Requested Recipes Shared and Weekly Update

24 HR Layered Salad

Recipes that Were Requested

So here is the recipe above that I use for the 24 hour salad… that you saw in the Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Christmas Crunch video (video embed is a couple of entries a go if you wanna “look see”). I make this around the holidays and sometimes in the spring around spring or summer if we are having company. ***But I don’t use water chestnuts, and I prefer scallions to red onions, but pretty much everything else is spot on. Thanks to Twilla Brazelton, who I believe was the mother of someone I rode the bus with in elementary school. 😉 I have used this recipe since I was in my 20’s – it’s vintage as I’m 59 currently! :-O

As for the Pumpkin Bread Recipe…

I used this one from —-> Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Both are tried and true and delicious.

Weekly Update

So I had my physical Wed morning at 7:00 a.m. The good thing about that is that no one else is there. It’s the top of the day and so not eating since ten the night before is no issue. The physical takes over an hour though and then I went through Chick-Fil-A drive through because I’m still a kid at heart and my reward was breakfast. 😉 I was at work around 9 a.m. since the school zones were done my commute was only 30 min. Otherwise this week the commutes are 45 to 50 minutes to get home, and even longer as I’ve had errands to run after. The days have been busy and fast and not a lot of down time.

As for quarter end and work? Well I only have 1 return left to file for Oregon on the STT tax for Transport and I am willing to bet that even after asking twice for the data, that it is probably not in my stack of data. I could be wrong. I haven’t had time to look. But I will likely have to ask again for it. We’ll see. I don’t recall seeing it in there.

We’ve had a 401k audit and so while I have been trying to file returns and pay this week’s payroll taxes, I have had to pull numerous 2020, 2021, and 2022 records. You get one set pulled and here comes another request. So it’s a wonder I am sane at all between all that, the dentist, the physical, leaving early one day for Mom, running her errands and trying to find her shoes to wear (had to go back and swap sizes). I’m surprised I’ve made any progress at all but I’ve tried to rush through everything.

I have not had time to work on Month End at all. It all has to be done by the 15th. There is still time but I’m picked to death every few minutes, even that will be difficult. But what can you do? lol

We’ve eaten pretty good this week. This kale salad was delicious. And that is pork chop with it with a sauce and carrots on top.

Dexter has been a little wild man. He misses us during the day/the week so bad. The only thing messed up is his pee pad paper. He had two but he at least only tears up one. He sometimes breaks out but he hasn’t bothered anything when he does. Sometimes it’s the humans that forget and leave a door open. I feel so bad he’s at home by himself for a while.

Video Editing

If I had 10 or 15 minutes here or there I’ve worked in Final Cut Pro on the videos. I’ve picked out music, edited some clips, resized photos, and last night I was surprised to find myself with some quiet time while George fixed dinner. I used my camera to film some introduction to the next video talking about the new year and our going to Texas and “looking back” upon the first of the year. I decided to film the next video as a “look back” from the current time because I had very little footage of either us. We were just in critical mode almost as the month was so busy and I had very little time to video anything, but I had some pretty good pics to share and also some instagram stories. So I’m pulling it all together in a Jan 2022 video. And I’ve also promised myself to begin doing the videos a little differently as I work to “catch up”. I want to morph into more current time frames, update the intro with Dexter, and then begin introducing some new intentional segments in there, that will actually be useful, and still a part of my life. I will always share our life and I want to get better at that too.

You will have to let me know if there is anything you want to see or want me to share, or do a video on. I’ll take some requests, lol. An example is “what kind of toys to buy a puppy/dog that is going to grow big in size”. I could do a segment on what we bought to keep him entertained that has worked. Or my make up routine. How I stay Organized. These are just a few of the thoughts I had. I also thought about doing a behind the scenes “here’s how I edit videos” on Final Cut Pro. I’m not a genius but I could share how I do it and the order in which I do it. I could share my Amazon Wish List, lol. There’s all kinds of ideas I’m developing. I could do one on Christmas Ideas. How I decorate my table. How I get so much done in a week. How I use my phone to organize my life. All kinds of ideas floating around in there. When I retire I can go hog wild into filming intentional videos. I’m trying to morph into it if I can catch up.

I have been able to go from once a month to three weeks. My goal this year was every three at least and I have met that I believe. I have even surpassed and done two weeks a couple of times. I have also done one week back to back ONCE I think. So the timing is improving and that makes me happy.

I’m getting close to having some time to “continue learning” with goals being to integrate more from Canva, learning how to use Tube Buddy to my advantage, continued camera learning and practice (the last video did great – I think- I’ll see what the transfer looked like) with the new settings. I also want to do some blog research on SEO and such. As the goal is to continue growing the blog too. It is growing, slowly and surely so we have more of a community here.

Life has been busy this week and the to do’s are mounting. It’s August you know! And soon it will be the transitional month of September. We will have to get our act together on the Christmas season, start planning our trip to Texas at Thanksgiving, figure out what to do with Dexter (he gets his neutering done this fall – it’s already booked in October), get the house swapped over to fall, clothes swap. I always look forward to these things. I also have to do our fall bucket list and share what we did and didn’t do for summer. And in October it will be quarter end again. Ahhhhhhhhh! lol

We have to give Dexter a bath and I’ve been thinking about buying one of these. lol Do BIG DOGS go and get groomed? Anyway I think we may have to take care of it on our own til he is neutered. And I need to learn how to brush teeth and do ears. So more training to do on that.

George’s birthday is coming up on August 12. I bought his gift already but he saw it b/c Amazon delivered it while he was home and it was not in another box but had what it was on the side of the box. ::sigh:: So now I need to order a surprise. What do you get the man who has everything? I’m not sure. Socks and underwear is boring and he’ll usually throw those in the cart and say “wrap ’em up”. So I have another idea but the “thing” won’t be ready til later. So I’m in a quandary about another surprise and time is ticking. He wants to eat out a lot and we are doing that. We are doing an excursion tomorrow with his sister and her hubby. And Mom offered to take him out on his birthday weekend and he picked tacos – if she feels like going.

So Mom says she is better. I hope she is. We will see her tomorrow and bring her car back and take her the new shoes. I need to see if I can find her some capri lounging pants (jog pant type thing) that are loose and comfy. Amazon was not really pulling up what I need. I may have to go to Walmart or Target and actually look and feel.

I have to wrap George’s birthday gift (even though he knows what it is I feel like I need to wrap it). I have two baby gifts to wrap and I have to go buy paper for that.

I think we are about to place membership with our church and when we do we’ll be spending more time with that I think. So life could get a little bit crazier than it already is.

So I asked my sister if she would help with Mom and she told me how busy they were but agreed to help order her groceries and Amazon orders. I told her she would have to communicate with Mom (it’s not helpful for me to be the go between – if I have to text her what to do every time, it’s just as easy to order it myself if we have to do it that way). After all the internet orders are really nothing and take not much time.

As for groceries Mom doesn’t want to pay for instacart but my sister would have to communicate with her anyway if she ordered her groceries. I’m not texting anyone to order mayo and ketchup on Tuesday. May as well just do it yourself ya know if you have to be the go between? That’s just not helpful and makes more chaos and red tape. But she said she is afraid to communicate with Mom in case the conversation went south. She said she had a lot of healing to do and had come a long way and did not want to slide backward. I didn’t get a text back after I suggested she call her and unblock her if she really truly wanted to help, but I had listed all the ways she could help and the needs Mom had since she said she would be glad to help. I guess time will tell. Til then I guess we can expect to do it all ourselves, George and I. Maybe I’ll be surprised but I’m afraid that Mom’s care will simply be left on my own and we will see if her words of being glad to help will ring true. I hope that they do. Because things will get worse before they get better. Since you can’t always count on many humans for help in a crises, I’ve engaged God daily in the situation. Mom gets a lot of attention from us in our spare time here and there, but we will need to look at options for her to have some daily help until it’s time for assisted living – we are not it – we don’t have time to be “the staff” lol. Mom had previously poo poo’d help from the outside before, but we’ll see. I think she is good for now as long as this gout stays away, but it’s certainly been a wake up call.

Yay it’s Friday! And I need to go and get ready and get to work! Ya’ll take care! What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be back probably Sunday afternoon if I get time. Busy Saturday and then church Sunday. Will do what I can to squeeze it all in. Have to get laundry done, grocery shopping done (need a few things for work – breakfast and lunches), and whatever housework I can fit in. I don’t think it will be a restful weekend with us being gone most of it. We also have to take Mom’s car back and get her shoes to her on the way to Cookeville tomorrow. For the person that says “I only want to go to a grocery store 1 time every week or two- I will have been there at least 4 times within a week, after I go again this weekend. ::sigh:: One time was to swap the shoes, and I was supposed to get cat food and forgot b/c my mission was the shoes til George threw the cat food on me at the last minute but I totally forgot! I can’t remember anything anymore if it’s not on a list. There’s too many other things biding for my time and attention.

Ok I’m not off the hamster wheel yet and need to get ready and get out of here. Take care.

Best Baked Bean with Bacon Recipe EVER

You were interested in the recipe so I’ve decided to post the exact recipe. I was so pleased with this! And I’m still loving my Pioneer woman casserole dishes that came in two sizes. I used the biggest casserole dish!


  • 1 lb dried NAVY BEANS
  • 6 slices of bacon
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup chopped green bell pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup chili sauce (tomato based)
  • 1/4 cup BBQ sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil (I use olive oil)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper


Rinse beans and place in a large bowl with water to cover. Set aside to soak for 2 hours or overnight. I like to do this the day before.

Drain the beans and transfer them to a large pot. Add 1 gallon of water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered, for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until tender. (I had reduced mine to low and it still simmered just fine for about 1 and half hours. I tested a bean to make sure it was tender!) Be SURE and save the bean water though, you’ll need it!

Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and bell pepper and cook for 5 minutes or until soft. Add the garlic and cook for a minute more.

Preheat the oven to 325 F. Oil or Pam Spray a large casserole dish.

In a large bowl, combine the brown sugar, chili sauce, BBQ sauce, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of the bean water (see I told you) and whisk it all together.

Put the drained beans and sautéed vegetables into the casserole, pour the sauce over, then stir it to coat the beans real good. Lay the raw bacon over the beans. (It’s gonna crisp up nicely in the oven). Bake uncovered. (Recipe said to stir occassionally, I didn’t stir mine much b/c I didn’t want to disturb the bacon!)

Recipe said to cook for 2 hours. I cooked for about 1 1/2 hours because it was done – bacon was done and browning on edges, etc. I tasted and it was perfect.


You can make ahead, let it cool, and put in fridge and rebake the next day. But I soaked my beans overnight and made the recipe the day of our cookout.

These were fun to make. While the beans are cooking you can do your chopping, sautéing, and making of the sauce. I’m adding this to my family recipes to KEEP!

How Not to Be a Miserable Cow, Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice, and Good Girls

In the striving to get things done yesterday, I had someone to be EXTREMELY rude to me. But I’ve been reading the Bible every morning and I can say that it makes a difference in being in the daily WORD instead of the occasional WORD. The WORD is truly very active and living. The OLD Sonya would have given this person a piece of their mind. I was trained to “not let anyone run over you or take advantage of you”, and I’ve watched plenty of examples of how to “show their tail” to people as it was called. And while God doesn’t intend on us being door mats or stepped on like trash in the floor, there IS something to say about being kind, showing love, and responding with a gentle spirit when someone is rude. I could totally see the difference in the reactions with my response. When someone is mean or nasty to you, it doesn’t give you a license to be ugly back. But responding with gentleness and turning the other cheek actually SAYS a lot. And for those that know better and know they have acted out of line it “heaps the coals” as the Bible says, on their forehead.

My first tendency is to experience “hurt feelings”, sometimes even cry when I’m mistreated. It’s different if I’ve done something wrong. I teared up a bit because I knew I’d been mistreated when I was trying to “give of myself” and “help” a situation instead of expecting someone to be left to it on their own. And someone being angry with you because you are trying to help them, is just not a reason for someone to be angry with you or nasty with you. It did hurt my feelings in a big way. But I knew God saw it and I kinda felt He wanted me not to focus on it a lot. So I didn’t let it take control of my day, but it IS a little hard to forget, I’ll say. I always remember George saying “don’t let someone control your day”. So I replaced the thoughts anytime I thought of it with better thoughts. I did, however, have to refrain from saying much to the person most all day. It was not in a huff or shun or pout type of thing, but mainly in a way so that I could control my tongue and response with yes, no, and maybe so’s. Because when I talk my true feelings come out. lol. I didn’t want to start a wildfire or tell the person what I thought, lol! And what I was thinking about was this photo and how miserable the person must be today over something:

Can you imagine the wild fire started if I had said “You’d have a better day if you weren’t being a miserable cow”? LOL LOL. I would never ever say that to anyone. However, I have hung on to this photo b/c I use it inside my head to make me laugh whenever someone is rude or unkind, or “being a miserable cow”. I kept my thoughts to myself and I laughed, and then I laughed that I had laughed. And then I remembered that God wanted us to forgive. I immediately said to myself “but the person hadn’t apologized”. And the Spirit shouted “that doesn’t matter, you are called to love”. Here is where I get all confused about forgiveness. Trying to love the person and forget the sin, though is what helps me stay on track.

In your dealings with people across your life – if they were to give you a “chip” for every interaction – a white chip for good interaction and a black chip for bad interaction, would you end up with a lot of white chips or black chips? Sometimes we have no choice but to be in situations where can’t block negativity from your life. And we are all negative at times. But overall, do you give white or black chips, of goodness and love, or ugliness and meanness? There are just some we cannot avoid, but you can do the best you can to be an example, show love, and maybe it will make a difference in their own life and they will see how they are being. To respond nastily just ignites the flame. So I thought I would share this with you and you can ponder it too. Maybe this will help you too.

News from Little Roo

Findlay and Little Roo are getting to know each other better. There were some cute Instagram stories yesterday. And Findlay’s face! lol

My “Healthy but Not So Healthy” Lunch Getaway

I retreated for a little break to Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad, proud of myself for being healthy. The salad must have been delivered from Italy itself, as it took forever to arrive but no worries, my hunger was satiated by the two HOT rolls and butter placed in front of me. And as I ate the creamy Caesar dressing along with the mountains of wonderful Parmesan cheese and the fried buttery croutons, I realized I was probably having all the calories of one day that I should have. There must have been a half block of cheese on that salad! ha. It was wonderful though. But next time I’ll have to get a different salad and no rolls. I did get unsweet tea but it was a little too late to be thinking about calories at that point. Oh well.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage in the Instant Pot

Oh my gosh. I think I have just found my favorite meal – replacing spaghetti and prime rib forever – well let’s not get too carried away! But oh my gosh, this was heavenly. I enjoyed my first experience with the Instant Pot, but I was sooooo glad George was there. I asked him before I began if there was anything quirky I should know. And yes there was. Just learning how the Instant Pot “did things” lol, when it goes from segment to segment. There are some things the instructions doesn’t show you. You’d probably figure it out on your own but it would stump you if someone didn’t explain things first. Learning what a “natural release is” and when to release the steam for real.

The recipe had three strips of uncooked bacon, chopped that you sautéed in the Instant Pot. Then you took the bacon aside and sautéed onion for 2 min and green pepper for 2 min, added the garlic and sautéed for a min, some hot pepper flakes of some kind, and then added the cup of “long grain white rice” and added the bacon back in and two cups of chicken broth. Put the seal on and I think it cooked for 5 minutes and then the natural release for 10 and then let the steam out. I cooked the smoked sausage in the air fryer to rid of fat and grease.

This was the “creamiest” and “best” red beans and rice I’ve ever had. I also used the Carolina rice we had. I think it was the Aromatic Rice I used last night.

This is the cookbook I’m using and it has some awesome recipes in it, very simple, and very good. I cannot wait to fix more things in the Instant Pot. Yes I”m late to get on the bandwagon!

“Good Girls” on Netflix

So we have been watching Good Girls on Netflix the last couple of nights. Oh my gosh it’s good. It’s kinda like Breaking Bad in some ways. It’s pretty humorous. Definitely entertaining. Some of these shows you have to go into the 2nd and 3rd show. Like Brigerton. I was in after the 3rd show. I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Leaving you with Mr. Roger. He gets a little more into “doggie Alzheimers” every day. He stands and stares at the wall sometimes, he thinks we are gone when we are there at barks at the stairs until we go and show him we are actually home and he wags his tail and starts to follow us, but sees his water bowl and goes to it. He is obsessed with his water bowl. He sleeps and wanders. His eye sight is going. Yet he still wags his tail a lot, and when disgusted will grunt just like a human would. George leaned him over to kiss me and allow me to kiss him and he didn’t want that and gave a big grunt like a human. LOL. I laughed at being rejected in such a way. I forgave him too. He just didn’t want to be leaned over that way.

Well, I miss having a dog that loves me and wants to be with me every moment. Life is kinda lonely right now but it’s ok. For a season it is definitely going to be the time to wait. So much I want to do first before getting another dog. It will happen in time and “when it is supposed to”. Now is not the time.

Ok off to work. I awoke after a pleasant 8 hour sleep, still very tired. Coffee is waking me up. It’s my 6th day of work this week. I’m honestly over it and need a change of pace, but I’ll go in and give it my best. I’m trying to finish up something that needs to be finished today and I’ve asked God for help. It’ll be a crunch day. I’m NOT working tomorrow.

Anyway, take care. Gonna rain A LOT here this weekend – like SEVERAL inches and with flood warnings predicted.