Happy Halloween Everyone

Hope you all have a happier Halloween! I’m doing payroll today. Currently at lunch! I’m eating a Marie Calendar’s Pot Pie and it is hitting the spot today!

The cooler air has arrived. We are in our warmer clothes. Are you all dressing up today? One of our office mates brought candy. My favorite is Reese’s, so I got one!

Katy has been sick with a bug and she’s better today and back to work.

My sisters white cell count is in the normal range now and she can get out more. Her red blood cell needs to increase though. She gets pretty tired as the day goes on. So prayers for her continued healing and health and recovery from chemo and radiation treatments. Her PET scan is in DEC.

All I know for now. Hope everyone has a happy and safe day! Maddie says hello. She snuggles so good overnight. She loves that little blanket as much as I do. It radiates heat back to you from your own heat. When I get in bed she literally tries to hog it away from me, lol. She also doesn’t want Dexter on the bed. Sometimes he is brave and comes anyway and other times whimps out and/or let’s her have her way. But I love on him every night and we still get some bonding time. Last night I gave Dexter a big tummy rub. He knows his Momma loves him but that Maddie calls the shots a lot.

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  1. Glad you’re having a nice Halloween. All quiet down where I am in the village but I expect it will be busy up at the church. We open the doors for all children who are accompanied by an adult are invited in for hot dogs, bacon rolls, cookies etc we also do apple dunking it’s a bit of fun for the children…..I don’t drive in the dark so I don’t help tonight.
    Take Care xx

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