The Struggle, New Eyeglasses, and Updated To Do List


Nothing like rushing out the door and forgetting to take your healthy lunch with you. And time is a factor so do you go thru the only drive thru nearby? The salads are not as good, and the fast food is notoriously laden with calories, enriched flour, and fat. But hunger remains. Restaurant take out is an option but takes longer and you may as well just stay and eat if going that route – but that time factor! So “the arches” won and I had a burger and a plain salad with balsamic dressing. There may have been two cherry tomatoes in there.

So we go to dinner last night. I should have done my research before hand. I order Shrimp and Grits – thinking seafood and a grain is not bad right?

WRONG! oh, it was good alright. It had about a 1/2 lb of cheese and a 1/2 stick of butter and some luxurious cream added. Oh well. Your best efforts fail you sometime.

I try to keep my office stocked with emergency things I can eat for lunch. Sure I have shakes and meal replacement bars but I like to eat that for breakfast. I had tuna packets but was not in a tuna mood. So yesterday’s attempt at eating better was a fail.

Tonight is probably pizza so….it’s just a struggle. I do have the Caulipower pizza with Cauliflower crust so perhaps that will be my choice. It’s just a struggle to eat healthy. I’m kinda tired of frozen meals, but that seems to work for a few minutes. They are very small so I have to have some healthy snacks for mid afternoon. I just need some good quick ideas for on the go. I’m also out of nuts at work and that doesn’t help.

Got the call yesterday that my glasses were in so I’ll be going to get those. That is prescription every day glasses and also my sunglasses. I will leave my current glasses I’m wearing with them to be turned into computer glasses. That way I save on the frame. I’m very excited to get those. But it is hard to get so many appointments in. At least they are open at 8 so I am running by this morning on the way to work. It still infringes on my time at work getting things done in a busy time period. But I’m antsy to be able to see better. I’m straining my head/neck at work so the sooner I get these computer glasses back the better – then I can look straight on.

Not a lot to report on really. I’m glad it is Friday but I need to make some headway at work on the monthly tax thing and the quarter end stuff. Was going to get my nails done tonight to avoid some of the crowds tomorrow, but I think tomorrow may be a better option so I can stay and get things done tonight since I’m going in late. We’ll see.

Glad we have a free day tomorrow. So I’ll be working on my Challenge ending and sending that in. George took my photos and I just have to send them in so I can get my $200 in free products.

This is the current to do list:

  • Make mammogram appointment
  • Final preps for yard sale (a week from tomorrow)
  • Give Mom dates for our plans for Seafood Fest at her house
  • George suggested doing a trial dessert for the Spain night to see if it will be good. lol
  • Challenge ending/upload photos and submit
  • Start new challenge
  • Figure out what documents we need to upgrade our Drivers License so we can fly when needed
  • Figure out what Apple computer to get. Do I want a desktop or laptop? Ideally a laptop with a dock of some kind as I want the best of both worlds. I detest using the touch pads and want a keyboard and also want the big screen. So….a bit confused.
  • Need to start Christmas shopping and at least getting on email and making lists and getting Katy’s list from her. She sent it but I’ve not been on my personal email in about a week. :-O
  • Writing project #1
  • Writing project #2
  • Setting a date for Richard’s retirement dinner – out to eat
  • Setting a date to celebrate Susan’s birthday in November

Looking forward to working on the house and blessing it this weekend – surface cleaning and vacuuming and sprucing it back into shape.

Looking forward to the fall temps that are on the way. It’s always “one more day or two more days away” and then you get to that point and it’s “one more day”….finally not as hot today at least. Should be able to do some reading in the sun room as well. Also looking forward to checking in with my sailing vessels and RV’ers via their YouTube channels. I love watching how they do their videos – it gives me some good ideas for making our vacation videos. I’m such an amateur but it is something I’d like to learn and spend more time on. We are going to take the drone to Texas and learn how to use it there. I don’t know why the drone makes me nervous. I’m afraid I’ll hurt it, or someone or something or violate some law, or knock a bird out or power line. I’m goofy so I know myself well enough to know that it will not be a normal experience. It’ll probably knock a long horn off a cow or knock a window out or when it comes back it’ll knock me out. lol

Anyway, gone to finish getting ready, go get these glasses and get out the door!

Take care.

Fall is on it’s way to the South!

5 responses to “The Struggle, New Eyeglasses, and Updated To Do List”

  1. Fall has arrived here today expected high is 60 I’m going to put the flannel sheets on hope you have a fantastic weekend

  2. You have a drone?! I’d love a drone but I have the same fears you do about my ability to operate it without creating havoc. lol. Hey, don’t beat yourself up about the burger, shrimp and grits. Every day is a new day and a blank slate so just make up for it today. Glad you have some cooler temps on the way. Holy cow it’s been hot in your neck of the woods!

  3. I miss a desktop computer. I have been thinking of getting one. I mostly use my laptop and iPad now.
    When I eat bad I try to make up for it by eating vegetables and no bread for a week. It seems to balance out. I am ready for cooler weather.

  4. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am a breast cancer survivor.
    Please make your mammogram appointment.
    I bet your new glasses look awesome. It is so nice to see better.
    It’s hard to eat healthy when you are busy and pressed for time, I know.
    Happy Friday!!

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