Losing Weight: How I’ve Lost Six Pounds this week

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The weight loss is going well. I’ve already met an important milestone. Surprisingly after the first week of really getting serious I have lost 7 lbs. From weigh in to weigh in. I’m not calling anything a success until I see sizes and inches change but it’s a great first week. But here’s what I’ve done different in the last week:

  1. Eating oatmeal or a couple of eggs for breakfast, sometimes adding blueberries or blackberries to oatmeal.
  2. Munching on celery for snacks if I just have to have a snack.
  3. Trying NOT to eat snacks between meals, but drinking bubble water or hot fruity tea instead
  4. Eating less peanuts, but if I do eat them, eat almonds and only eat like a dozen to fifteen or so, roasted less salt.
  5. Using My Fitness Pal App. This has been HUGE! After inputting my weight loss goals, I input my food intake daily and it tracks the calories, protein, and nutrients so you can see where you are.
  6. Exercising 15 min a day. I have been either walking, doing Improved Health, a YouTube video channel, and I also did Tai Chi yesterday with this guy who made it really easy.
  7. I have been using the Renpho app to track weight since I have the Renpho Scales.
  8. Going at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast – we eat late since we work all day and even though we have curtailed what we eat, I try to go at least 12 hours before eating breakfast the next day. Many fast for 14 or more hours overnight but being pre-diabetic, I can’t always successfully do that.
  9. Not having a daily glass of wine. I’ve limited to a goal of 3 days a week, with a little headnote that if I really want a fourth day of the week I can have it.
  10. Meeting my calorie goals for the day has been key. So much so I’m giving it its own line item here, even though it was mentioned in number 5.

So these are the main things. In review, I’d say tracking it all is holding me accountable. I often don’t eat things because I don’t want it to lessen my calorie count. It makes me weigh options. It makes me think things through. If I were not tracking it, I’d just eat more of what I wanted and blindly hoped it would work.

I’ll keep posting my weekly tips here and there as the weight loss continues. As always I love sharing my journey in whatever I do. And these have made a huge difference in seeing some success, more quickly than I had imagined.

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  1. The first week usually goes very well! You are doing really well for 15 minutes of exercise. I get my walk every other day with the pug-about a mile or a little less. When I return to work in person in the fall, I will get lots of walking in but for now am relying on yoga twice through the VA virtual and swimming on Sunday locally. I am holding steady but my real goal is to make my hip stronger, so I am able to move more easily. I also need to lost 30 lbs. Sometimes I might eat too little. I need to find out more about this.

  2. That’s awesome, Sonya! It sure does make you feel good when you have success like that. I need to get back on track with my eating plan after I went hog wild eating on vacation. lol

  3. That is great. Keep up the good work. I am thinking of joining weight watchers. I know some have have good results. I think my problem is not eating enough fruits and vegetables Plus the prediabetics messes hormones up. I really don’t eat that much.

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