Colonoscopy Prep Day for George, Working with Mom’s HOA, and a Busy Day Today

Tried this water bubble drink yesterday and it was very good. Usually we have “berry” or “fruit” types of water bubble drinks but this was a little different. I enjoyed it. Very refreshing. I think I like the Polar brand a lot. It’s very subtle and I don’t like the bubbles to be so prominent they threaten to carry you away or you can feel them all the way through your tummy. Subtle bubble is perfect.

Yesterday was a fairly good day except for a few weird/odd moments at work. I don’t know what is going on. A few things leaving me scratching my head. Anyway, I can’t use this platform to share my feelings on that. Everyone will just have to guess. The right people would understand. The wrong people would use it as a reason to create a hard time for me. So just know. There’s a few things I’m scratching my head over and slightly tee’ing me off, but I’ll get over it. As I say, I usually have bigger fishes in the frying pan to worry over. Sometimes you just have to give the little button turds of life to our God to handle. And not give it another thought. The weekend’s coming anyway. This is my Friday. Lots to do though.

Dentist appointment this morning. I have a sensitive tooth. Cold really unpleasant and hurts and now even the hot hurts. Much to do at work – hoping to get to month end but that may have to wait til next week and crammed in. Probably have to work the hours I am taking for PTO tomorrow but that is ok. I keep the extra hours worked in a bucket and use them for doc appts like today. I think I have 7 hours in there from the last couple of weeks where I’ve worked 30 to an hour over each day. The bucket does not include Mom’s hour that I work over on Tuesday – as that’s a separate bucket. lol. You wonder why I feel so burdened it’s because I track and keep up in detail over so many things. Mainly to protect myself so when people’s fingers start pointing and tongues start wagging you can show the facts and put a firm stop to it.

Dexter helped me change George’s sheets after work yesterday. I was so excited to get this done. Was supposed to do it over the weekend but by weekend to do’s overflowed into the week. I wanted George to have clean sheets though going into his colonoscopy prep day and onward as he’ll be wanting to be under the covers. It makes you cold and kind tired and hard to focus, so he will have a nice fresh bed to crawl into. And to nap in after.

Then the main excitement for the day was to get to organize the files – clean up the last video and start the new one. I’ve got about a third of it edited. It is NOT going up this Saturday. There is not a video this Saturday in an effort to buy me some down time so I could catch up on life a bit and breathe and get out of the spin cycle a bit. Even though it’s a break I am working on the following Saturday and hopefully can get a bit ahead.

I was able to read some last night too.

I’ve been in touch with Mom’s HOA. They called me back while I was picking up Dexter from doggie daycare. Of course. So I couldn’t talk much, but I have a contact now and she sent me an email with all the activity they have received so I can see what payment is missing and check against Mom’s bank statements. I found where I can access those each month. Hopefully will get to the bottom of it. I need about an hour of time this weekend to research all that and hopefully get her account out of delinquent status. Mom says she paid. They said she didn’t. It stems from the very beginning. The people I talked with are very nice and helpful. They said if it was their mistake, they can give refunds on any late fees, etc. But I don’t think Mom has even paid the late fees b/c she says it is not due. Anyway, we have to get this fixed right away, one way or the other.

I took this pic in honor of George. He’ll be in his own bathroom later today. It’s prep day. But if you have not seen my own colonoscopy video you can watch it here. I am surprised that it almost has 2 thousand views. I asked George if he wanted me to video one on his and he said “no thanks”. So you can watch mine. lol

Pray for him seriously. We are hoping that all is well. Once we know the results we can either make or postpone making beach plans. Hoping there are no problems but the fact George asked me to wait, got my attention.

Anyway, gotta hurry and get out the door for the dentist appointment. Have a great day!

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  1. The prep is the worse part. I struggled to drink that nasty tasting stuff. I could not get it all down. The rest was easy, they knock you out and I don’t know what they use to put you to sleep but it was the best sleep I have had in a long time. Then I was fine no discomfort or anything. I hope Georges comes out good.
    It turned cold again. Going to get down to 44 degrees.

    • I couldn’t drink the stuff they gave me…the 1st and 2nd time but the pills were great. It finally got in the 70s today here. Suppose to warm I think. I’ve ignored the forecast this week and probably should check it, lol.

  2. Well love keeping George in our thoughts and prayers…the prep is often worse than the actual procedures…’s good it’s on a Friday gives him the weekend to relax quietly…
    Hope you got what you wanted to finish at work done so that tomorrow your full attention will be with George…..Take Care. Xx

    • Thanks -appreciate those prayers! I stayed and got a lot done today. Was worried about it. We’ve had so many fires to put out lately, it seems like our job has doubled. Really has me thinking! :-0

  3. I hope all went well with George’s test.
    It’s great that you took the day off. You seriously need that. I know you won’t be sitting still but hopefully you can catch up on some chores.
    When I took over my mom’s finances, I couldn’t believe how many “charities” she was sending money to. I cut that out pronto!
    I agree with you on settling your mom’s HOA. 🫨

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