Hot Springs Booked!

Hot Springs, AR

Our Hot Springs, AR stay is booked on both ends of our Texas trip. I booked through like I did last year. This year I booked a bigger room. The other was ok but I got the executive suite with a living area for a few more $ a night. I think it is worth it as the dogs will be comfy having a sofa. What we do to spoil our dogs. We also booked an extra night. We decided to go for Friday night too. George is already off that day. I didn’t take a vacay day for that day but will probably go in to knock a few things out and then head home around noon. I have certainly put in enough hours to get off a bit early, lol. George wanted to have a day that we could go to the Hot Springs. Hard to do with the schedule when we just roll through for one night – have to wait for the check in time and then it is late by the time we are settled and the next morning check out and off to Texas, so by staying Friday we can wake up there and have all day Saturday. We are going to a German restaurant on the stay before Texas and the seafood restaurant on the way back. So I’m excited to get our Hot Springs “Texas bookends” booked at the half way point b/w here and TX.

George has been tooling around the internet looking at Abilene, TX. We are going to romp around there for a day. It’s looking like we will postpone going to Fredericksberg as it’s a bit too far for this trip with all we want to do and Cody wouldn’t be able to go as the family is on the ranch that week as well and he will be doing extra hunting guides and such.

We are going to put on a nice Thanksgiving meal in the late afternoon on Thanksgiving day and inviting the other guys on the ranch. It worked out great as they are away from home and without family and no Thanksgiving otherwise. So looking forward to that day. The guys will be shooting and no doubt will take George wild pig hunting on the ranch. He had a hay day with that last year.

So all of our thoughts are gearing up for that trip and you know it’s really not that far away. It seems like it but it’s already mid September. It’s not far.

Cleanse day was successful yesterday. I was not able to cleanse much during the first four weeks of learning payroll. I didn’t eat much during that time. The weeks I was by myself and in process of shedding the other role I wore, I began eating everything in site, along with George’s birthday crawls, lol. My old habits crept in as I allowed regular mayo, regular dressings, and so forth. But quickly I could tell the pudgy was coming back. Dang it. So I began cleansing in the last three weeks or so but often would come home and have to eat dinner as just so much was riding on my shoulders and anxiety of having so much sitting at my feet to be done for the other role (wasn’t enough room for all the to do stack on my desk, lol). So it was successful all the way through. I made it. And I’m looking forward to a cookies and cream peanut butter shake. Sounds fattening doesn’t it? It’s not.

Not sure what is for lunch today. I’m craving a Cracker Barrel salad, but with the heat and the payroll schedule (big bad important payroll day is Tuesday and Wed). So I need to have something I can reach for. I have found it’s all to easy to order UberEats but it’s expensive and I don’t need to continue that habit. I think I have one more frozen dinner I can grab. If not I may have to order something. I think I only have tuna in my little fridge and I’m not in the mood for tuna.

I told George I would fix Spaghetti tonight. I should be home at a decent time to be able to do so. I’m certainly going to try. And that said, I need to get a move on it!

Ya’ll have a superb day. I guess tonight I will try to knock another thing off my To Do List. I’ve been trying to knock something off each night. This past few weeks have really put me behind. When I’ve been off finally I’ve not wanted to do anything but decompress. So transferring $ from Isagenix to our account to pay for my clothing spree, I need to do tonight. And that’s probably all I’ll have time to do. Ya’ll have a good one. Oh and I can’t tell you how good it feels to only have responsibility for one job. Be still my heart and take in the pleasure! I’m serious, somebody get me a Life is Good t-shirt for Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m no longer in a field that impossible to conquer. And my Mom reminded me that the job had sent me to the emergency room more than once. So I’m thankful I’m OUT! Not even mentioning the name! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Going to see your daughter is really going to be nice and how great to have an extra day! With out all the stress of the old job life should be great, not just good! I have a couple of those shirts so should send you one i got them when I retired . now every day will just get better and better

  2. I have several of those shirts. They are so comfy and wash up well. Now all the stress from both jobs is gone you can relax and enjoy life. The hot springs sound nice. And I know you can’t wait to see your daughter. I don’t like the sound of wild pigs though. Watch out for those things.

  3. Your Thanksgiving is going to be super & it’s not that far away.
    I like the new tops you bought. Nice colors & all. Retail therapy is the best!!
    Enjoy your day,

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