Weekend is Long Gone; Where Do We Go From Here

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Well, as expected, Mom was not happy with the comforter, shams, curtains, valances purchase. The blue won’t work. That room is already beautiful.

And yes, as expected, I returned all four hundred something dollars of it yesterday after church and after taking her out to eat.

And yes, as you gathered, I have not had a weekend.

My laundry is not finished. I had to wear jeans to church (it didn’t hurt my feelings), because I had no long pants to wear.

I had to return her things yesterday because I wanted it out of my way where I didn’t have to worry about trying to work it into the work week, fear of losing the receipt, or someone stealing the stuff out of my car and I was NOT wagging that in the house and out to the car again. I’ve wagged it out of the store, into her house, into my car, and now into the store. I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

Sometimes I just want to hang my head and cry.

Sometimes I think God is punishing me. But then I know He loves me. So maybe:

  1. He wants me to learn something or be refined by it.
  2. He might be using me as a tool for someone/something else
  3. He might be showing me a part of life He wants me to avoid.
  4. Increasing my awareness to protect my heart or my faith.

So I really just have to trust that He knows what He’s doing.

So Fancy is coughing a lot, sleeping a lot. She is starting to be miserable but she still has some moments of joy. Her trim went well. I didn’t make another appointment but Mom wants me to make another just in case. So I’ll do that today.

I’ll also call the bank today and check on what we need to do to add me to the account where I can pay her bills on my computer. George said all she had to do was give me the password, but I think I have to be set up – especially if there is 3rd party authentication. I’ll need to be able to have my email/phone connected to it also so it needs to be proper.

I’m just a basket case when I don’t get my weekend reset going. I’m cranky, mad, and feel abused, lol! REALLY I do.

Ok, well, this week I have a dentist appointment Thursday. And George’s colonoscopy on Friday. So it’s a short week for me. That did give me some consolation. I just moved all of my to do items to this next weekend. Bless its heart, it is going to be a busy one. I have so much lined up to accomplish. With Easter Weekend, Life Group weekend and then NO weekend – I’ve pushed so much to this upcoming weekend. I may go MIA!

Katy called yesterday and we trying to work on our June trip. It may turn into July and that is not a good month for me because of quarter end. But then Katy can’t in Aug because of school. So I don’t know what to do. It’s expensive to figure out a way to see them – for both ends – this living so far apart. George would not let us book anything until after his colonoscopy. Which has me a bit concerned. He says he is not worried, but best to hold off. :-O

Anyway, pray for us all – George, Mom, me, my family, retirement. This is just all so hard. I have been looking at houses in Texas when I get in a bad mood. I signed up for Zillow. It’s looking like Weatherford is going to be the best place for us to be. It’s about an hour away I think but there’s no good real estate for sale anywhere else and it’s too far from good medical care. Anyway, gotta go to work!

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  1. You really need to teach your Mom how to order from the Internet. It would save you a lot of back and forth. Then you just put your return in the Amazon box and sometimes thee mail service will come pick it up.

    • It’s hard for her. She has trouble seeing with macular degeneration. Her font is so big she can’t see the whole screen and figure out how to order and pay. We order a lot on Amazon. Sometimes she finds the item and I go in and order it. She wanted to see it up close since it’s hard for her to tell colors on line. Hard in person too but easy to see if she will like it. It’s been an adventure for sure.

  2. What kind of house do you want when you move to Texas? Good idea getting close to Hospitals and The shops. We are around twenty minutes from everything. As you get older you need to be close. And with the way gas is going up especially. I am getting my canning jars this week. With the price of groceries like they are I am hoping it helps save some.
    Did you hear about the grapefruit size hail in Texas? I saw a video online a poor bull was running while getting hit with the biggest hail I have ever seen. The man in the video said the bull was ok he stood under a tree. I bet he had some sore spots. That size hail could knock someone out.

    • We haven’t talked a whole lot on what we want and need but George said comparable to what we have now minus a big yard. Maybe a bit smaller though. Well it would be. We have a basement now the size of the whole house. So we’d only have one floor. Senior community might be ok. We even discussed condo but neither of us hip on apartments like living.
      So glad you are getting canning done. It seems like things are really going in the wrong direction. I never dreamed we would be going backwards as a country.

      I didn’t see that video but that’s crazy. Poor bull. That’s hard on animals but I guess God took care of him.

  3. I knew you would be returning her items. I hate to return. Such pain & hassle.
    Maybe buying all these things bring her temporary happiness. I don’t know. I hope Fancy is ok but I know she’s been ailing. 🙁
    Good luck handling her finances. It’s impossible to deal with someone so ungrateful & stubborn. I couldn’t do it.

  4. I wish you could just see a day not working at your job is really a day off,. I can’t think that most full time workers have also so many other things they do throughout the weekend but it’s so much more because it’s not work related. Would just putting things in that perspective help? I’ve got 4 grown kids with spouses and 13 grandkids so there’s always something! But that’s life. Even Katie who must work full time in the school year and the time needed of also caring for a young child plus all the other duties of the household. Isn’t that just the nature of things? At least George cooks ha! I find it takes 10 minutes to throw laundry in and I fold in front of the TV. Goodness knows when it ever gets put away! There are some good memes etc about not letting life be “when this or this (like when the kids grow up or when I retire…) be your motto because life is to enjoy every day. I guess I’m just trying to say search for and enjoy the small pleasures. Each day alive is a gift.

    • When I say no off day- is referring to no down time at home. Yes I get time off work.
      Putting things in perspective doesn’t get the vacuuming or laundry done but it’s a fun thought. For the record I do enjoy each day and strive to make it the best I can even with some frustrations. I’m really not a total witch – maybe a little one because I’m not perfect but I’ll be fine.

  5. Sorry love I’ve just written a reply to your previous days blog so hadn’t realised you’d already fallen into Mums trap of managing her bank accounts so just be very very careful..
    As I said previously I’ve got Carol here from NY and it’s been full on visiting various places thank goodness I have Peter to do all the driving. I’m up early getting myself and the house slightly tidy before the day starts it’s just after 6 am….I’m tired but she leaves this afternoon for the coach up to Heathrow and I am going to try to relax this afternoon Qtomorrow is another busy day as I’ve got to make soup for the cafe on Thursday making the quickest and easiest I know Carrot and Coriander…but still takes time, I’m not used to catering for 20 !! I’ve got another friend coming to help chop all the carrots etc and Peter will put the big pans in the back of the car overnight. Must go now and get things done before I hear movement from the bedroom !! Take Care. God Bless …

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