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Good morning. Well, we’ve outdone ourselves, literally. We have a condo booked, air flights booked, car booked and we’ll get to see our family another time this year. God has heard my cry and plea to see them and not wait for September. And He has heard my plea to see his beautiful ocean and to eat Seafood and be apart of a seaside community for a few days. I’m looking at it like it’s the other half of our weekly vacation. We had a half week in San Antonio in March.

This kinda seals the travel deal for us for the rest of the year. I’m hoping the Lord supports us financially in this decision. We are splitting the costs to do this. The cost of living has gone up dramatically. We are feeling the pinch. And our income does not go up dramatically. George’s does some as his company has been good to him. I think I’m red circled as they call it, because I came from HR and wanted to go into payroll and it’s not as high of a position, plus I’m a woman and often we are not paid as well in society as evidence shows, but I think the economy has more than caught up with me now. A lot has changed since 2019. I’ve been in a quandary over this, this year, and not sure what to do about it. But it is something I’m looking at. I mean with only a couple of years left, you hate to try to find something that pays more, and that is not really my plan, but geez. I may not have a choice. We don’t want to get into our investments. And the last years of your social security is important. I don’t know what God will lead me to do but we need get through a period of time before things free up a bit and we retire. I think my work has value and I hope people realize that. If not someone will. It’s so easy for my feelings to get hurt too when I see things going on around me that are good and then I don’t see these good things happening to me. People don’t see that I see it, but I do and it’s hurtful. That kinda plays into things too.

And I called Mom’s HOA and they didn’t call me back yesterday. I think this happened a lot too when Mom called. I’ve got several buttons to push and games to play if they do not return my call. I will push a button a day and work myself up to sending a business letter – copied to several in the agency, and then the CEO, Better Business Bureau and others. I’ve had to do things like this in the past to get things done. It works but takes time and patience. But we’ll start small and be positive and then move it up the scale if nothing is done. She has actually overpaid and has not been given credit for part of it and they have blessed her with charges because of their own inefficiencies at the time they changed companies. They have met their match. But I’m hopeful they will take time to let me show them the payment they didn’t post and give Mom a year’s worth of late fees in credit. She has not paid any of the fees, lol. She knew she had paid them. I’ve got the bank info showing she did. It’s just a matter of getting someone to talk with me. So I’ll keep going up the ladder. We are only on the 2nd rung. lol

I got Mom’s dog, Fancy signed up for a vet appt in a couple of weeks. I had to reschedule my dental appt to get the crown – yet another expense. Insurance coverage doesn’t help much anymore with the prices going up so much. I mean 50% of a whole bunch of money is a lot of money still. You need insurance to supplement your insurance.

So I guess that is all for now. So much happened yesterday. It was a busy and full day. At work and at home. I got everything done at work and even finished month end. I had prayed for that so that is good.

Today is payroll closing day and I’ll be working later in the day today to cover the Mom hour as I do every Tuesday to support those once a month eye doc appts.

Oh and yesterday I had lost the video I spent 10 hours on, due to a power surge in a storm. But good news. I found it. Hidden, but I found it. It had left my timeline in Final Cut Pro when my computer cut off suddenly. Anyway, last night I finished it and so this Saturday there will be another video.

I better go and get ready for work. I’m just glad we are going to the beach. I hope it’s not my last time to see the beach. George is getting to where he doesn’t want to go there anymore (but he relented to see his grandson and be with family) and as we move into our senior years, you just never know. So I will soak this up and hope it’s not the last time I see it. Plus the cost to do these types of things are just astronomical.

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve got your holiday by the sea booked, what a fun time you will have. I’m sorry that it’s so expensive I don’t think we appreciate over here how lucky we are to never live all that far from the sea and sand. I think I read recently that nowhere in the UK are we further than 2 hrs from the sea….we have had a wonderful weekend with it being the Coronation on Saturday of our new King and then onSunday our church put on a Community Afternoon Tea Paert for the village. It was hard work and I was completely exhausted at the end of it but everybody said they had enjoyed themselves so that made it worth while….Can’t remember when you said you were going on holiday . Is it July. Now of to make lunch.

  2. I think you are in a smaller area. We are in such a big area that it is impossible to see who is doing well and not so well. Teachers in the district have gotten a little raise but the classroom has not improved. Kids are getting more challenging and they cannot threw money as this is not the answer, always. I am glad to have the time off until next year. The extra 4 months helped my hip and the publication of my novel.

    • Covid year- not going anywhere helped me kick off my YouTube and learn iMovie and Final Cut Pro! lol I live and work in different communities just outside Nashville. So we are in competition with Nashville area jobs. I just work for a smaller scale company. Even though we are global and across America- it’s still kind of has a 80- 90’s s feel to it tech wise and kinda still feels like family owned still.

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