Feeling Blessed to Have a Relaxed and Less Stressful Weekend

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It has been a very relaxing weekend. I didn’t post yesterday since I had posted later on Friday. There is nothing spectacular that has occurred within the last day or so except that just being home and having time to unwind while getting a little bit of housework done has been nice.

We had a bit of time on Friday afternoon after George’s procedure (colonoscopy). He really bounced back and didn’t even want to go to bed when he got home. His procedure was a bit different than mine. I don’t think he had to get up much in the night. But he is doing fine.

We’ve been talking with Katy and Cody (my daughter and SIL) about a beach trip. It’s going to be pricey but we want to see each other and we don’t any of us have much PTO so we are only doing a half of a week. Cody has to make sure he can swap with someone as he has some things going on. We are having to cancel some things as we had every weekend with something to do, but there were two weekends we could squeak out of easier than the other two.

George bought Dexter a new toy this weekend at a yard sale. Well, the guy gave it to George actually. It only lasted 5 minutes. ha. But he enjoyed those 5 minutes. Once he got to the stuffing we had to take it away.

Making Accomplishments

So I was able to get a BIG thing done today. I added a plug-in to the blog for SEO optimization. It was much easier than I had anticipated. I think it has been more of a pain to install in the past. They have made it easier. I had wanted to give myself plenty of time in case it messed up my blog. But it looks like everything is fine. It’s still a little confusing but I think I kinda see how it works. Bottom line, I was very glad to get this done. It’s bee on my list for a while.

Oh I also got a big thing done yesterday. I solved what was going on with Mom’s HOA. Well, I found the problem that is. Tomorrow I will have to call and try to fix it. She did not miss any payments. But she did hold off paying her March 2022 payment until April because they were not receiving two of her previously sent checks. Matter of fact she sent two checks for the price increase – a hefty $60. They only showed receiving one of them and not until April. Mom shows sending it twice from her bank and they only show receiving it once. So they have charged her late fees and service fees and all kinds of fees all year long – pretty much since she has had the account. So I’ll ask for refunds on everything and explain why she was hesitant to send March’s check b/c they were not getting credited to her account. They owe her the $60 and the fees. This took me a while yesterday.

Upcoming Week’s Schedule

Schedule for this week? Plan to get our condo booked for a trip with Katy and Cody so long as everything goes well. (George wants us to fly I think so that means getting our flights booked too.) Taking Mom for her Mom’s day meal on Wednesday night. Dexter will be worn out from doggie day care. Then Mom has a doc appt on Friday.

George took Mom to church today and I met them there in a separate car. He took her to lunch and then to get groceries. I came home. This is the plan. We do this every other Sunday so the other one can have time at home and it’s working well. I got things accomplished today I would not have otherwise. Like getting that plug in installed on my blog. That has been on the list at least since Jan if not last year. It’s huge for my psyche to show progress.

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day though, so it’s a “together day” that we’ll go get Mom. We agreed to drive through hamburgers and eating on Mom’s patio, if it’s not raining. I’m hoping to get George to help hang some of her pictures in the living room and probably need to hang her curtains that she ordered. Then the week after that is George’s Sunday off. It’s so awesome to have a spouse to offer to do that when it is really not his responsibility. He could just choose to bug out but he offered to allow me to have time off too. Of course Mom was not happy with it. I guess she wants us both there, but she mainly just needs to worry that her needs get met and not worry about who does it. Keeping us happy will keep her happy but I don’t know that she can realize that.

Last week I didn’t get hardly any of my weekend off and it showed all week. I was not rested, not very organized. I let things get to me. But I didn’t have a video and that helped. So this extra long weekend we had and getting to be home has done wonders for my soul.


Oh, I started exercising on the weekend. It was great to do. I did a YouTube video.

Hope everyone has a great week. I think I won’t post in the morning since it’s so late in the day now. But I’ll see you back Tues or Wed, as time allows.

It’s raining/storming right now, but not severely. It sounds wonderful. I’m going to go put on my PJ’s.

For once I feel pleased that things are looking up. I hope it stays that way.

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  1. I’m so very pleased that you’ve had a good and fairly relaxing weekend. I know just how happy it will have made you to figure out how Moms HOA sorted out, I hope she is happy, (though doubt if she will think nothing of all the trouble you’ve had sorting things out). It will be lovely if you can organise a wee holiday to see the wee one again…and of course. Kate and Cody. I have had a good weekend. Saturday was our big day of TV watching as our new King was being crowned. I hope you managed to see a little of the televised crowning ..we of course found it fascinating..I was only 8 when our beloved Queen was crowned so only remember being taken to a friends house to watch on the 14ins B/W TV…never thinking I was going to have to wait so long to see another Coronation….nor did anyone think I would live so long !!! Then yesterday our church put on a community afternoon Tea Party. I was completely exhausted as there were just Michael and Tony who did most of the helping. Rather than do catering we ordered all the wonderful sandwiches, quiches, cakes from a local supermarket who do them so well. A couple of church members did make some cheese scones and plain scones with cream and raspberry jam ….Tony did most of the interior decorating on Thursday after the cafe it looked so good. ( luckily we didn’t have a church service on Sunday 1st of the month). We just had tables to be laid forever aprox 40…we had no idea how many would turn up…Anyway I got up at 12.15 and home just after 6pm. Utterly exhausted but everything went so well and everybody enjoyed them selves…think around 34 came so we didn’t have much left (what was left was given to someone else who is having a tea today). So today I am just sitting relaxing….it’s a bank holiday so all is quiet…..I hope.

    • We got vacay booked which I’ll blog about later.
      I saw where you could watch the recorded coronation on Netflix or Hulu but I have not watched. I watched a couple of my YouTube shows. But mostly worked on projects except when George and I watched some movies after dinner.

      Sounds like you had a big day!

  2. A beach trip sounds wonderful. There is something so relaxing about being near the ocean. Plus watching little Roo playing in the sand. You can help him make a sandcastle.
    We went this past summer. I went shopping this weekend and got my nails done. It was a nice warm weekend. That is great your husband did well on his test. I know it is a relief to know everything is clear. My husband said his foot is some better. He still may have to get surgery.

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