggle for the end result. I don’t believe that the peach powder cleanse formula that I add to water is as powerful as the little liquid berry drinks though. It tastes better but it doesn’t mix well and not as filling. I did better on the berry drink. So I’ll go back to that. I think the peach was temporary but I had ordered quite a bit with my free $200 in products voucher. Anyway, I better get ready and get on the road. Since I worked a long day yesterday I’m not in too much hurry to get there. But I do need to go ahead and begin doing the long payroll process. It’s like going on an expedition – you have to gather up all your materials and then going through the process is like climbing a mountain. You get to base camp with your time sheets and PTO forms, Camp 1 with the piece work journals. Then as you begin to close each plant’s payrolls and enter the transactions and go through all the functions you get to Camp 2 and 3. It’s a long process tramping over the ice crevices (pitfalls) of the system – one wrong push of a button or missing a step – can send you falling backwards and messing with your progress – or one wrong entry by someone else can also mess up your progress and make you stumble. Once you get to that last plant, you can feel it – finally the summit is near. Time for celebration! And that is when I usually go and find some lunch! My deadline is Noon on Wednesday.

So off to the trails. Ya’ll have a happy day!

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  1. Well, pooh!
    I hope today is better than yesterday.
    I’m considering going back to a desktop also. I figured why not. And the monitors are much nicer.
    It’s almost Wednesday.
    Take care, Monica

  2. Do you like your new job better than the old one? I think I will get a desktop too next time. I like sitting at my desk in my comfy chair. I miss that. Have a good day.

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