Saturday Shopping, My Long To Do List for Today, and Weekend Update

We’ve been watching The Hidden Life of Pets on Netflix. And Dexter noticed “Little Bit” on there. It’s not really Little Bit, but Dexter is very curious.

Breakfast at iHop with Mom. I did not eat all the pancake, maybe a 1/4 of it. It was a protein pancake and I tasted the cream but it was too much. The blueberries were great! Our waitress disappeared and I had to go ask for Mom to get more coffee and for our checks.

Left the house at 7:00 a.m. as it was the 5th Saturday and Fancy’s trim day, so no day off for me this week. And of course today is church and grocery day and errand running for ourselves. So we may or may not have clean underwear and towels for next week, just saying. And any housework, nahhh, no time for that this weekend. I really do need an assistant.

The good news is that we are off on Friday – taking PTO days. George has his colonoscopy Friday. But I have to wait in the lobby and can at least read and or watch a YouTube (with one ear bud in). It’ll be a portion of the day so I can come home and get the rest of the day to do things in the house. He’s getting all his supplies ready. It’s funny how different doctors have different ways of “getting rid” of “things” before the big day. I took pills that were prescription. And his is totally over the counter.

After we ate breakfast we went to Lowe’s where Mom got flowers to hang, fencing to make a more decorative area to keep Fancy out of the little living room that no one sits in. Most people make an office out of that area but Mom has a sitting room. But doesn’t want Fancy in there since it has carpet. And she wanted something to hang a humming bird feeder on, and a shelf.

I said something about how pretty the outside rugs were and she immediately wanted one. I think Mom is an influencer’s dream. lol They did not have the size she wanted. Well she wants to measure first. It’s not a need, just a decorative item I told her. She found this chair and sat in it and wondered how much it was. The price was not readily available, but I told her she didn’t need it as it would be too uncomfortable. When you sat back you were practically laying down. But it is cute.

Then we went to Belk and she picked out a pretty comforter set and curtains for her guest bedroom. I’m not sure why. She had bought all that before for the guest bedroom and it looked really pretty as it was. I’m not sure blue will go with her green in the Gone With the Wind pics. But this buying things two and three times is odd to me. She is just so unhappy being up here I guess that she thinks buying new things will change something. It’s her money and her house so I keep my mouth shut. But I did tell her that her original comforter and curtains were cute in that room with the Gone With the Wind stuff. I mean, really, I don’t think she is going to be in this house as long as she thinks.

I suspect this will be yet another return we will be doing. Her beds are Queen also so it’s iffy if this is going to be too big. But she insisted on King. And of course it is the Biltmore Collection, lol. She bought matching curtains and valance.

We then stopped at Chic-Fil-A for tea as we were both thirsty. It was a long line but didn’t have to wait too long.

Then we had to go get gas in her car so I drove a bit out of the way in order to get Shell. So we filled up and then went to get Fancy and I drove away and she said we didn’t have her leash so I had to go back and get it. Traffic is so bad in that area but needed her leash. While there I made a doggie day care appointment for Dexter.

Then on the way to the store, Fancy had to pee so I found a patchy area of Publix that we have used before and I took her out to pee and then we went to Publix and I got Mom’s groceries which were only about 8 to 10 items and it was pretty quick.

Then we were driving home and it was 1:30 or so. Our breakfast had worn off so we stopped and got a burger. It’s NOT been a low cal day.

The afternoon, by the time I got home, I was so tired. I actually had a degree of fever and felt like I could not move. I do this when I’m tired. Usually it’s when I’ve gone, gone, gone for three days in a row. But I think it’s the combination of the stresses of the last week of quarter end, having another departments work forced on us on top of that. I was gone Thursday from 5:50 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (we had dinner at Mom’s). Friday was the big bad bertha butt day of trying to finish everything and do others work too, and then yesterday with Mom so I guess it was the “big three” days of just not getting any down time. It’ll give me a fever every time. Weird but it’s likely the undiagnosed thing that my body does. Auto-immune thing. I’ve done this for years. So I am forced to sit for a while or lay down. I did both. Just had to sit and be quiet for a while and then I laid down beside Dexter and we took a short nap.

The late afternoon sun made pretty designs on the door.

George fixed a great dinner with a black mole sauce we bought in San Antonio. Man, that was good. We agreed it was the best mole sauce we have ever had. May have to see if we can get it on line. It was pricey but mole sauce is something we could never do ourselves. lol

Ok so back to Mom. We did have a good time yesterday. Everyone was nice. She was happy to get so much done.

Big shocker: While eating breakfast she said she was ready to let me do her finances. I had told her a while back when she was ready to let me know. I think it worries her to deal with it all. There have been some times lately when people are saying they are not getting paid and she said she paid it and she has to look it up and fight with them over it. I’m not sure what is going on. But I told her I’d deal with it.

So I said we’d have to get me access, so I can pull up her banking on line. She said “oh no you have to come over and do it at the house and use my tablet”. I said “no Mom, if I’m going to do your finances, I’ll do them at my home. I won’t be running over to your house every few days to do it. I can’t keep up with it like that.” She said I could do it once a week and that only ONE device can be used because that is how her bank works and just never mind then. I told her that was not accurate, that how could a husband/wife both not be able to have access and there would be people all over America doing finances for their elderly parents. So of course I should be able to put it on my computer. She got louder adamant that she was right and the tables in back of her and next us began looking as you could hear her voice rising with anger that I would not accept that.

I told her I would call the bank myself that I had a friend that worked there for years and she’d know what we needed to do. She said that she would call herself. lol

I will probably still call myself. I am on her account – I have a card in my name at least, but probably I don’t have permission to set myself up for access on line, so she will probably have to call and request that. But I want to see if what she is saying is true.

I don’t know why she wants me to do it over there. I am not going to do it over there. If I am going to do it, it will be from over here in the comfort of my own home, and will likely be something I work in my day to day processess.

Have you ever heard of a bank that would only let a person have access to their account on ONE device only? If that is true, one needs a more advanced bank, lol. My guess is she has an ulterior motive for not wanting me to have access here. But if I’m doing it, it will be on my terms and I will do it right. I’m not going to do it over there. That’s silly. I can’t manage it well like that. I don’t like using her tablet. I don’t use Samsung. Her font is huge and you can’t see the whole page and I can’t and will not be doing it like that. Not gonna happen! Tribe has spoken. If that doesn’t work for her she can keep doing herself – or not doing it til they turn her lights off I guess.

Well, as usual, I can never leave a proper blog entry without rushing. So I need to get ready for church and go get Mom. It’s George’s day off today. So we are taking two cars. I will take Mom to eat lunch and then come home and get stuff done here – all the stuff I couldn’t get done yesterday. I won’t get all this stuff done, but here’s what is on the list. Not listed is church, out to eat, getting groceries, and running a few errands. ::sigh::

Yesterday after dinner, I told George I wanted to use my Jeremiah’s free small item coupon. So I got cup of coconut, Pina colada, Italian ice mixed with vanilla ice cream. I always leave off the toppings. This was a slice of heaven for me and my treat rewarding myself for giving up my day for someone else.

I was too tired to do anything of my stuff that needed done. Hopefully I’ll have better luck today.

10 responses to “Saturday Shopping, My Long To Do List for Today, and Weekend Update”

  1. I’m thinking your Mom wants you to do her finances at her place in hopes that if you are there more often, you won’t move away.
    Gone With The Wind is my favorite movie, but not how I want to decorate.

    • Yeah, if we decide to go to TX, a lot will have to be rearranged.

      Mom loves Gone with the Wind. I would never decorate over a movie theme myself, but certainly not that one in today’s world as it’s offensive to so many, even though it was historical and did happen.

      • Well, I collect Jason stuff from Friday -The-13th. I say, people need to decorate the way they want. Life is to short not to be yourself because you might offend someone.
        I wish I could follow the same belief with clothing, though. I can’t wear my Trump shirt in fear of getting beat up or worse. That also goes for Trump Bumper Stickers. It’s a shame how juvenile people act when offended.

  2. Good morning. The husband and I went to the Belks in Wesley Chapel yesterday and they are turning it into an outlet! I like Belks for clothing and household items. We have a hummingbird feeder but so far have attracted no hummingbirds. I have a colonoscopy in June. I do yoga virtually but the water aerobics is working best for my right hip. My left hips is great and it appears all the exercise is working out. Things are good today but it appears we might be in for some rain, good for garden!

  3. Sorry for delay in replying to your ever welcome blog but I’ve got my friend Carol from NY visiting she leaves today to fly home but we have had a very busy four days I’m exhausted but delighted to have had her visit…..Don’t think you need me to tell you not to start taking care of Mums finances….normally I would say go ahead…but not when mum wants to… Have strings attached… and she will never change that Sonya so just leave her be. If she gets ….herself….into difficulties at least you won’t be blamed for doing it…cause she would have blamed you. Not that she won’t still blame you LOL !!! Take Care. Hope you got some of your …to do list…done yesterday…. Bye for now God Bless

  4. I’ve been handling my mother in law’s banking since the end of 2019. My husband is on her account. She had started missing some payments. She’s in assisted living now with Alzheimer’s. She has a couple of insurance policies that are auto pay but all I have to worry about now is her pharmacy bill and assisted living payment. I can access on computer, phone and tablet. Seems your mom may just want you coming over more often. 😊
    Hope you have a good work week. Sheila

    • She already gets a chunk of my spare time. But I won’t be paying bills over there. I think the bills are worrying her. And she can’t half see the tablet. The font so big only about 6 lines can be seen from a page.

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