Sunday Fun

Relax Time

Ahhh we were able to relax a bit yesterday morning with coffee. More laundry and a bit of cleaning.

Roger dog was moaning as if in pain but was better as the day wore on. So we are thinking he was having tummy issues, but also it could be his back. He is improving and sometimes even wags his tail when he does it so we figure it was not necessary for a vet trip.

Czann’s Brewing, Nashville, TN

The girls, may daughter and her friend Shelby, went to eat lunch and spend time with Cody’s family while they were here. And George and I went to a retirement party at Czann’s for someone that George knew almost 30 years ago. They had not kept in touch but recently ran into one another. He knew some other folks at the party. We had a nice time there and then headed to meet the girls at Granite City, where we ate dinner. And it was a good one too.

Eating healthy at Granite City, Franklin, TN

I am happy that I’ve been able to eat better and make better choices most of the time. But I’ve had several meals that were not that healthy this weekend. So I’m throwing in the goodness every chance I get. This was just a really good hummus and all of this was so refreshing to have for dinner on a miserably hot day. Thank goodness we were in places that had good a/c going.

The Paloma, grapefruit based drink, at Granite City, Franklin TN

I love Paloma’s. It was also refreshing with lots of ice and a mint leaf. Then after dinner we headed home and I headed to bed. It was a bit early for bed so I just laid on it and downloaded a huge pack of games for $6.99 called “Marmalade Super Games Bundle” for my ipad. It has two games of Life and has Clue and Battleship. The second Life game is called “Life Vacation” and the graphics are really cute. I quickly became heavy-eyed though and was falling asleep so off to sleep I went for a really hard 6 hour sleep and then again for another hour and half. So good sleep last night.

Itty Bitty Kitty looks just like the pic on the left. She is so cute and her eyes so big and curious. She chases her tail and rolls around. And guess what! I was able to pick her up and hold her and George was also able to do that. She wanted to let us yesterday as she longingly watched us love on Little Bit, the black cat. She and Maisy dog even touched noses today. So we are so excited at this break through. And to be able to love on her and pet her, even if for a brief moment. It will get better. She is so precious and it thrills my soul. I’ve always wanted a grey cat and she has a little bit of gray and muted calico.

Well a big week work wise. Much going on. And I’ll be taking the girls to the airport on the way to work -which works out perfectly.

That said, I need to go get my make up on and hair done so we can all get out the door by 7. Ya’ll take care.

By the way, I am so happy you all are loving the Word Press blog. It is a pretty smart set up of technology here and it gets attention and upgrades unlike blogger. It was a little difficult to set up (not horrible – just a little confusing because I went straight for the more complicated themes). I picked a beginner theme and it was more simple. And the day to day blogging and comment reading and the app that goes with it, has been so nice. I actually get a notification now when someone comments.

The comments are also easier to reply to from the portal. I still have comments set to “approve first” which I like so spammers can’t post and haters can’t hate, lol.

Anyway, I’m over and out! More tomorrow!

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  1. Blogger hated me. This is so easy. The awful heat in Ohio is going away. Glad you and George had a good day! We also have a kitty that has adopted us. I’m thrilled your new kitty is loving you more. Hugs Lisa

  2. I think you can set it so that if someone has an approved comment it will automatically allow them to comment. 🙂 It has been a while since I’ve done much in the settings arena myself. 😉

    I like that wordpress automatically emails me your new posts too, which is awesome.

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