Air Tight Storage, Sunday’s Progress, To Do List for this Week, and Forgiveness Study

Yesterday and the weekend as a whole was productive. I really didn’t get to do much on my personal list though, just my chores and responsibilities.

Went to the store and on my list, I had planned to buy some containers. For what ever reason all of our Tupperware this year is in turmoil and nothing is matching. It all got out of sorts somehow. I don’t know what is happening. I’m not in the kitchen much. I just know that I have reorganized that darn cabinet 6 or 8 times and I’m about done with it. I am switching to glass and airtight stackables. Mom said she is giving us that for Christmas and I said no b/c I already have plans for that myself. And likely we shall have it before Christmas. I’m going to buy a few at the time. I started with 3 yesterday. I’m claiming these though! These are going to be my “work” fridge containers. I will pack them full of either fruit, carrots, celery or whatever, for the week. When empty I’ll bring it home and fill it again with something.

This is in an effort to change my “lifestyle” of eating. And I’m so excited about these containers at Publix to be able to reorganize my “style” as well as my “habits”.

You can write on the lids with an erasable marker I guess, but since it’s see through I don’t see a need.

I’ll be going back for some additional sizes for sure. But I may wait a while. I told Mom not to bother to get them b/c I know what I want and I have plans already. But excited to use the ones I bought yesterday. I have to have a habit now of filling my little 3 containers with healthy munchies for work. I also realize that lunch can look a bit different than what I’m used to it looking like. It doesn’t have to be a sandwich or a salad or soup or a meat and veggie lunch. It can be celery, carrots, nuts, a piece of fruit and a string cheese stick. lol I’m learning to develop a love for Whole Foods and that is my goal.

That said, I still bought the makings of a salad, some frozen lunches that were mainly “whole food” (chicken, shrimp, and veggies or rice….mainly just less pasta). I also bought turkey – less salt and preservatives – and a whole grain wrap. I bought some frozen spinach to throw in eggs on the weekend. It took a little bit of consideration and planning and mainly creating a meal plan for the week of sorts – so that I did not go to my normal “go to’s” on a whim. I also bought those imitation crab sticks (they are still fish) for my once a week fish habit as well as tuna fish) in case I don’t go to Logan’s and get their salmon. I don’t want to go every week. Matter of fact it’s not been as good lately.

I did the ironing and finished the laundry, including washing and folding George’s sheets and I put the other sheets on his bed, fresh for him. In my “service to others” I turned down his bed and put his pillow and Roger’s monkey there to give him a smile when he went to bed.

I also took Mom out to eat lunch. Well, she wanted to pay for it. We went and picked up Cracker Barrel and ate it in the car. We had salads. We were going to go see her house but a bad looking storm on the radar was headed our way. For the most part it missed us as far as the storm part but it rained quite a bit. The skies were starting to get blue so I asked Mom what she wanted to do and she agreed if it was going to be nasty or raining a lot it’d be hard to see the house anyway. I offered to drive her out today but she asked if we could eat breakfast out after dropping off Fancy for her trim on Saturday and us going then. So that’s what we’ll do.

I had a Bridal gift to wrap yesterday and did a little planning for this week by updating the to do list, checking the calendar, and updating the to do list for this week.

Last Week’s List:

This Week’s To Do List:

As you can see the video is a ways down the list. I was disappointed not to have time to work on it. I’ve been getting only an hour a week. I may have to slow down the blogging and insert an extra day in there for working on the video. I normally worked on the video Tues and Thurs mornings but I am losing 4 hours a month of video editing b/c I have to go in early on Tuesdays now to work to make up for the hours I’m missing once a month to go the eye doctor. It’s not a problem but it is a fact so I need to figure out where to plug those hours in. The only thing I can figure is less blogging. I may also have to start scheduling my editing time. I hate to do that though. It’ll inconvenience George or our time together. But I’ll figure it out. I’m just trying to go with the flow. But I think that is what bothers me the most is not getting time to do the thing I enjoy the most, besides blogging, and that is doing these videos and having time to spend learning the camera and improving the videos and learning new things.

I began my Forgiveness study and I thought this was very powerful about Joseph.

1 . Forgiveness is not denial.

2. We need to name the sin against us to forgive it.

3. We need to express our feelings about it.

4. Letting it go.

5. Don’t stay in the past (although sometimes the sin is still in the present).

6. Understanding that the debt will NEVER be paid.

It’s helpful when you think about Joseph who forgave His brothers. He had a calling from God to fulfill a purpose and the fact that he was mistreated sort of became a non-issue at that point. He chose not to belabor the issue. God took care of him and his needs regardless of how the brothers treated him. It would have only hurt Joseph if he had chosen to “not get over it” and move on with plans. It also would have hampered his plans that God had for him.

So hey! Day 1 on the forgiveness app is a winner!

Phone Wallpapers

Here’s some phone wall papers for you. I tried them out. I actually have the brown one on my home screen. Might use the coffee one later, although I should have changed the colors. These are some I downloaded from the Canva app. I love Canva. If you don’t have, you should. Lots of free stuff for any media you use. I have the premium version. It’s quicker than paint shop pro! And with premium I can make a graphic without the background. I wish I had more time to play and create graphics for the blog and the vlog, but even on the go with it on my phone, I seem to have minimal time. I’m usually having to check email and respond to messages, keep up a presence on Instagram. I forget about Facebook sometimes. I try to pop in once every couple of days. It’s amazing how I’m letting go of social media as a source of connection. I’d rather text with friends now and have a community on the blog and vlog. Trying to build the vlog but it’s just not there yet. lol

Ok I’ll be back on Wednesday for a midweek update. I’m going to try hard and get some of these things off my list. And make some headway. We have plans Wednesday night with friends that are moving to Florida and this is their last week. We just ate with them Saturday but we are going out one more time. We are going to miss them. And Thursday after work I have a bridal shower for a coworker.

And that is all I know today. I hope all of you are well and prospering and happy. What all do you have on your to do list this week?

Our Labor Day Meal, Some Healthy Treats, and Free Fall / Autumn Wallpapers

The Labor Day meal was spectacular. Everything we wanted it to be! The weekend was restful but yet productive as well. Work was really long though going back doing two days into one. I arrived by 6 a.m. and left a few minutes shy of 4:30. Got home around 5, so a long day. But had leftovers from the big Labor Day meal so it was great!

I was happy to find these guys. A reasonably priced almond flour bar for an on-the-go breakfast. It must have a lot of the same ingredients as the one I used to buy from my wellness company. It tasted about the same. And about $12 less per box, lol.

I treated myself with an Italian water yesterday since it was a long day. This water just tastes so pure. It goes down easily. I enjoy drinking it. It was gone in no time. But it’s a splurge I won’t allow myself to do very often. It’s from Tuscany.

I had to look to see if my post yesterday took. It did. It is rare to have ZERO comments. So I wasn’t sure that it had even showed up. I have to go back and see if it was something I said that kept it from showing up. These days mentioning the wrong word here and there can make a whole post just sort of go back to the end of the shuffle pile. I hate that. No more free speech. I probably mentioned God, or YouTube, or did something against the algorithm’s liking, or the SEO lineup. Who knows. It could just be all my normal commenters were busy. I saw I had two likes so I know someone saw it. It makes me wonder if going to the effort to do posts is worth it sometimes. Or maybe it was just too long of a post. But I had a lot to post. Or maybe the files/video talk bores everyone to tears. Who knows.

Even if no one reads, I did it for myself, which was the original intent.

And today I didn’t mean to blog long. I need to get in a bit earlier if I can as I take Mom to her Primary Care doc so she can start getting her blood pressure meds filled up here. Her doc back home filled as long as they can without her coming back in. So I will have to leave work at 2 today.

Yesterday George was off and took Mom to get her new tires. He had noticed the tread was wearing. So he helped her pick which ones to get and took her to get them. Bless him for that.

The week is already almost half over. That is fine by me. I love a 4 day week. It’s challenging to get things done but at least it makes the week shorter. I’m tired already though.

I guess we have had some really acidic meals lately. I have a sore on the roof of my mouth and also under my tongue and in the corner of the inside of my lip. What on earth??? I had bought strawberries and we have had lemon tea and we’ve had lots of tomatoes. It’s going on to day 4 of one of them and the other three came on yesterday. It’s very annoying.

So I’m going to leave you with some phone wall papers which you can download of you want. Some of them are my wall art, rugs, or just anything that I could find with texture, and some are from Canva! lol.

And we’ll throw in one springy one. That is my tea pitcher, lol.

So what are you guys up to this week? And, don’t forget to read the previous post if you missed it. Ya’ll take care. I’ll either be back tomorrow or Friday.

Started the next video and beginning to edit it.

Take care, everyone and be safe!