A Week in My Life, What My Job is Like, See my Office, and Mom’s Mechanical Pets

Good morning friends, Here is a “Week in My Life Vlog”. I take you through the week with me. See Mom’s mechanical dog and cat, see my office, and go with us to a “from the sea” theme party with friends. This is probably the best sneak peek into my daily world as you can get! You can watch it HERE!

Have a great weekend!

4 responses to “A Week in My Life, What My Job is Like, See my Office, and Mom’s Mechanical Pets”

  1. Thanks for this weeks VLOG. I’m sorry that you were so tired, it certainly showed through, it makes me sad that you have so much on your mind. You are so conscientious I’m sure . You are not appreciated as much as you should be. As I’ve never worked in an office like your or been responsible to management as you are I can’t say that I understood a lot about your work other than thinking it was an awful lot for you to have to do. Let’s hope now quarter end is finished for another few weeks you can relax some…..now we have to wait to see what this week will bring you. More relaxing times for sure. God Bless

  2. I really enjoyed this one. I’m sorry the Mechanical Pets didn’t help your Mom change her mind about wanting a dog. I also think you are still dealing with some dog jealousy with Dexter.

    • Thank you. I know – they weren’t cheap. I know she’s lonely. I just hope she’s strong enough to resist and realize it’s not a good idea.

      Yes, Dexter is still jealous. I try to give him extra attention when I can. But so far that hasn’t worked for the long run. I think they will not realize soon how much we both love each of them

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