“Be Calm and Carry On”, Build Site Progress, and a Lighter To Do List

We went to church Sunday and ate with friends and then went by the build site for Mom’s house. The concrete slab has been placed. We were very surprised that the houses next to it were already framed and on their way! How exciting is that? Watching it become real! I think it was important for all of us to see after all the hard work we’ve done getting Mom out of the house and into our own, as we await and watch the progress. How exciting!

As for the church visit? Well Mom said that churches of Christ with the name that has “Hills” in it was code word for being “liberal”. I had never heard that. She fears getting into a church that “allows anything and everything” and allows “certain types of sinners to attend”, which obviously led to discussions about how not everyone in any church is going to be perfect and that we all sin and those with sin obviously need Jesus the most. So a little drama before and after as we held these discussions. Mom has a tendency to raise her voice and get visibly angry when explaining her views, which is not really necessary, but I allowed her to say what she needed to say about it, and then I did as well in a much calmer voice.

If a conversation gets too loud or ugly I boundary it with people, not caring who you are. I don’t like to be yelled at and I will table a conversation if someone starts yelling no matter who you are- whether you are my Mom or an executive. Anger scares me but most of all I don’t want to be talked to that way, and I refuse to be. Luckily with Mom on Sunday – no yells -just raised voices and a “tone” over it.

Unless I get angry too and one will know that I am and I am not quiet either at that point. You don’t want to go there or provoke me b/c I can unleash it. When I get angry will expel everything about you that has bothered me in the past 5 years that I have kept quiet about and it comes out fast and its unarguable! And I will win the conversation. I really don’t like that side of me and I don’t want it to come out. So I will walk on eggshells around people to avoid both them and me getting angry. It’s just not the way to solve things. I have really had to work on that all my life as we have a tendency to react like our role models that we had. It is hard to tame oneself of these tendencies. But now these types of tendencies are perceived as bullying, gaslighting, etc. So we all need to be calm and carry on! lol lol lol

Mom said she didn’t see anything unscriptural taking place but was not particularly happy about the Sunday school discussion which I will refrain from going into as I don’t necessarily see scripture the way my mother does. I DO feel that God’s word is for all sinners and not just a few. I Do feel his word should be open to all. But I do agree that none of us should let our sins be a foothold and I do not feel that God wants us to freely continue in that sin but to continually shed the sin. We agree on that point. But to me, it’s not about agreeing with my Mom. My Mom is not going to judge me in the end —oh wait, what am I saying, Mom’s judges me and others all the time – lol – let me rephrase that – My God’s judgement of me is the one that matters. Like I say I worship Him everyday not just on Sunday. So as far as “the church going” goes, I have given her the church going card to hold her in hand. I really don’t care what she does with the card. It would be nice to be able to go to the church we were used to when we went and where there are so many people we know already but that would too easy right? And that would be what I would prefer to do. It’s never about me though, lol. It’s what Momma wants. I don’t have to take her but I have given her the church going card. That means I’ve promised to take her where she wants to go. I will sacrifice my time and effort to take her where she wants. I want to keep that promise. So like I said, if she wants to worship a corn stalk, I’ll take her. lol lol But I don’t hold any expectations that she will like our church. She had preconceived opinions about it before ever trying it and really already had her mind made up and told me no, until finally she agreed to try it after I told her the person she didn’t like wasn’t going there anymore. Since then she has found another couple that she was told “gave up the Lord” for attending there. Lord, help us all.

I don’t make this stuff up ya’ll. This is my life. This has been my life. It’s a wonder my eyeballs have not stuck permanently as they roll back into my head sometimes at some of the conversations. Most of them ONE WAY until as an adult I realize I have a voice and I’m allowed to have and form my own opinions and I do not have to agree with another person if I don’t want to. That said I want to keep my promises. As long as it is healthy to do so. If it becomes a unhealthy thing, I will boundary it. That is not being rude but that is protecting oneself and keeping oneself safe.

So I put a fun little July 4 decor on the table. I didn’t have a lot of red to choose from. This seemed to be an American kind of centerpiece. Children, worth fighting for, worth having Indepence for. A little Red Wagon is iconic also!

To lighten up the mood from the “church going” tension (isn’t it a shame that has to be the source of tension?) I ordered a puzzle for us to start on the 4th weekend coming up as we have an extra day.

I ended up with this one. How perfect! It’s a larger piece puzzle and a Ravenburger I think if I’m spelling it right. I thought the larger pieces would help Mom to see them. The picture is just so cozy. I look forward to working it.

I only have ONE Reeses left at work and I’m going to have to give them up. When I eat one I immediately want another. So I’m going to have to go to my wellness program chocolates or migrate to only the dark chocolate. Otherwise I will continue to eat two a day. ::sigh:: This is not the new habit I was hoping for, lol.
However, I allowed it during the stress days of moving Mom. We were using more calories anyway and I needed the comfort!

I’m a conflicted bag of horse poo though, because I bought brownie mix at the store last night when I did a big staples run just for me and what I need (and a few things for Mom). I was considering making light trifle cups with blueberry and strawberry, graham crackers and whip cream, this weekend for dessert since it’s a holiday. But no, we’ll go whole hog with brownies and chocolate mint ice cream scoop on top! Not very 4thy but very American! lol

And that is my story and I’m sticking to it!

I also began editing and doing voiceovers for the next video, yesterday morning, keeping with my “every other day blog/vlog” schedule.

Off to work. I’m not going in as early today as I worked early all month to get extra work in so I can take off one afternoon a month to take Mom to the do appt, but instead of taking an afternoon off I ended up burning a PTO day. So I am not going in early today.

I also have made her heart appointment with the new doc. Same group as far as hospital records so they had all her data, just a different doctor so that he is nearby. So that is later in July on a Monday morning. My desk does not get critical until Monday afternoon so I will be ok and rush through it and still get the work done.

I got my to do list done Sunday that I mentioned in the blog – almost all of it! I was so happy. My to do list is lighter this week. Thank goodness. I need to work on my wellness program order, work on dusting, changing out the bathroom rug and washing it, doing our Bucket List calendar (probably this weekend now that summer is half over), and set up the card table and chairs for puzzling.

And I better finish getting ready and get on the road!

TENNFold Brewing, Donelson, TN / St. Jude Giveaway House, Mt. Juliet / Settling Mom in Our House

TEN Fold Brewery, Donelson, TN

Wow, this new brewery has been open for a year – opened as the Pandemic started. We have kept close in most of the year to our area, and this is about 25 minutes out from our house. We didn’t even realize it was here. But they survived and seemed to be going strong. We arrived yesterday at 11:05 just after they opened. Many breweries don’t open til afternoon. This one serves food though and not just appetizers so they were open for the lunch crowd.

We had run our morning errands, the first of which was taking back Mr. Honker of a Truck to Enterprise where we dropped her off and out of our way so George could come back and settle up this morning. A GRAND sigh of relief at dropping that thing off. Then we drove to a post office that was closed so had to drive to the main Donelson post office to mail a package off to our grandson, Little Roo. Maybe Kate will send us a pic of him getting it. Katy doesn’t know what it is and reads the blog some, so I’ll wait to mention what is in it.

A quick google revealed the new brewery. “Heck yeah” was the words of the day as we both looked forward to an “after move, Father’s Day, Brewery excursion”. It may have been early, but it was time! lol. George’s phrase “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early”. For the most part he is only kidding because it’s a funny phrase he picked up somewhere. I say partly kidding because he likely had another while upon the riding lawn mower at end of day.

TENNfold Brewery, Donelson, TN
TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

Oh my, the taste of their beer was SPOT ON! Nailed some excellent flavors. And a very interesting “hard to choose just six” flight menu.

TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

We ordered a couple of appetizers. Honestly it was too many carbs with all the bread and beer too! But we ate it anyway. What was that promise of eating better next time? Oh well.

MUST DO Meatball Appetizer, TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

The flavors of this sauce, the parmesan and the pesto was excellent. The bread was the freshest I’ve ever had and this makes me think their pizzas are going to be knock out good! We’ll have to come back for pizza and OH we WILL be back!

Hummus appetizer, TENNFold, Donelson, TN

Darn, I should have taken some video, sometimes I totally forget about vlogging! It’ll show up one day in the vlogs but with animated photos!

St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway in Mount Juliet

So off we went to our next excursion which was the St. Jude Dreamhome Giveaway House. We bought a ticket for $100. It goes to the charity, but you get a chance to win the home and get a tour of the property, or win the new Ford Bronco or other prizes. We did this in 2019. It was fun. So with the PanDamnIt going away we did this again this year.

So, we did a very quick walk through. We liked the house at first impression and the newness of it, compared to what we have in our house. However, considering the space we have here, there is just NOT a lot of storage in this house. After coming away from it, and in looking at the pictures, it’s a little dark for my style and comes across very plain in the pics. On a bright and sunny day, very little light poured into the rooms. The addition of all the blackness, gives a dark and dreary tone to this house. I think one could make it pretty with the decorating and certainly add lots of lighting. The house looks very masculine to me. But a woman could take it and pretty it up and brighten it up for herself! ;-). I’m thinking white roses here! And lots of light decor and pillows!

Anyway, after that we did a pretty good grocery run, George with OUR buggy and me with Mom’s.

Then we got home and realized Mom had saved the wrong mattress. Somehow the mattresses got switched around and she had us keep the wrong one. Either she gave hers away or it’s out by the road for the city to pick up. We are not sure. But the mattress in the hall is the wrong one. And it’s still in the hall. George had moved about all he was moving yesterday, lol. I told him I didn’t want the thing in our way all week, but we’ll see. It probably will be. Anyway George said he asked Mom before he moved mattresses anywhere, which ones went where. I think they got moved around though and mixed up somehow. So she ended up with the one she didn’t want and the one she did want either was the one that was given away or at the road. So we told her we’d go pick out another if she just cannot stand my mattress here.

Anyway, hopefully things will settle soon. We have found most all of what is needed for now – charging cords, personal supplies, password books, and other items. Working things in a couple of boxes at a time. We had all the last minute packing items all in one section so it’s been pretty easy to find those things from the last load.

Mom had a point, for the next move – we’ll be doing it exactly backwards! Furniture first this time. No more big trucks though. This one is closer to us so we can do several moves and George won’t have to worry about driving a BIG HONKER. lol. Then someone in the room (George) said “can we not talk about moving for a while?” LOL LOL LOL.

And we had left over Chinese last night but we added egg rolls from the freezer section at Kroger and made those in the air fryer. Quite nice.

Overwhelming To Do List and New Agendas

Almost makes me hyperventilate when I think of what all I need to do and want to do, not only for me but for Mom. This is an adjustment for her in a big way as she has moved from her house and lost a lot of her independence, but it’s also a big adjustment for us too. I’m sure it’s both exciting and scary on both ends.

It’s a lot of responsibility that I take seriously. I’m also afraid of losing my independence too, like getting my solitude time, getting to do things I like to do, and not wanting to be needed every minute of the day.

I’m just being honest here. I’m so happy and joyous that Mom is here and we are going to and have already had some fun memories. It’s just an adjustment we all have to go through and it is nothing personal. It’s just life. But there is a certain element of joy at having more than one generation in the house. The conversation is livelier, the camaraderie is there, and the helping of one another out, and support is there. So it’s a good thing.

And I’m going to head out to go get payroll done. When this payroll is finished, it’ll be quarter end. So that means come Thursday I’ll be working on month end, quarter end report printing, and all that. I’m glad the move is over so I can concentrate on that.

I do however, have to make more pet grooming, find doctors, set up pedi and mani appts (gotta get that done), figure out some time to go shopping, get flooring for the whole house (Lord help us), hem my blue pants, do the family calendar so we all know what is going on, get Mom’s car washed and vacuumed, get mine washed and vacuumed, change purses, plan Mom’s birthday, plan/shop for George’s birthday, plan July 4, meal planning, summer bucket list before it’s gone, have some fun, work on iMovies, go back to church, clean my house from top to bottom (ok the bottom -basement – is too full of stuff so just the top), continue my photography/camera learning, and video improvements, watch my shows, plan some travel, read, and daydream about RVing and….and…and…and….

Big Honker of a Truck and Getting Mom Settled In at the House

The BIG moving weekend is HERE. All nerves have been pointed to this weekend. The truck was reserved a few weeks ago, but it was a much smaller one. Yesterday the smaller one was cancelled on us as it was not returned for whatever reason. So they “upgraded” George to this HUGE truck. It’s huge. George was very nervous about the big truck. I mean on the highways, they train guys for weeks to drive big tractor trailers and this was about half the size of one. He texted back that he was “terrified”. Bless him. I so love him for doing this for Mom.

We went to get Mom last night. I never really anticipated just how big of a night it would be. I thought we’d toss Mom, a suitcase or two, maybe a box or two and a few things sitting around and then head home. Like all the other times. But, I failed to consider that 1) I was not leaving early from work 2) I had to go home and get George 3) He got home later than I did 4) We had to take care of Roger Dog’s needs 5) Traffic during rush hour was just horrible 6) Interstates had multiple accidents/issues 7) We had to take a back route 8) We had to stop and get food for dinner for us and Mom so we would not be hangry 9) Mom had packed a lot, but we had hoped to get “remaining everything” out but the furniture so there was more to pack 10) After everything that would fit was packed in the car we discovered there was more that Mom needed immediately that needed to go so we had to unpack the car and then repack. 11) I thought we brought most of Mom’s clothes already but we brought home several more closets worth, LOL LOL LOL.

We brought Mom’s car back with us and it was packed fully too. It was 10:30 or after when we got back to Mount Juliet. It was midnight before we went to bed. We felt nasty and had to shower. Bed felt so good. And I’m so glad I took the whole day off instead of working half day.

Yesterday at work I was explaining all we were trying to do to my immediate boss and she said “oh my goodness you just need to take tomorrow off”. I was trying to do it all, be there for work to sign checks, and take care of Mom. I was already leaving early at 1 to get her to a doc appt and I was already going to have to be late to work to drop George off to get the Enterprise (I kept calling it a U-Haul, it’s like “coke” it’s just what you call that type of truck around these parts.) Anyway, my boss was totally right. I should have planned to be off the whole day. And I was glad last night that she suggested it. Mom needed me here to help find things and to get things set up, to be fed til she gets used to things and we get more groceries, and get her a bit organized. And most of all I needed me here to try to put a blessing on the house to get it livable with a LOT of Mom’s stuff coming into each of the rooms. We are making it work. Only her room is a mess, we have to figure out what to do with all the clothes.

The first thing I tackled was getting her little toaster oven in on the counter. George has hidden the box of pans that go in them. Have to ask him where those are. Mom can operate this little oven as she used it every day at her house. She was pleased that I worked it in on the counter. She will use this a lot while we are gone to work.

I also had eggs expiring so I boiled up nearly a whole large carton (we’ve not been here much to eat them) and we had boiled eggs and biscuits for breakfast. Then I took what was left and made dressed eggs/deviled eggs – pick your term.

I also brewed some tea for our iced tea. Mom likes her iced tea and so do I.

After organizing Fancy’s dog supplies and doing loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen and rebooting dishwasher while Mom dealt with her clothes (lol) I fixed lunch. Knowing Mom was coming I bought some bologna. She and I would eat bologna sandwiches a lot on summer days.

George will be happy to have some dressed eggs when he comes in.

I bought a pillow last week at Target for my little corner of the couch. I gave Mom my recliner to sit in -in our den, which is the best seat in the house! I’m taking the seat at the end of the sofa and George remains in his seat at the right side of the sofa.

I can feel some of the anxiety roll off. However, I’m a little concerned still about the truck and the move and hope George doesn’t have any difficulty. We would be with him but —we have this doc appt.

Soon here I will take Mom to this appt to get an injection in her eye. She goes once a month. Afterwards we are going to Target. Mom needs some more tubs to put clothes in. I’m laughing so hard. George said “DO NOT get your Mom ANY MORE clothes for Christmas! She has enough!” LOL LOL LOL LOL.

Anyways, please pray for us in the final but biggest stage of the move where he has to move multiple difficult things – including 5 china cabinets.

I love him for doing this. Bless him and Lord be with him as he deals with this incredible move of all the furniture today in the incredible truck. Fancy is helping her Momma with her clothes! 😛

Ok I better go help with something! Just had to pop in and let you know how it’s going. Off to her doc appt soon. I hope it goes well.