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Well, I am quite shocked of the readers or visitors to the blog from other countries. I mean “Hello India”, lol! Ya’ll ’bout wore the blog out earlier in the week! Welcome. I think. Unless you are spies from Russia, or the middle east. Now that I said that I’ll probably have every spy on earth looking at my blog and spying to see what secrets information I have which is NONE. But you get to hear about my work week and doggies! I’m sure that is of world wide interest. Anyway glad you are here or were here. Welcome Australia. And Japan. It’s probably the Nashville nights entries pulling people in. If you are here for the first time, this is a reality blog – used to be daily – but now it’s about every other day it seems due to my new schedule. I’m trying but some days I just need to get out the door a little earlier.

The weeks, they go by fast. And today we are already sitting on Thursday. I pay garns today to the various agencies by doing a check run, and will pay our 401k and work on our monthly taxes due by the 15th any quarterly taxes due and will work on the various filings that have to be done also by the 15th I think. I don’t think I will get to work on the reconciliation for the quarter until tomorrow, but at least all the plants payrolls were done for the week, the manual checks cut for those w/o direct deposit and then checks stuffed for the TN plant. I’m not sure why we stuff their checks when the other plants do their own. But anyway it’s what I was told to do so it’s done.

George fixed Halibut Cheeks from our Alaskan seafood batch. They are really good. I posted on Facebook about them and someone kinda made fun of the name – but it IS really a thing. And the Alaskan community really think quite highly of them. WE look forward to it and always hope they are in our seafood pak that we buy about 3 times a year. I did hear a rumor that our source may be going out of business though. Which is a sad thing to us.

Make it a Good One!

Writing checks and paying taxes and uploading 401k amounts may not sound very exciting to some, but at least it serves a purpose and a role and gives reason for being. I may not be chasing dreams today or exploring paths unknown. But those times will come. At least it is better than spending time chasing the wind for no reason. 😉

So today we take the doggies for grooming after work, so I can’t work late to work on taxes today. We had to move the Saturday grooming to tonight at 6. The business owner is staying late to do them today as her daughter is being induced and having her baby Saturday. So we are going to get that done today. We are going to a nearby restaurant to eat dinner and then wait for their call.

I don’t have much other to add really. We have been working, eating, sleeping (lost some but made it up), and that is about it. I did get my dentist appointment made as I have a tooth that is starting to bother me mainly when I eat hard things like nuts. So I have an appointment for that next week. Hopefully my new glasses will be in soon and I will have to take time to go pick those up. Two more trips. One to pick these up and leave my current glasses to be turned into my computer glasses. To save on frame costs. That means I won’t have a decent back up pair, but – Oh well. I’ve never needed a back up pair. I will now won’t I?

I need to make a mammogram appointment. Will try to get that scheduled at some point. I have put it off for months due to work and need to finally just go. I actually think I had an appointment set, got busy and interrupted and only got 8:00 appointment written down and not what the appt was. (You could never complete a thought in HR, nor complete a sentence, w/o being interrupted. lol). When I got to the date I was unsure what appointment I would have had thinking it was something for work. But apparently it was my mammogram appt. I am still not sure though but I think that is what happened. They never called. I didn’t get billed for it thank goodness. But I need to try again.

Anyway, I snuck in a blog. I wanted to be on the road by now but the blog won this morning. It’s always a fight for my time somewhere. I chose to write this morning. It’s ok. It’s time for me to work a normal schedule anyway. Well, ya’ll have a good one. I’m going for more coffee. It’s so good this morning. And on to the races to try to beat the tax deadlines. :-O

It’s almost Friday and the weather is 97 for Thursday October 3rd. This is unheard of. Record breaking since like 1903 or something like that. My grandfather was born that year (Dad’s Dad, I think). Anyway today is the last day of this heat. Tomorrow will be much better. And the overnights will be in the 50’s I think. I hope. Sun room weather! Exciting! Better go. I need to rush now. I hate to rush. Maybe I won’t. I’ve spent most of my life rushing. So there. I’m not rushing. I have enough hours in – in the last year to have a month of vacay days! lol There is nothing wrong with simply being on time instead of being an hour early. So I’m taking my time this morning. (Tribe has spoken…


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  1. Sounds like you are doing well at your new job. I know the pups will feel better after a haircut.It has been so hot. 99 degrees yesterday. I love summer but I am over this hot spell. Have a great weekend. It is almost here.

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