Retirement, Halloween, and November Projects

Now that it’s NOV 1st, I added the turkey decor to the table. I love this little google-eyed turkey.

So how are you guys doing? I think I’m just floating along. Trying to get the most important things done, responsibilities met, and then doing things from there when I can sneak them in.

The feel of cooler weather and the holidays are giving me a sense of excitement and encouragement. I’m feeling a mixture of feelings about the videos right now. Just kinda bitter/sweet thoughts. I love doing them – not gonna quit – still planning – still strategizing – still holding things off til closer to retirement. Not much time to work and plan on things but it’s fun trying. I was thinking today, if nothing else, it keeps my mind active. And my dreams alive.

The cooler weather has also brought stiffness, aches, pains, further making it necessary to revisit trying to fit an exercise schedule in. But it’s just never in the cards as far as time goes. We are a bit more active these days though getting ready for the holidays and doing our excursions and all that.

George’s Job News

We know a little more now. The company met with the employees today and they will work through November and will be paid through December. That is all we know for now, but he’s looking forward to retirement. I’m happy for him. And it makes me look forward to my own which will be upcoming but probably not til 2025 when I turn 62. I plan, if our company is still around, to probably help them train someone to do payroll, ME, QE, and w-2 reporting and retire end of Feb 2025 once it’s all done. But it really depends on me, Mom, George, our lives and what is going on and plenty of time to plan that exit – if our company makes it that long. Sales have been slow and you never know in this economy who wins and who loses in the market share. Plus, we are all getting old – all of us. Everyone is getting to be retirement age so who gonna run things? LOL I have no idea. We just live day by day. But George is somewhat excited I think. He has a lot planned like me, that he wants to do – things he has put off for years! So I’m happy for him. He gonna be a busy dude still!

Fall and Thanksgiving Phone Wallpapers if You Want to Snag them.

I have the 2nd one. I think it’s so pretty.

Freezer Foods – What all We Can Eat this Winter

We went through our freezer and made a list, then we put a lot of stuff on the board to remind us to pull things out of the freezer. Not all the list there is stuff from the freezer, but it’s a reminder board. Looks like we need to update the schedule of “eating” on the left. We like to meal plan but the week got ahead of us. I’m fixing a Pork Stew on Sunday.

Christmas Excursions

We are going on an excursion this Saturday that we have planned a couple of weeks ago. We have the restaurants narrowed down. It’ll probably involve lunch and dinner. We have a long list of shops. We are very excited about it

November Projects

I copied this list from my Notion account. It’s not necessarily in order of importance or prioritized and some things may be Christmas gifts but written in code or people already know about them, lol. So no worries. Some of these things have been on the list all year long. It’ll be a challenge to get to most of it, but I put it here to see the overview.

I’m really considering if I want to send out Christmas cards this year. I have mixed feelings. I may just send out cards to the elderly and do a digital card on all social media sites that I make on Canva. My original thinking was to do cards like normal, but put a little letter inside like I did a long time ago. But I’m thinking we could benefit now by saving money and scaling back where we can. With both our retirements coming and the economy not looking so good, I think we should be more conservative.

Halloween Night / Last Night

We ate at Gotcha Poke Bowl and Bubble tea. I am not a fan of the bubble tea. But the Poke Bowl was wonderful. I got chicken teriyaki. I didn’t eat the raw onions. Not a big fan of raw onions either.

Well his nose got wiped off, but my grandson was a cow. Isn’t he the cutest cow? He faced time us to show us his outfit. My daughter does such a good job face timing and calling us. I am so thankful she thinks of us.

We did some Christmas shopping afterwards and I bought a winter coat at Dick’s Sporting Goods for George to give me for Christmas. I got it oversized. I can’t stand a tight or snug coat. The arms are too big but I will just fold it over, lol. I’m pretty sure it’s a man’s but they don’t make coats big enough for women my size. Or at least I’ve not found them yet. I always wear George’s for a reason. So I shopped the mens side.

We browsed through Target in Mount Juliet looking for toys, etc. But that was the most disorganized merchandise I’ve seen. It looked horrible. Here’s an example. I just was so embarrassed for them. How awful to even be open with the store looking like this.

Well, I guess the younger management teams either don’t care, stink at their management skills or whatever. Probably they can’t get anyone to work as that seems to be everyone’s excuse and or reason now. But the inner critic in me wants to say why are competitors stores in much better shape? They manage to keep their stock organized.

Well, over and out. The video is uploading to YouTube as we speak for Friday and dinner is almost ready and we have found some new shows to watch. So, talk to you later on! I’ll share any news I have Friday I suppose. If I’m not here you know life was just boring or so much is happening I can’t post, ha!

What you got going on this week?

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  1. That mess in Target is terrible but what bothers me even more is the type of customers that would take shoes etc out (and from the looks of it many different people) and with no regard for the store and their staff just throw things around and not re box and put things back where they belong. That’s disgraceful.

    • I totally agree! That’s the first issue. And then if I was managing there I would at least have someone go through with a cart and pick it up and take it to the back til it could be sorted and redistributed where it goes. I was so shocked.

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