Financial Set For Up Mom, Hairstyle Goals, and Feeling Less Stress Today

Yesterday, I left the house around 6:15 and got to work and closed all four payrolls. It was Tuesday and my day to work an hour over + the 15 minutes that I ran behind getting there so I’d get my 9 hours in. (I work an hour over on Tuesday to be able to cover for Mom’s eye appointments on Friday once a month, so I don’t have to burn PTO.)

Once home, I felt weird and took my temp and had a 100 degree fever again. It’s stress, and being on the go without much down time. It happens every time but it’s been worse lately. It’s almost to the point that I need to go to the doctor. Twice this week I’ve had to come in an lay down, lay still for at least 30 min to an hour so I can function.

I still had way much to do. Like getting Mom’s bills set up and organized and getting a few paid that were either past due or coming due. Luckily I had just enough blank folders to create a file for each one. And put them in a rotating order so I can know when I need to pay them.

I didn’t have any problems paying the ones that were due. And her Belk return came through. I was watching for that.

I also folded 2 loads of laundry and washed a couple of loads yesterday.

We ordered a sloppy Joe type thing from Hello Fresh – but it was really called BBQ Pork Sandwiches. It was good but I was not fond of the sandwich part. I just ate the meat off of it and ate my potatoes and beans. Lotsa starch and carbs. :-O. The kidney beans didn’t come with it. George just selected it as a side. I bought them to go in salads/rice, so I’ll buy another, lol.

I like this ladies hair style. the longer layers with just a few layers shorter than the length. I doubt mine will do this. It’ll probably be too “full”. I have thick hair. I think my sides are already kinda like hers.

I follow her on instagram. She is calistatools and she does hair, has hair tools and products that she shows. She makes some fun little clips and reels, if you want to follow. I like the curling brush she uses. Not sure how much it is. Might look into it for some curl, but I already have a heating brush but it doesn’t do curl very well, lol.

I took a screen shot so I could show my stylist what I’m letting it grow for. This was the perfect example. I hope she doesn’t mind me giving her a plug here.

I feel better this morning and much less stressed. Yesterday I was needing to catch up on life and feeling kinda anxious about Mom’s bills, the house, and not even being able to do the normal routine, and not being able to work on things I want to work on or even have time for hobbies or down time. But last night after my little 30 min rest break, I was able to get the bills and laundry done and felt much more at ease. I slept solidly last night too.

And I feel much more grounded blogging in the morning about the day yesterday. It’s a big help. By evening I’m not in the mood and it’s feels all programmed and not from the heart.

You all seem to respond better to my morning posts as opposed to my evening crafted ones.

Well, today’s Wednesday. I have to get a chunk of stuff done quickly today and tomorrow since I’m off Friday for George’s colonoscopy, to take him and get him home. It’s month end. So I’ll try to get things done on top of the regular weekly stuff. If I don’t make progress then I’ll be working a little over each day next week. The way my job works it’s hard to get month/end and quarter end things done during the 40 hour work week. I usually have to work extra to do those duties. Last month I was lucky and only did about 20 – 30 minutes a day over as we didn’t have a lot of extra things going on until the last day of quarter end which we were thrust with another department’s work and that nearly sent me over the edge. Everything has been so stressful lately. Things that make you go….hmmmmmmm!

Anyway, off to the races! ha. And this evening there are no plans and I’m going to change George’s sheets, call Mom and discuss Mother’s Day plans which we have worked out. Oh I have to work on her HOA. There is a dispute about a missed payment. Mom says she has paid and they say she hasn’t but since (over a year) she has been a payment behind in their books and has paid about another payment full of late fees. I say pay it and be done with it. It’s too hard to prove. But I will try. I will call and see which 2021 payment or 2022 payment was missed and try to get proof from the bank. The HOA changed companies and so there is that complication. They sent notice they are going to put a lien on the house if not paid. Mom told me not to pay it, but I think we may have too so there is no problem when she starts to sell. Hell, I will pay it with my own money to avoid being yelled at over it. I won’t but I’d be willing to because Mom swears she’s paid it and not paying it. But it’s gone on so long now and the fees are building up and she’s paying far too much when we can just wipe the slate clean and avoid the dispute and not pay all the fees extra. But I’ll call first and see if I can help. The file is very confusing and I have my doubts.

Anyway, gotta go to work! Need to do hair and makeup first. Have a great day!

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  1. I think I would quietly pay it and then work on getting to the bottom of the whole thing. If you find they are wrong they should have to pay all fees etc back. That way all will be behind the scenes and she will not be aware of what is going on and give her a reason to complain.

  2. I believe I would quitely pay this amount. This will give you time to dig into the situtaion and get it corrected. When you do they will owe you back the fees, etc. This will keep Billie of fumming and fussing about it.

  3. By the way, great hairstyle! If she can do it. I went to a beauty school recently and had some luck with the hairstylist. It beat paying $60 for my haircut.

  4. I like the new hairstyle. I need to do something with mine. With the wind blowing all day it is blown in all directions. The top is flat and then ends curly. I can’t do much with it.
    Have a good day hope the day goes by fast for you. I am off to the Dr. for a checkup.

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