Saturday Excursions and Progress on House Building, Health Challenge, and To Do Lists

Well Nadine’s in Hermitage is not very pretty, but we dropped Fancy off for her trim and headed over to this “Pizza Hut turned Diner” restaurant. They have an excellent breakfast. I suppose it is much better than IHOP or Waffle House, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We are vowing to go next door to the Butt Hutt for take out ribs one day. It’s on our bucket list.

We had a good little day out. George got to go to some yard sales and we went to Houston’s Meat Shop (local butcher store in Mount Juliet). We bought steaks for tonight. Mom stocked up on their biscuits which are homemade but frozen. We bought a few other things for the freezer for later. We manage to keep the freezer’s full in today’s pandemic and pandemic aftermath as these are weird times and there are rumors of food shortages and supply shortages with our economy scrambling. I guess most nations are going through the same? Here’s Mom going into Houston’s. She’s wearing her mask.

They also have a little market also. We love to go in here. We always go here when we want a steak or to stock up on chicken. We also stop when we are having company for breakfast for their biscuits. Makes it easy.

After stopping at the house and dropping off frozen goods (we live so close to here) we took Mom to see her house. We didn’t think the garage door was installed but it is. If. you look closely you can see it and the little handles. Look at the garage at the house next door, how it has those little handles at the bottom – well if you look close at Mom’s garage area at the top you can see the little handles. They have it installed it’s just up because they are working on it.

I hadn’t realized it was going to be Tudor style, I had pictured it with stone decor like the others. The outside color and materials were not something you could pick. But it looks nice. It’s certainly coming together. Mom was upset that her front door had window panes as she said she had asked for a solid door. I don’t remember. I remember them asking about the door knobs and maybe the type of design within the door itself but don’t remember any talk of windows being in it or not in it. I’m not sure if Mom and I assumed it was all door and no windows. In today’s world I’m surprised that it WOULD have a window. She’s looking at the contract and we can’t really tell from that. I think she may call about that on Monday. I knew there would be things to crop up that she would not be happy with and I’m sure there will be more. I guess she will have an option to change it afterward. At least I think so. I’m not sure if they consider that part of the outside or not. It may be. I also would not like to go to the door when the door bell rings and be subject to whoever is standing there. People could look in on you. I like to have the option of acting like I’m not home if a salesperson or someone else I don’t want to talk to comes to the door (mostly sales people, lol). So I get it. I’d be upset too. Only I probably wouldn’t have noticed til I got in there. Mom is worried someone will break the glass and twist the door knob. She can get blinds to go over it I guess but you think that they would just have a solid door and a peep hole. Oh well. I mean as far as that goes, there’s windows all around so they could break in to those too. What’s the difference? She wasn’t upset with the windows though.

But it was good to see progress. I wish we could have gone in. But they were working on it and the weeks are soaring by fast so we’ll be seeing it soon and hitting the ground running. It’s VERY exciting. I’m excited for Mom and I’m looking forward to helping her get set up. We’ll have a busy season of decorating and unpacking and setting it up to get her functional and then she can go through boxes one at a time for her 30 years of accumulation. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that, probably not even her. lol. We will help some and perhaps can get her a yard sale together by next spring or next fall depending on the time frames and how much time we have. The community has a yard sale twice a year and that will be great!

That is her patio there. I think they have to pour the concrete in the upcoming week. She gets an email or a phone call with what they did last week and what they are doing this next week. So this is all coming together. The walk through is Mon Nov 1 and the closing Friday Nov 5th.

Around 2 we picked Fancy up and then I offered to take Mom to get a hamburger. She immediately said yes. Now you know here I get my love of burgers huh? Fancy likes to get her own burger – she gets the meat but only part of the bun of a plain hamburger. She always used to get a burger after her trim. Both Mom and Fancy are happy. I did not get a burger. I had pop corn and that was all I needed until our dinner. George fixed us chicken baked in a sauce, acorn squash, and baked potatoes. I had been craving the baked potato. I only had a little butter on mine. It was all so good.

Knocking the To Do List Out of the Park!

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I’m extremely happy with what all I’ve been able to do despite our day out yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the day, was present and mindful and glad we did what we did. But when we were home, I was hitting the ground running. Laundry is done and folded. Sheets changed. Fancy’s blanket is changed out for her little bed. I vacuumed the house. I booked both hotels for our East TN and West NC mountains trip in December. And the big news….drum roll…. I FINISHED THE NEXT VIDEO! ;-). I begin to get cranky when 3 weeks is past and it’s not done. So it was a highlight on my to do list. It will be out soon. I’ve exported it and just have to go through the process of picking out the thumbnail and getting it set up. I’ll come back here and post when it’s out and will also post on social media but frankly it’s just hard to get seen on social media as they squash the links and videos for the most part to get rid of agendas if it doesn’t match the sites goals. I also talk about my vaccine in mine. So even YouTube may not allow this video. It’s mostly encouraging but I did get a fever from the 2nd one and I put that in there so if it’s taken down you’ll know why and you will then have witnessed first hand how our freedom of speech is slowly (more quickly these days though) being taken a way. Not wanting to get off on tangents!

Today’s goals are: getting that video up and posted, likely for a 6 p.m. release time, EST. I have to go the store today, cut George’s hair, do some on line Christmas shopping, make my Christmas lists/notebook where I keep up with everything.

So here’s the To Do List for this past week. I will reset it for the week to come and delete these but I had decided to leave all the check marks there until Sunday because it’s important to see we actually can make some progress, even when we are busy. But I’m so happy and glad to have worked hard and knocked a lot of it out of the park this week. Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!

KYD55 Challenge Progress

The challenge is going well. This set up of this, I can tell you, has just been amazing. Here’s what works:

  1. You are not only working toward a health/wellness goal, but also personal goals, and also helping others as well. It’s just all encompassing. (Five pillars of: nutrition, water, moving your body, service to others, reading for goals).
  2. The goals are attainable.
  3. As I’ve said before you can choose to make it what you wish, although they gave us guidelines, it’s exciting to see that you could take this structure and do all kinds of things with it. You could take the 5 pillars and make them different things. Or within those same 5 pillars you can make your own rules.
  4. I can see how the 55 days is to set a habit. These were small changes that I can see as being able to carry on continually. Some small changes that turn out to be big ones to set you off in the right direction.
  5. The limits I set for myself are working- like dessert once a week or two bites if I absolutely have to have it. This is huge! It’s worked. Now I did have “two big bites” on those mini Nothing but Bundt cakes – my “two big bites” there might have actually been 4 but you know what, there were three other nights that I said NO to dessert because it was not a part of my goals because I was setting new habits. And it was ok. I have frozen pineapple chunks if I absolutely have to have something. This is huge for me.
  6. The movements have been big. I just do 80 exercises throughout the day. Arm lifts, leg lifts, windmills, toe touches – all during the day so that I have 80 before bed. Do you know how easy this is? It works. I have been able to do a 20 min walk once per week. Maybe on another challenge for 55 days of needed change – I’ll work on adding it to two a week. This is huge also b/c you are slowly changing your habits to what you want it to look like instead of just setting goals you can’t attain and then get discouraged.

I’m just so happy with it. There have been a few days where I’ve been short on the water goals. I think I slow down when I see I’m doing good and then forget and then the day is gone. But for the most part I’m doing it and as long as I get in about 75 at least I’m good, but 94 is my goal. Flushing those kidneys and liver out.

I’ve also listened to three nutrition Podcasts – part of my bucket list goals and also part of my KYD55 goals. So I’m trying to work some Apple Cider Vinegar into my diet. The nutrition podcasts I listened to were really kinda leaning toward the KETO side of things. I’ve chosen to embrace Whole Foods as much as possible. I’m not totally giving up the “western diet” but for the most part trying to make better decisions toward eating healthier and real food. I like the word “embrace” that is powerful to me and it repeats itself in my head. I’m holding on, clinching to it, and that helps my psyche to know “this is the route I want to take”. It’s subtle changes in the diet, but when making my decisions – this is working. When I pick things up at the store, when I take things to work, when I pick things out in a restaurant. The only thing I’m not doing is making everyone around me eat like I do. If George fixes pizza or we go out for a burger – I’ll eat it. But I’m trying to make better decisions and will order the best options I can, remembering what I’m choosing to embrace as “my thing”.

After 9 days, my arms feel less fat, my chin feels less fat, my stomach is begging to flatten just a tad – I can feel some burning of fat taking place.

What’s not working

My legs have been very weak this week. My guess is that the new Vitamin D’s I’m taking are not getting through, not being absorbed. I looked and felt of them closely. It was a new brand I tried claiming to have more in them. But the shell was harder than most and I’m not sure that it was a natural shell or casing. So I’m going to have to order some of what I had been using. I can’t afford to not be able to walk and I’ve been having issues simply just getting up from a chair because my knees and legs are so week. It’s very scary. I’m almost to the point of being like Mom and she is 20 years older than me. So I must get this under control. I do think I damaged my knee doing pushups and so I had to give that up. The ISA shakes from the wellness company I use help with leg weakness and also the Vitamin D does when working. So I have to figure this out. This past week has been difficult for getting up out of a chair and also for climbing stairs. I’m only 59. This should not be happening. So I have to figure this out and quickly.

I’ve rallied on enough here. It’s been nice to blog on a day without restraint, without looking at the clock, and without hurry.

Hope you all are doing well and I’m gone on to eat breakfast and shower and try to get this video loaded and get George’s hair cut.

Are you all having a good weekend?

Signs of Fall, Fall Bucket List, and Anticipation of the Move

A Fall Walk. Happy Sunday here. The rain fell over night and the dark clouds remained so the sun did not wake us up this morning. The result was a nice 10.5 hour and much needed sleep versus the 6.5 I normally get. Sleep is good for the psyche. And so is walking.

I did the twenty minute walking early in the day, before the rain threatened and before my day took me on other paths. I enjoyed the walk. I paused to get a picture of a lonely red leaf that caught my attention, stuck between a tree and a fence post. A sure sign of fall. Subtle changes of color can be seen in some trees but middle TN is mostly green at this point.

Halloween Decor marks one of neighbor’s yards.

A bright idea! Back home I fixed scrambled eggs using frozen onions, and three types of bell peppers. I’m not sure why I never considered this before. But while watching Traveling Robert on YouTube when he fixes his “one pot meals” he often will put either frozen veggies in things or frozen onions and bell peppers. Duhhhh why didn’t I think of that. So I bought some this past week and it was great in the eggs. I let the onions and bell peppers sauté a while in olive oil before adding the eggs so they would cook some of the water out and not be frumpy but closer to caramelized.

Right away yesterday I worked on the Fall Bucket List. I kept waiting thinking I’d have time to add a few more things. I left space at the bottom for any George had. He added things into January like celebrating my birthday. Which that is ok, b/c likely I will not have time to do the winter bucket list. It’ll probably be “Winter into Spring”. It’s looking like not a lot of free fluff time until Feb or March of 22. (Sonster, dear, don’t get started!)

Getting things done and update on the challenge. I was able to get laundry done yesterday and work on my grocery list as it has a lot of things on there for helping to meet my goals for the KYD55 challenge. I need to go to the store today and I’m looking forward to that. I met all my goals yesterday for the challenge, moving and doing all my 80 movements, including the 1 push up at days end. Surprisingly my arms was slightly stronger but not by much. I’ll keep trying. My right arm is the weakest one and I will have to be careful to do a slow strengthening so I don’t tear the muscle. I hurt it pulling a suitcase while traveling several years ago. But yes, so far success. After two days of the slightest changes with the increased water, getting in greens and fruits, and moving more, it feels good. It just feels good to be able to do this and I’m so glad I ran upon this method of improvement. I feel like God led me to it. It’s not just about weightloss or nutrition but a whole life experience, all encompassing. I’m most impressed with the method or the pillars. The focus of 5 things. I realize now you could make these 5 things ANY THING you wanted it to be. I love the structure of it.

So my breakfast was pretty filling and it was more like brunch as it might have been around 9:30 or 10. So about 1:30 or so I was getting a little hungry. I didn’t want bread or sandwich or a small frozen pizza. The goal is to embrace as much whole food as I can for the 55 day spread and try to develop new habits, find new foods, and new ways of doing things. So this was lunch. A few walnuts, carrots, string cheese and applesauce. Might not have been low carb but most of it was real foods. The applesauce is the no sugar type. The collagen elixir also was included. I have decided not to cut out cheese. But for the most part I’m doing the doctor recommended string cheese. I just don’t think I can give up cheese but I’ve dramatically reduced my intake of it through the years. Some has been added back (shredded cheese) since Mom has been here. I’ll probably not keep it in the fridge after she is gone. I didn’t really miss it honestly.

So I did get a few things done this past week. I will be updating this list today for the new list and giving a week’s outlook for what all is coming next week b/c ya’ll like watching a 58 year old woman squirm and wrestle with her schedule and her life right? lol I keep saying I’m 59 but that’s not til January. I guess I feel every year of that and then some, lol.

Afternoon out with friends. Last night we went to Catch 22 and sat outside with about 10 other friends. It was great to get to see them. Great to have laughter again. And we enjoyed it so much. I followed my rules perfectly. I had two beers but only if I had a glass of water in between. We were there for 3 hours! I had some wing appetizers and that is whole, lol. I did a two bites of a reuben egg roll which was out of this world. Two bites was ok. They were mini sized and sliced in half. And I ordered a salad. I don’t have any rules on the dressings but plan to generally stick to vinaigrettes during this 55 day period. This one was a mustard vinaigrette – bacon was on it – and that’s ok. I can have bacon! Tomatoes and blue cheese was on it. It was so good. Got my greens in! Got my fruit in! Of course applesauce was my fruit anyway earlier.

Plans today and anticipation of the move. So today I will go to the store and the plan is to go to Cracker Barrel with Mom for car side pick up of lunch. I didn’t really want to be gone all afternoon but I know she needs to get out of the house. It has to be depressing just sitting here all week. I know she is probably tired of us, tired of our ways, not having things set up like she would have it, and she can’t see and we move everything around all the time in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.

She despises Little Bit the cat, as he gets in her way when Fancy goes out. (This week he got sprayed by a skunk – he’s an out side cat- and then rubbed up against Mom on the porch). I hear her constant sighs of frustration. I also hear her “whewing” after any movement at all. She is quiet and depressed it seems. And doesn’t talk to us much anymore. I asked her if there is anything she wanted to do or any places to go or places to eat or take out for the bucket list? She said “no just get me moved into my house”. I said, “wellll – ohhh kay”. The way I took it was that she was “past ready”, lol.

I get it. We also have things we will look forward to after she goes. It’s no offense to anyone on either party. I mean after all, I get my bed back, my chair back, my fridge freezer back, my closet back, 1/2 my office back, my shoe rack back, my jewelry box back, my big chest of drawers back, my TV time back and mine and George’s dinner time shows (we used to eat while watching a show), my bathroom drawer space back, my towel rack back and my robe rack back, my kitchen counter space back, more space in the kitchen back, more room in the fridge back, can do laundry mid week if I wanna, can listen my news briefings from Alexa in the mornings in the bathroom while getting ready and not waking anyone up, or run the vacuum at 2 pm on a Saturday when it’s during her nap time and she’s asleep in the chair. So I get it. I know she is ready to move on and we’ll equally be ready to enjoy having our routines and space back. But we’ve been fine with doing this for her on a temporary basis. We want her to be comfortable and by all means HAPPY.

On her end I can only imagine the inconvenience of living with us. The temps are colder here than she would like and at night George’s movies are really loud on the surround sound forcing her to bed early. George’s finances and computer and office is in her bedroom and often he is in there when she wants to change or get a shower or go to bed or do her church service on line on Sunday’s. Often I’m in the shower when she gets up in the mornings so I know she tries to wait until I leave for the bathroom. She tries so hard to stay out of our way. We can tell. So I know she’ll be glad to let her guard down and do as she pleases. I mean this is a woman that likes to do what she wants when she wants so I’m sure this has been hard.

So I know the days will be minimal here – just a few short and busy weeks to go. We are in the last stretch! Then she will be on her own again and can have fun setting up and unpacking. Since we will have minimal PTO days left after the move – she’ll have plenty to do – one box at a time. We can donate a few hours a week to help her get it set up, run errands, and her groceries and stuff. But I only have two full days to donate to the move or set up then we will be left with weekends during the busiest time of our year. But we will do what we can when we can.

Thinking about the days to come. We may have to get hired help to clean because I won’t have a lot of time to keep up two households and that my friend is a fact of life. I pretty much have issues keeping our own clean. But I will do what I can, when I can, as I can. I just can’t live there once she moves in as we have to work Full Time. But we will do our best to sustain her there as long as she can shower, make meals, and get up and get dressed. She cannot see well enough to see when things are dirty, dusty, crumbs on counter or floor. But I won’t be there to put her clean hand towel out twice a week, throw away trash, clean her toilets, refill her toilet paper- she will have to do those daily things now that she’s had done for her here. She’ll probably miss that hotel vibe, lol. I will only have time to spot clean here and there. I only have time to do that here as it is —really.

As for the driving. It’s her decision but it’s not going to be any different over there than it is over here. Traffic is heavy, busy, and very aggressive. I often have to slam on the breaks because people pull in front of me. And some people tail you. You really have to watch. She often cannot even tell or see me if I’m in the room so how could she see a child on the street or a person on the road? Would she be able to live with herself if she ran over a child in that neighborhood, or someone’s pet? It scares me. But she’s Momma, and you are not going to tell her what to do. So it’s her decision. If she gets out and kills herself or someone else –it’s on her. She can’t read the road signs because she can’t read a menu on the board and her font on the computer is 148 – I’m just kidding. I’m just worried for her that she can’t see well enough to drive and be safe for her or others. Oh well. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Ya’ll have a good Saturday. What ya doing today?

Eye Doc, Kitchen Cooking Disaster, Shooter on the Loose, and Big News on Mom’s House

Here it is Friday, and I’m as tired as everything! But still moving forward. It’s been a very fast week.

Eye Appointment: Good News, Bad News

Wednesday morning I had my annual eye appointment. All is well. Not enough of a prescription change to warrant new glasses. I’ll be keeping my artsy glasses for another year. The need for cataract surgery he says is a long way off. And he’s asking me since my eyesight is not critical – for me to step back and go to his partner, an understudy who is NOT an ophthalmologist but an optometrist. He assures me that he knows what to look for in eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration (the latter runs in our family) and that if I should develop those I would return back to seeing the ophthalmologist. He says that they are doing “share care” with their patience because my doc is doing more surgeries as there is a shortage of opthalmologists with so many baby boomers retiring. He also said the government controlled the numbers because of the training involved and expense. I’m assuming he is referring to government grants – only so many given. We had an interesting conversation about all this. I’m not sure I totally understand the government control part but it had to do with how expensive the training is so I guessed there was only so many grants and no one can afford the training. If I were going to be a doctor of any kind, I’d be an eye doc, but probably would not want to do surgeries. I’d say Optometry would be my thing. I always loved the study of the eyes in science but also liked the ears as well. So ENT would have been an interest. But I was never wanting to do more than 4 years of college. I still got my Masters but it was on my own terms – on line, at my pace (but within doable parameters), and not paid for by me.

I am not sure I want to be seen by an Optometrist when I had made the move to see an Ophthalmologist, but I suppose I will remain under him unless I find another situation I like better. I will keep the next appointment and then consider it after that and make a decision. I had a good Optometrist and left him to go to this other doc because of Mom’s condition and because of my pre-diabetic situation. It was recommended by several as the Ophthalmologists had more training. Life is always changing. And I just can’t take any more change right now. lol. I mean good grief.

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My Cooking Night was NOT Successful in My Opinion

My culinary experiences in the kitchen were disastrous Wednesday night. So I’m not going to recommend the recipes. Some of it was my fault. Some not.

The Orange Teriyaki Steak was just “ok”. Mom and George said it was good. But the meat was tough. It was supposed to be George said as the recipe called for a type of meat that was tough. I think it was round steak. It had marinated overnight. And it cooked in the oven bag. The recipe didn’t really have proper measurements – I can say that as it had no measurements at all, lol! So I guessed. The sauce was good though. The cooking degrees and for how long was off. It wasn’t done. I had to cook it 10 min longer and on higher heat.

But the real disaster was when I was preparing the spinach orzo, normally an easy one for me. I’d not tried this recipe but it was seemingly easy.

First off, before I set into cooking Wednesday night, I reached for a bowl by opening the cabinet. A wall of Tupperware fell out onto my face as I looked up and then landed on the counter. ::sigh:: And I noticed a stack of bowls with the heavy bowls sitting on a smaller bowl, all about to topple out. So before I could even start cooking I had to rearrange the dishes in that cabinet. ::double sigh:: I got the Orzo out as George said we had enough for my dish, but it was short by 1/4 cup. ::another sigh:: but I carried on.

Then as I got the ingredients out I noticed George had bought the spinach in a bundle with long stems instead of the nice pre-washed kind in the little box, so I had to stop and rinse it and chop that off. And then when I needed the strainer it was dirty because I had used it to wash the spinach off so I used the smaller one in a hurry. I had to hold it in the sink as it was unsteady for whatever reason. While doing that the steam from the water was so hot and burned my hand and I let it go. I went back to making the sauce and noticed that 1/2 the orzo had spilled into the sink. I cursed at this point. I was not using the now tainted orzo. Mom said use it anyway but NO – none of us need a food borne illness at this point. So I used 1/2 of the orzo which was already less than what was called for. So… sauce was made for the entire thing. So we ended up having orzo flavored garlic as a dish. Way too garlicky for that small amount.

Not Feeling Well, iOS Update, and Shooter on the Loose

I was a nervous wreck by the time I got dinner on the table. Nothing had gone well. As dinner was over and I realized how cranky and crabby I was, I just flat didn’t feel good so I went and took my temp and it was 100. I normally get this about once a quarter when I get tired and run down. It’s some kind of undefined autoimmune thing I’ve had for years. I’ve not pushed for diagnosis but have learned to live with it. Sleep and nutrition and supplements and vitamins and rest will help. So I went to my room, sat in the dark and rearranged my iPad apps after the new and big iOS update, which had reshuffled my home page. I stayed up and took an hour to fix it back as I’m geeky like that and want everything to be where I put it!!!

About then we got a text that there was a shooter on the loose on neighborhood streets nearby. By road it was probably two miles, by bird – about a mile. Our neighborhoods backed up. So it was a little concerning. I warned Mom and George who do not get the alerts. Mom takes Fancy out to potty before bed. Soon helicopters were on the edge of our neighborhood. I peeked out the window. It was a little crazy. The neighborhood next to us was on lockdown suggested by police to remain inside. Mount Juliet police is really good. I knew they would catch him and they had him by the time I got in bed. We got the alert that all was good and shooter was in custody.

I got up yesterday morning and although still tired, I felt good otherwise and fever was actually under by a degree which never happens. I went to work and felt fine. I still feel fine but feel more tired today than yesterday. I’ve had some mild pain in my right abdomen but it comes and goes all the time. I told my doc this a few weeks ago and he did not seem concerned if it was not severe and no nausea or vomiting etc. We both laughed that my appendix may be ready to blow. He said there had been a rash of that lately – but mainly from old men in their 70’s but women can certainly experience it as well. We left it at that. It’s not persistent so I’m not worried either, but I have felt it more this week than ever, I’ll just say. But today I kinda feel like a washed out tired. Like my normal tiredness when I need to rest.

Mom’s Wonderfully Southern Meal and Chess Pie

So Mom cooked last night and fixed a wonderful chicken and dressing dish along with mashed potatoes and peas and even a chess pie. It was a LOT of starch and she piled our plates HIGH! I was feeling a sugar/starch buzz going through my body at bedtime and went through a bottle and a half of water over night and many trips to the potty. It was great but my body says “hey you…slow down on the starch would you”. I have to be careful being pre-diabetic that I don’t wake up and find myself having crossed the line.

Temps were cool enough that we ate in the sun room. It was all so good but we were stuffed and then ate pie on top of that.

I had added the apple table cloth for fall. I’m enjoying using the tablecloths in there. I guess we need a Christmas one but enhhhh, we won’t be in there much so I’ll probably just put the grey one back in January.

Big News

So Mom got the call that her “Welcome Home Walkthrough” is Nov 1 and the closing on the house is Nov 5. How about that? So we will be starting to plan from here, rent trucks, vans, etc. So much is still in the air. We don’t have times yet and can’t order appliances yet til we know we’ll have access and someone available for delivery and such. So much to work out but once piece at a time. We don’t have to be in a hurry this time. She doesn’t have to be on a time frame. But we will likely take PTO days to get some things done. The big moves on the weekends but we’ll have to set up utilities and do a few things during the work week. Anyway, time is drawing near!

And I need to get ready and get to work. I also need more coffee to get going this morning. I’m so glad it’s Friday. But work is just really busy.

Weekend plans are formulating. George is going to play golf and Mom and I are going to eat at a place on my bucket list, go to a shoe shop, and get my car washed and then I’m coming home to do laundry, a Canon lesson, KDY55 plans firmed up, and whatever else I can work in.

George and I are wanting to cook up a Julia Child dish Beef Bourguignon together and we have plans to video it. I found the recipe we used years ago. I will share it soon. It was really good. George said it sounded fun. I’m so glad he enjoys doing the videos.

I got to work on the videos yesterday morning. Thursday mornings are a good time to do it. I was further along with it than I thought. Still made good progress yesterday. I still think we are a week or so out. I’ll shoot for the finish by end of next weekend but we’ll see. Life has just been so busy.

More updates tomorrow – might be later tomorrow or even on Sunday. We’ll see. Pray for George as he travels about in KY for this rare golf event. It’s a tournament and he doesn’t usually play. But it’s the best shot of a group of four. He’s the 4th guy and they asked him to please play. He’s stepping in for the guy that ended his life as his son had asked George to please take his spot. So he is going. And he plans to stop at the Amish in Scottsville KY.

Ok I gotta hurry now, I’m about 15 min behind but I could NOT get up this morning and was not willing to budge on my routine. It is what it is.

What are you doing this weekend? TGIF! 🙂