Stocking up the Office for Work, Boundaries at Work, Being Considerate, and Yesterday’s Progress

I had a load to take into work yesterday! Here’s my “haul”. I eat breakfast and lunch and snack there, so it dwindles quickly.

Yesterday was another odd work day. A little more trouble than it needed to be. I usually find myself begging others to turn in things for payroll. I decided to draw a line/a boundary. I’m getting good at those! People know what they need to do and depend on me to remind, beg, plead, scream, whimper, fuss, throw feathers. But…I’m no longer going to be the “fire lighter” under the butts of the problem. I’m just going to calmly do my job and let others do theirs and if they forget, or chose not to do what they need to do, that’s on them. It’s too much stress every Monday to try to make things flow as they should and chase down the issues and chase the mole in the hole. I can only be responsible for my part. Even if it creates more work for me in the long run, and hinders others too, it’s really not my responsibility to go begging for others to do what they need to do. I’m through begging. It’s not good for the blood pressure. Just let it be. Surely I can’t be the only one that cares. I guess the next few weeks we’ll see the answer to that as things start to unravel and go South. The tribe? Yeah, it spoke. The tribe is done with the subject. The tribe is getting out the popcorn. And I have bigger fish to fry than to lose sleep over it. lol

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I was out of the house at 6:00 a.m. and didn’t get home until 9:00 p.m. For those that are concerned about my well being and how I look at things, I probably should mention, I had a good attitude about it- it still didn’t get my housework done that I was behind on, but that is what life’s about right? Not letting “not getting things done” not bother me and being happy about it? lol. That’s a lot of “nots”. Just kidding. I’m not and never will be happy about not getting things done. I think it is part of being the oldest child, the responsibility that was taught at a young age. It’s my nature to want to get things done. I always try to cram plan a lot in.

I will tell you right now that if you don’t like that about me, you don’t have to read this blog. It’s likely not going to change. I’ll always be complaining about not having time to do something. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy or content. Remember you only see a sliver of my life. And here when I’m writing you often get the rants and dumps because it’s foremost in my mind. So before you judge, think about that. I realize when you put your life out there though, that people will have their own reasons to try to insult you. But I figure that has everything to do with them and less to do with me.

We all have different personalities and hardships and such. Just because one has had a hard time it’s not a reason to judge another’s life or perspective or to try to hurt their feelings or diss them. So if this blog is not for you when I am trying my best to figure out how to do the things I really want to do in life, and figuring out how to enjoy it, the ups and downs, and share my life with you, my feelings, my worries, my hopes my dreams. If it doesn’t resinate with you, just move on. You are not required to be here.

But for those of you that support me and don’t judge, I appreciate you sooo so much. And that has been like 98% of you. I am not perfect. When I say I need some time at home, I really do. And while I don’t feel the need to explain myself (it’s my life, my blog), I will say that I’m an introvert, creative type, writer type, and I psychologically and sometimes physiologically have a need to have time at home. An off day. A reset day. Kinda like even God did, on the 7th day.

Can anyone else out there relate? When I say I have had 14 days without an off day, it does NOT mean that I haven’t had time from work. Most that read the blog understand what I mean when I say that I think. But in case someone is behind, yes, I have off days from work. And um, yes, everyone fills their off days from work with other things. And yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, which is very lame conversation, if you ask me because everyone’s life, persona, and situations are different. My definition of an “off day” is a day in which I can be home taking care of things here. They do let us off at work, lol. And yes, we all do different things with our off days. Maybe I should say “day at home” so no one is confused.

Ok now that the housework on the blog is finished, let’s move on with the day.

I drove from Antioch to Lebanon to get Mom, drove us to Mount Juliet to get our nails done. When I asked Mom if she wanted to get toes done on Saturday she said “not yet” but on the way she said she wished we were getting our toes done. I had only made appointments for nails. But I wanted my toes done and was going to have to go back. Since she changed her mind, I asked and they could accept us for toes too. I really like to catch up on emails/messages while getting toes done, but as you can see I had foil on my nails. I managed to drink my water. Getting the top off was interesting.

Then we ate, went to the Dos Sisters Mexican restaurant, the Dollar Tree, and I took her home and she gave me all of her bills and explained what was auto pay and what needed to be sorted out and what needed to be paid. It was 9:00 (bed time) before I got home. But it was 10 by the time I turned lights out. I needed to reboot the laundry before the smelled, catch up with George, and make a few notes of things I needed to remember for today/this week, check the to do list to see if anything important was forgotten, love on Dexter, and turn lights out.

Yesterday at work, I was able to call the bank and ask how to get set up. I was able to download the app and get right in to the account. So NO I didn’t have to be on her tablet. So I’ll start by getting some things set up tonight and need to pay her insurance for her car. I need to make sure she hasn’t already paid it. She wasn’t sure. So I’ll organize that tonight after work. I will take an hour out of my “worked over” bucket of extra hours – worked last month – because I spent some time with the bank deal and figuring that out since banks only open during the day. That is only fair from a work standpoint.

I’ve taken some time off for the video work so I can get a few things done. Not really getting anything amazing done as we’ve been so busy otherwise, (gone all weekend and no time at home to work on my list). Since I was also gone yesterday, I’m really feeling behind my normal grind.

I’m also going to be making some time changes to my schedule, but I need to tweak a bit with it. I need to work in some exercise time and I want to continue the blog time in the mornings. It is good for me to get things out each morning and purge. lol

By days end, I’m just not able to express myself very well. I’m much more apt in the mornings to be able to tap into what is bothering me or exciting me.

Anyway, I need to go. See blogging in the morning will make me later to work and that is ok if it’s a little bit late. I will just leave later. I can’t leave too late though b/c of traffic. But I’m thinking a 15 to 30 minute adjustment may be what I need.

Ya’ll have an excellent day. Can’t wait til I get home today to get some things caught up around here being gone from home most all day for a while now.

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  1. Glad you’re slowly getting yourself reorganised and I only hope that your new schedule will help. I can’t say much now as my friend has just left for Heathrow and I’ve got to go throw something together for tonight’s dinner. I’m quite exhausted but sure will slowly come round but I’m a bit like you this week I’ve a lot on to do for church cafe make the soup for 20 tomorrow etc etc. Chris my helper is popping down tomorrow afternoon…to help with that.
    I’m now going to get tonight’s dinner ready…..Keep Cool. God Bless xx

  2. I love Bai and your picture of all healthy food and snacks. Yesterday, Monday, was very stressful for me. I had a challenging time making it through the day coherently. My day was not as long as yours but I had an awful dream in which someone tried to kick our door in. I was doing a live Conference on Monday, alone in the house, and a man knocked on the door. I took my time answering as I was recording and finally paused as he would not leave. I told him it was the wrong house number but it really freaked me out after my dream the night before. And yeah, our neighbor said he did find his house and he was a workmen. I was off all day. Some days are like that.

    • I don’t want to point it out. But I did want to clear a few things up. Usually everyone is kind. I just prayed for the person. I think they’ve had a hard time. It’s all good!

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