Big Night Out and a Vacay Day!

Cranes hovering over Nashville

The Anniversary evening, Wednesday, Sept 18th, began after work and our arrival downtown to enjoy a rooftop cocktail before our dinner reservations. For me, I love getting the photo ops! Above a view of Nashville with its cranes. The joke is that the crane is our state bird now. lol

The “Sticks” at the Roundabout in Nashville
At the bar of the Westin, Nashville rooftop bar area
Infinity Pool looking over Nashville, Westin Rooftop
JW Mariott Nashville
Look at that big “hole” under construction

It was fun looking out. Our cocktails were over quickly. A bar’s moneymaker cocktail drinks – small cups, large ice cubs, a big piece of fruit, lol. Not much room for anything else. $$ dropped and onto the next rooftop bar next door at the JW Marriott, which was my absolute favorite.

My cocktail looking out over Nashville
Figuring out where the elevator buttons are. (Screen)

Some of us might have been looking all day for the 34th floor button or the Lobby Button. Duh! Touch Screen. But of course. Then on to the Steak House for our reservations. On the way George admired the cars of those checking in at the Marriott.

George had to stop and stare a bit at this car!
He was pretty fond of this BMW too.

I said if he wanted something like that we should just get a Mercedes Wonder Leisure Travel Van! He said “oh I will just stick with a Honda”. lol

Oak Steak House, Nashville, TN
Anniversary Cards on the Table usually spell out for a free dessert
The free anniversary dessert came! A fist bump later, we inhaled it.
My view. The ceiling was very nice!
That’s a wine rack back there!
Valet Parking area, The OAK Steak House, Westin, Nashville, TN

So it was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed every minute of it. The food was awesome and the cocktails and rooftop bar hopping was great!

We ate like little pigs. And that was our excitement for the week!

The work week went well. I think the long hours are over now unless we have a quarter end or year end or weird weeks where holidays are messing up payroll processing time. Anything given to the former job now is mainly just about an hour and a half a day of answering questions, sending files etc. All working out fine and felt a flood of relief as the responsibility shifted. There is comfort in knowing that what I am setting out to do for the day will indeed be done. I like being being able to work on what is planned. I like how every day my job is still different though. Even though the next week repeats itself, it is still never completely just alike. There are various things that change up each week and I love the routine. You DO have to put a lot of thought into it and a lot of check points. And double check yourself again. So it is still challenging and I enjoyed each day last week. This next week or so is the big tax week in which I have about two weeks or so to get all the monthly taxes paid for states we are signed up for monthly and then there is the quarter end which I will be learning. I think you have to actually file in each state at the quarter end. I’ve not done this so I have to learn how to do that. I think Dec is both quarter end and year end and rather an exciting week. So I didn’t schedule a lot of vacay time for the Christmas week and New Year. Just have to deal with that the best way we can. That said I think I have some time for Christmas shopping and wrapping.

Anyway, it’s been a great week. And I’m off today. I didn’t get a lot of blog time though this week. But catching up today.

This morning’s vacation day led me to go and get my eyeglasses and my sunglasses picked out at my Provider. When I go pick those up I will leave them with my regular glasses so they can be turned into computer glasses.

My new eyeglasses
My new sunglasses.

Then I went on a huge grocery spree. I was glad the bill wasn’t huge though. I did get a lot of fresh veggies and so we will be forced to eat goodness this week. We’ll have to plan our meals so we don’t throw it all out in a week. I want to fix chopped baked veggies in the oven like Judy fixed. Oh it was so good.

Tonight we are having chili. I bought that stuff last week. I need to go get it started here in a few.

Today has really gone fast. I got up at 5 b/c Maisy let me know I’d overslept, lol. I fixed coffee and the dogs breakfast so George wouldn’t have to. I watched The Weather Channel, sipped coffee, and played Tropical Farmville. And washed a couple of loads, ironed some pants, packed my cleanse kit and IsaPaks for next week and went ahead and put fresh sheets on the bed.

I looked out the window and there were deer strolling through the yard, a neighbor through the trees had rolled his garage door back and was sitting in the chair obviously feeling the breeze, watching the stream down below, maybe there were deer down there too. Made me smile that in today’s world someone else had the day off and was enjoying it.

I took our doggies out and thought all the deer were gone at that point but Roger let me know there were deer there. He raced toward them. They are on a leash so he can’t get far. The deer know that. That look at him like “oh it’s just you”, lol. They just go on eating or sitting there. They are very curious about the doggies though. I have had the babies come close because they were curious. Today they were sitting around and didn’t budge, after their morning breakfast lol.

Roger is having trouble walking this week though. We are having to carry him down the stairs and back up again to help him out. His legs have never been strong. His body is heavy. So bless his heart. I hate to see him go down. I hope it’s not a permanent thing. He also is sleeping a lot but he always has. We love our Mr. Roger. So he is getting a lot of loving.

And I did get a few things done this week that was on my to do list: I transferred money over to cover my little shopping spree which was not required of me but I figured I would especially with these eye glasses coming up. Three pair at once – but they will last several years. I booked our hotel room as previously mentioned for our trip to Texas stopping on the way and on the way back in Hot Springs. oh the eyeglasses were on the list so that is all partially complete. I also did the vacuuming which was very necessary. I still have quite the line up of to do’s and surprised I did not get more of them done but I’m convinced you have to do about one or two a day. I just got so far behind the last few weeks with all the work hours.

So at least there is an opportunity to work on it this weekend.

  • Mom’s fit bit
  • Sheets on the guest bed (why is this so hard? lol)
  • Clear out iphone photos
  • Make mammogram appt
  • Finish marking yard sale items
  • Order Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal. Why doesn’t anyone carry these instant oatmeal cups anymore? Grrr
  • Do our Bucket List for Fall/Holidays
  • Put our events on my phone calendar
  • Meal planning
  • Plan seafood nite at Mom’s
  • Wrap Shower Gifts
  • Buy some birthday gifts
  • Book Maisy’s Rabies shots
  • Spain dessert recipe
  • Find Spring Form Pan
  • Read
  • Work on Blog
  • Work on some writing projects
  • Upgrade our drivers license
  • Figure out what to get people for Christmas
  • Exercise
  • Catch up on my shows

So I know it’s the same list I’ve been doing. Let’s see how many I get done before the weekend is over, lol

So I ended up doing the 3 month trial for iTunes and then it’s 9.99 a month after that and you still get to keep your old tunes in your library. I really think that is the way to go. I end up spending $ here and there buying songs and why not have access to all of them? I get tired of the same old songs anyway. Then I can use my phone to stream and I have unlimited wifi so – that is good. When we retire all that may change but still that is not much per month for someone that loves music! I like the mix it fixed for me. It was nice. So I just did that in the last hour – we’ll see how it goes but I’m thinking I will like it. I end up hearing all of these new songs on my You Tube shows and no one has heard of them yet. It’s almost a new genre and I don’t know how to find those types of songs. They just feel good and sing to my soul. Like “The Woods” by Hollow Coves. So I’m hoping to tap into some of these songs that I like. I’m looking forward to playing with it. Oops I stopped to play already! Yep love it. Well, off to cook chili while listening to iTunes and and hanging out when George gets home.

Glad to have two more days to the weekend. Every weekend should have three days to it to bring balance. What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I agree about 3 day weekends such a nice night out the pictures are beautiful of night lights finally you get to settle in a regular routine with normal hours what a blessing that job came up when you needed it

  2. Happy Anniversary ! Looks like you had a very nice time. I really like your new glasses. Good choices.
    Have a relaxing weekend!
    I will say a prayer for Roger.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Nashville looks so pretty. It’s fun to see your pictures. I hope Roger is doing better. He’s such a cute little guy. It’s raining this morning so our outdoor plans are on hold. We might go see Downton Abbey.

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