We Made Our Spring into Summer Bucket List

Well, she has quite a few challenges for sure. We have some things on there that will be a stretch for sure, like getting to see Katy and Cody and River, and seeing George’s sister. Many are time consuming – like cleaning the basement, having a work day on the blog – like adding Yoast (not sure how long it will take – easy or hard). Going shopping will be fun as is working the puzzle, doing the Watertown excursion. We’ll be planning up some special meals and trying to hit up some Hot Chicken in Nashville. LOTS of cleaning and cleaning out projects too. Even some training for me was thrown in there. I’d like to have a better understanding of the color correction for video in Final Cut Pro and learn how to add YouTube video titles within the content as you watch it, if referring to another video. This will take us through June and I’ll start the Summer bucket list as of July1 and we’ll call it Summer into Fall. It seems to work well to go by the true quarters.

Here’s how we ended up in the Winter into Spring Bucket List.

I think our celebrating birthdays with George’s sister and her hubby will have to morph into a once or twice a year big celebration of all because we are quite behind. Perhaps we just buy each other’s dinner every other time we meet and celebrate a cheer for each birthday missed! We are so behind. They live in East TN now and with working makes it hard to get over there.

My photo project is so big now I can never get to it in its entirety, but it’s going to have to be done sooner or later. I can’t believe we never did the Chinese Take out. But I believe we have plans for it soon. I gave up on the Texas sheet cake, lol. I want to make one but we don’t need the calories. It’s been on the lists for over a year now, so it gets removed. The weight loss never happened. NO surprise there. But I keep hoping and moved it to the new list.

We did quite a bit on the old list and conquered most of it. So the new list though is a little more time consuming and challenging. No pressure though. It’s just a guide chart and suggestions and a “don’t forget about me” chart. Most of all it’s a fun feeling to check off things as they are done. And while you are doing them you think “I’m doing something on my list”! Just makes the event seem a little more important.


The cold has gone to my chest. I am sounding better, I am told. But yesterday I had to go to Walmart and finally give in on buying a Mucinex pack – one for day and one for night. It helped some. I think it’s about to dry up but I am worried a bit about this going to my chest. It sounds awful. So I may have to go to the doc to be checked out and make sure it’s not going into pneumonia. I just need to monitor it and see.

George seems to be doing fine. He hasn’t missed a beat with his. He felt better yesterday. I hope his does not develop into what mine did.

I’m off to take Mom for her blood test this morning to do the white count re-check. And off to take my daytime Mucinex. Then off to work. I need to go and get ready. Tomorrow is a normal work day (one can only hope). And then Friday I have to take Mom for her monthly eye injection.

Ok off to get this day started. I feel a bit weak and light headed, so I hope the day will go well.

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  1. Oh my Sonya, you and George did so well on your list. I’m amazed at how much you’ve accomplished….congratulations……now for your spring lists. I’m sure you’ll do well on it. I do hope you felt better as the day has gone on but you really must go to Dr. If you don’t feel right in the morning. Your health is much more important than work….hope that Mums blood test will come back better and her eye injection is ok on Friday. Take care. God Bless. Xxx

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