Getting Ready for Company, Pop Shelf Visit, Dexter’s Trick, and This Week’s Update

Good morning everyone! Sharing a few days with you, as it was – a couple of weeks ago when we prepped for our Life Group gathering, had a Saturday at home. I also take you shopping at Pop Shelf. And Dexter shows you his trick. As usual you will see your favorite side kick, George. You can see it all here.

It’s been a quick week and relaxing at night. I am almost finished with the puzzle. It’s already further along than this. I’ll need the table for putting gifts on it.

Got my hair cut this past Thursday and I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s the before and after.

I won’t get it cut again though until probably 2024 and likely after I cut it myself. I’ll try to hold out til spring, in an effort to cut costs.

George’s last day of work is in November and he gets paid through the end of the year. After that he’s on early retirement, and on my insurance. I think I talked about it in a previous post.

It was a good week this past week but I hit a wall about 3 yesterday and my brain did NOT want to do anything else. I was mentally exhausted and physically as well. And I found myself in a horrible mood when tested. I wasn’t in a bad mood until conversations with George over what time to leave today for our excursion. I was thinking all week that we would at least have Saturday morning to get a few things done. But he wants to leave preferably by 8 this morning but we agreed on 9. I was thinking more like 11, lol. I explained he may expect to have dirty underwear next week. When am I supposed to do laundry? We have church and probably will need to do something for Mom so tomorrow’s productive hours are shot as well. I’m trying to suck it up and go on, but then we’ll be starting the work week in a mess.

The holiday prep is fun and the shopping is too but I am not fond of starting the work week off in disarray. It’s ok I just have to realize I won’t get much, if anything done, so I spent the morning just forwarding all my to do items I really wanted to do til next week. Although savvy as I try to be, I do have some things I can accomplish on my phone, hahahaha!

I will enjoy today though. I am just tired and have had little sleep all week. And I will continue to be tired as we push through the holidays. The schedule is likely not to get any easier, lol.

OK you watch the video here. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, leave a comment or give me a like. It really helps. I’d like to reach 300 by years end. It’s very slow growth for a vlog on YouTube. Basically I’m not pretty, I’m old, and I’m not very interesting, so that doesn’t help either, lol. I won’t grow until I learn to be more entertaining, more interesting, or more helpful – as people are usually on YT for personal reasons to learn something or be entertained. They don’t usually come to see you just because they like you. That’s not happening in this day and age. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. I wanted to build a community there like here, but even this community is shrinking. I’ve come to accept that the world we live in is never going to be what I want it to be. We just have to invest in the next world. 🙂

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  1. What works for me sometimes. Put like a 5 minute timer on your phone. When getting ready in the morning throw your laundry in (clean underwear ha!) and I bet it didn’t take 5 minutes. I get overwhelmed but in reality things take minutes. Throw things in dryer as you walk out the door (hang dry the few things you need to.) This also helps me with “daunting” tasks, if I put on a 15 minute play list and force myself to not get deterred I’m shocked what I can accomplish. I’ve figured out late in life I have ADD, get overwhelmed with small tasks and distracted when I do start. The timed method helps me.

  2. Sorry just realised I hadn’t added my comment. It’s bonfire night over here so fireworks galore being set of I like the fireworks but do not like the noisy BANGs one of my old dogs was terrified of the bangers….and the whoosh of the ones who are so colourful when they burst up in the dark sky…..Thanks as always for todays Vlog. Good as usual, if I had one complaint it would be that perhaps you had to much dialog but the filming was so good and you always find great background music….We are having a quiet weekend. Church in the morning then home for the rest of the day…I think…Hope work goes well next week. 💕💕💕💕

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