Here’s What’s Happening: I Saw the Signs

Here’s today’s video. You can watch it HERE.

It’s been a really busy week. Final week of quarter end. I’ve had to rush through yesterday because if life weren’t stressful enough we were asked told to help another department. I went back to my office and the tears flowed b/c the day was already stressful enough. But I couldn’t worry about the other department yet. I just needed to focus on my original goals so we wouldn’t have to pay a penalty. I’ve learned to believe anything but I would never have believed we would have been asked to do this in such a busy time. Again, I should have. It reminds me of my HR days. ha. A little too much. I left that career to get away from it. But it always seems to follow sadly. I don’t mind helping. But the timing quite frankly, sucked.

I tried to rush through my returns, with a pounding headache but realized this is not going to serve anyone and had to slow down to get the number right. If I didn’t put blinders on – of having the extra surprise work, I was going to end up messing everything up including their extra work by rushing. The headache. I think it was my eyes. I normally don’t get headaches. I just think my eyes were strained. Anyway I finally got through with the big bad bertha butt of all returns – the Oregon all-in-one. I was off and had to find out why so had to go back through and found my two data entry mistakes. The whole thing took 4 hours. But I got it done. I was aggravated to have to leave it to go a meeting right as I was starting to do the return. Geez. The timing. But at least THIS return would save your work.

So once I finally go through with the return, and threw some lunch down at my desk. (I was going to reward myself with a quarter pounder yesterday for finishing quarter end, until additional work was thrust on us). So OFF with that idea. I got it after work though. A promise is a promise. Even to myself. So… Another desk lunch it was. Then I was able to get the other departments work done and could go home. So I was grateful I only had a small plant/portion to do, thankful for my boss who knew what I was already up against to look out for me and actually realize I didn’t have time for this.

Anyway, I’ve been tired since. The day frazzled my mind.

And I really could use today off but I’m having to rush through this blog entry to get to Mom’s, get Fancy to her dog trim. Get Mom some breakfast and out to Lowe’s. She is having to buy a new dishwasher. She claims it does not use hot water and it doesn’t work. (She has not liked it from the beginning). And then on to Belk’s. I don’t know if we’ll do groceries today or tomorrow. But this is one of those 5th Saturday’s that I don’t get a break causing me to go 2 weeks without a day off.

Thank goodness next week is a 4 day week for me. George’s colonoscopy is Friday. So I have to take him for that and then I’ll have the afternoon after it is over. So that will shorten the week some for me.

I need to rush and get ready. I have to leave in 9 minutes and not dressed and have not done makeup nor hair. For once, everyone may have to wait on me!

And this my friends, is why this video is so important. I’m taking a week off!

You can watch it HERE.

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  1. Hi Sonya, we will miss your Vlog next couple of weeks but you sure need the break. I hope that you really do have time away. Just wish you could do same at work, just tell them you’re having a wee break….They might appreciate you a bit more. You have been doing much too much this last month or so, and feeling poorly hasn’t helped…so please REST REST REST. Don’t feel guilty at sitting doing NOTHING. Just please REST. God Bless

  2. Well slow down have some time for yourself You will never fulfill everyones needs including yours. Remember to take some time for yourself.

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