Great Weekend: Friends, Crossing off To Do Lists, and Shopping

We received a call from friends Paul and Judy Saturday morning wanting to know if we would come over and eat steaks pool side? Will we? Ye-ah! So we had a great time. They fixed the big Tomahawk steaks from Sam’s Club and we brought shrimp and lobster and had a late summer Surf and Turf dinner party. Casual conversation and catching up with friends. The meal was wonderful!

It was a nice time and I had to get pics of Albert. Love me some Albert!

So this weekend went so fast. Usually when we are home they slow down a bit. We had two days until about 3 to get things done. I spent a chunk of it writing and relaxing, playing a computer game which is a wonderful way to relax for me. I can’t believe I did not get any of my YouTube shows watched so I’ll have a hay day this long weekend coming up getting caught up with my fleet out there and my RV’ers. I love to see what they have been up to and where they are each week.

I did get laundry caught up. Poor George, I think every stitch of underwear and socks he owned had settled to the bottom of the laundry pile and I had worked from the top during the last six weeks and never having time to empty the whole thing and get it done properly. So I was shocked at the amount of whites. He was thrilled to have them back, lol. It’s not that he was out but I guess he was watching them dwindle.

Got the online orders placed, paid an invoice on line – we usually do things the old fashioned way – by check – which is George’s preference. But this one was due now and so I paid it where I’d ordered some shoes. Kenny G uploaded to iTunes, and Isagenix ordered for the week and also spent some time deleting old emails. I haven’t had time to even check my personal emails – lots of things to answer or look up.

I spent time assessing my medical numbers over the last three years from reports. Even with Isagenix, my cholesterol is still up and sugar still not where it needs to be. Everything was better when I was on Metformin. I chose to come off because I was eating better and adding in more nutrition. However, we bought a cow, pig, and lamb and have been eating so much more than chicken and fish – and have eaten BBQ, hot chicken, and going to breweries here and there. So I don’t think our lifestyle is changing enough to be able to come off meds and combat it with nutrition alone. That said, I still decided to stay off the Metformin and “try again”. I am going to try to do all the right things and make a new commitment to making the right decisions. If not, I’m going back on Metformin – based on the numbers – I think that helped everything across the board – not just the sugar issues. I just don’t like taking meds. I’m not doing the statins.

I also do NOT eat enough greens and fruits – so I’ll have to begin doing that. I did a search on cholesterol lowering foods and will need to try to eat more of those. Always a battle and while Isagenix has helped – it’s not lowered it. It’s kept it from going higher than what it was before Metformin. But I need the numbers to go down. I am disappointed that Isagenix didn’t totally solve the issue but I think it would have if I didn’t go hog wild and eat like a cow, literally at night. George is a good cook. lol lol lol And with stress and I have had too much of that in the last six months, I have a tendency to stress eat, and the reward myself at the end of a stress bomb period. Too much of that lately. “Oh that was awful, let me reward myself with a burger”. That has to stop. I’m rebelling against my own self, lol.

Anyway, I spent some time on Netflix picking out CDs for the queue but there is not much good on there. Matter of fact even the streaming didn’t seem to have a lot of good movies. What is up with that? Are they not getting the access to them anymore? It seems very limited, period. Anyway, there were a few I had not seen. So I upgraded to the streaming for a while. We get a free month. And there are a lot of TV shows more than anything that we can watch. We also have free Prime with Amazon.

So what all streaming per month do you pay for? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it? Who has all the shows once they come out? I didn’t see a lot of them yet on Netflix so maybe they no longer have that market cornered. Or maybe I am just not interested in the latest ones that do come out. They are all weird and violent or haunting. We’ll try Netflix out til we are bored with it I guess and go on to something else. George has been buying old movies from yard sales, we watch them and then he sells them at McKaye’s gets credit and we find even more movies. But I’m tired of watching old movies, lol. I want to watch some good ones. I also want to find a good TV series of a show we look forward to binge watching at times.

Yesterday, after the Titans game, George and I went to do a little shopping. I needed some retail therapy. Since it was late in the afternoon, I was not terribly in the mood to shop but we had already made our plans. So we went to Belk where I could buy eye liner and check on the clothes. Woah – they were having a big sale. Went through and grabbed everything I liked that I could afford. lol Had a big try on session. George waiting outside the dressing room – he was very patient. Nice of him to want to go and so we had to wait til the Titan’s were finished. But was glad he wanted to go. All of this was funded by Isagenix cycle money. I have a few customers. I don’t intend to continue doing the do anymore. I’m ready to slow down but while the remaining funds come in, I plan to spend them on clothes or things like that. I’m sure it’ll be dwindling down as time goes. It’s just time to slow down life and not ramp it up. I’ve struggled with that and quite frankly didn’t have much time for it. I’m open to share but people will have to pursue me. I’m not pursuing them and that is a relief too. I’m glad to have my life back to tell you the truth.

I came out with a lot of shirts and a pair of pants and it wasn’t all that much. The sales were good. I was needing a few more clothes since losing weight. Although I think I have put about 5 to 8 back on having eating half of Nashville during George’s birthday month. Time to buckle down on the food and exercise and healthy lifestyle again and do better on the fork and knife meal. If not I’ll have to go back to meds and I really don’t want to have to do that. I think exercise would solve the issue too. But I’d have to give up something to do it. I haven’t figured that out yet. But I will have to. That has always been the problem. Hopefully my work hours will improve now and I will be able to leave like a normal person and give myself time to take care of myself. Can do more workouts to YouTube. I kinda enjoy that on Saturday mornings.

Anyway I need to go and finish getting ready. I need more coffee. And I’m looking forward to this week having less pushing on me. It’s been ridiculous for a long time and I feel amazing relief.

Saturday morning sun room time with Roger.

Ya’ll have a wonderful day.

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  1. It sounds like a fun weekend, and that pool looks inviting. It’s always nice to find clothes that you like on sale. My cholesterol is being monitored through diet and exercise too. It isn’t at the point that I need to worry, but it’s borderline. I thought I was a pretty healthy eater, but maybe I eat too many treats. Anyway, I’ll get it checked again in November. I hope to avoid taking a med.

  2. I enjoyed your photos. I know how it feels trying to lose weight and stress eating. I was supposed to lose 5 pounds and I gained 10. I about had a heart attack when I got on the scale. My husband has been taking me out to eat too much I guess and they give such large portions. I try to bring some home but not always. My Doctor who is a vegan keeps telling me to eat a more plant-based diet. Have a good week. The sun is out and it is a beautiful day.

  3. Do everything you can to stay off the Metformin as it is a really bad drug. One of our clients a nurse was on it and she gave us a report of all it would do. She also said after a period of (I forgot the years) it does nothing for you. She said she should have looked into it further when she got on it, but she just listened to her doctor. One great thing for your whole body and heart is beets. There is a beet juice supplement you can take daily but I keep a jar of picked beets in the fridge and eat several a day and when empty I drink the juice. Take care and relax in your new position and enjoy it. Forget the other, it is someone else problem now. They may have to open their eyes and take care of the overload problem.

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