Hello 2:00 a.m.

Happily Awaiting Fall…and waiting…and waiting!

We do have some cooler air coming our way. Thursday is supposed to be the transition day last I heard. Having endured upper 90’s and no rain for a quite a while now, I think we are all just scorched, parched, and have almost but given up waiting for it. My poor cleaned sun room is just waiting for me. It’s too hot to be in there in this heat. However, when I get cold from the a/c I go in there to warm up and put on the fans to make it bearable from the heat. I did that this weekend some.

I’m hearing from some of you that you are enjoying your cooler temps in other parts of the universe. And even going into the extreme cold in some instances. We just don’t even know what to think of that here in the 90’s. That said, we have enjoyed our sandals and short sleeves and I will miss that during the coat/jacket season. And I’ve already put up my white clothes for the season.

Talking about temperatures, I’m kinda cold right now. Just got out of the shower, had my Isagenix cookies and cream with PB powder, and sitting here with a tank top and shorts (as it’s challenge photo day) and so I’m freezing. I’m waiting on George to get his morning routine started (shower and taking Roger dog out) and then he can take my pic and I can get dressed for work.

I have been up since 2:30 ish. I woke up when George woke up and went to the bathroom and then he came back and started snoring loudly and then I could not go back to sleep. I got up and drank Sleepy Time tea which relaxes me but takes an hour. So about 4 I was ready to go back to bed, but the alarm was going off. This is what usually happens. I will be tired this afternoon around 3 and probably a bit tired tomorrow. I don’t always do this, but maybe once a quarter or so. Who knows why. Well I woke up thinking about the poor guy that one of our plant’s did not do orientation with but he worked all week- I got a time card and he was not on PR. Of all things, they could not locate him or manage to get the guys info to put on PR yesterday either (supposed to have been turned in last week), so I have no way to pay him. Of course I’ll be the one having to jump thru hoops on Friday when the guy is wanting a check and it’ll be “payroll’s fault”. (Rolls eyes here). I’m also thinking about that ipad I left in my office and hoping it is still there this morning. I’m sure it will be, but geez, I missed it last night. I took it thinking I might get some time at lunch to go in and play my game, but in this job you don’t get lunch the first part of the week. You are lucky to gulp something down at your desk.

Sometimes don’t you wish you could just be irresponsible like so many others are in the world and not give a flying futon what happens while the rest of us wake up at 2:00 a.m concerned as to how to solve life’s problems? oh well. I think I’ll start a retirement clock. Five and a half years and counting baby! If all goes well.

Isn’t it sad that this actually looks like a good day to me? lol

So I guess there is not much else to say. Other than I did my cleanse day yesterday and left at 4:30 to get my toes done. I had an extra hard time getting through the day b/c I really did get hungry by the time I got off and smelling Subway was almost more than I could bear. I did get through it though but I did have a handful of roasted peanuts (the kind you shell) around 8 because I needed some protein. I don’t think that was too bad. I didn’t eat many and it takes a while to get the shell off. But I also woke up hungry at 2 this morning. So it might not have just been that I was worried about the guy not getting a check but hungry as well and worried about my ipad. I had my shake already and thinking about lunch! lol

So I weighed and was 6 lbs over what I was in July. I figured I’d gained 10 with all we have eaten and care thrown out the window. So it’s not too bad I guess that it was only 6. But I do want to go the other direction so I need to eat “mo bettah”. The stress of changing jobs and all the running around and out to eat – has made an impact. Too many old habits crept back on most days instead of just a few days. But I’m making strides. And perhaps now that work is not as long and the sun going down sooner, we can eat earlier. I am realistic though and do realize we are setting into the “eating season”. lol That said, I just have to make better choices. I’ve eaten a lot of pasta and bread lately and it’s not even something I enjoy as much. Well the fresh bread in restaurants is wonderful. But I will get back on track and do better. I’m learning to love the veggies and look forward to them. And our air fryer is helping too. We fixed brussell sprouts with olive oil and honey – really good.

With cooler temps coming, maybe I can walk some after work. Might be able to walk at lunch Wed thru Fri. Or I could do Mon and Tues if I came in early or stayed later but who wants to do that?

Well, better get on the move. My photo shoot is now finished for the challenge. I’m totally ok with just six lbs over since I thought it would be 10. That gives me hope. We just let it all be these last couple of months. Time to reign it back in a bit.

Ya’ll have a wonderful Tuesday. I’m going to go in and start working on this PR. Hope the guy gets put on before it closes. Because it’s gonna close. I will have to pay the price of their sin on Friday I guess if not. It all will come down to being my problem. That is the way life works.

I also thought at two in the morning of the guy at Bush Jeweler’s in Hendersonville that “cleaned my ring” and kept it for several days saying it wasn’t ready yet. It was really clean for sure and I thought nothing of it, but later another appraisal revealed it was no longer a canary diamond. He is the only one that has had the ring. Other times it was on my finger. Bushes was going out of business with the older woman and his son was starting his own. I am still, years later wondering where the canary diamond went, and even though we faced him with it showing him the new appraisal versus the old, he had no answer. I have no proof, but God knows. It still makes me mad today knowing we were swindled out of thousands. But I never pushed it. To be honest, I never really liked the canary ring. I thought it was too yellow and looked dirty. lol So I’m happy with the prettier diamond and also it’s a diamond that was never on anyone’s finger but mine. Where as the other one had been worn before. But it’s just the principal of the thing.

I hope I sleep good tonight and quit thinking about things like that. I’ll probably just tell the world – suck it up buttah cup – you own ya own! lol I actually do say that a lot. lol But it’s my nature to want to make things right. And even though we can forgive, it’s truly hard to forget the many wrongs that are done against us and the mistreatments and mishandlings and misguidings that have taken place. I think of those every day. I think one thing that surprises me the most is how unfair our world is and even the people that are supposed to be Christians can be the not good at being fair. Because they don’t even realize they are being that way sometimes. Ugh. Don’t get me started, but some of things I’m working on now with my upcoming writing project is overcoming bitterness and how to focus on God’s sweetness and his righteousness amidst a world of a confused mess.

Hugs give you energy and peace. And a push to keep going. We don’t get/give enough of them.

OK back to it. Gone! Over and out!

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  1. Hope everything goes well for you today you will need a smooth day after not getting much sleep.It has been hot here too and is supposed to cool by the end the week We are looking forward to it hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Hope everything goes well for you today you will need a smooth day after not getting much sleep.It has been hot here too and is supposed to cool by the end the week We are looking forward to it hope you have a terrific Tuesday!and a good sleep tonight

  3. I’m tired of the heat. Done. Bring on the cooler days and nights.
    The canary diamond story is troublingly to say the least. I’m glad you are happy with the replacement, but still. Crooks!!
    I hope your day goes smooth and you can get the guy’s paycheck processed. At least you are aware of the issue.
    Be cool 🙂

  4. It was 91 here today. We need rain bad. Everyone is still wearing shorts. Must be something in the air making people wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. I usually wake at 3 a.m and lay there about an hour before I can go back to sleep. I need to have my wedding rings resized but haven’t for the very reason of what happened to you, Hope you get some good sleep tonight. And the payroll goes smooth.

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