Annoying Behaviors That Happened Recently and How I Deal with It

I’m gonna go ahead and do this post because I said I would. I’ve been trying to be positive but a few weeks ago a string of events (things people did) happened in succession and I made a list to try to just get it out of my mind at the time. Sometimes it’s nice to do a blog entry on something that is bothering you because THAT TOO allows you to purge it out.

I mean really, couldn’t we all just go on about things in life we don’t like or things that irritate us? This list is way too short for the long haul of annoyances. This is my short list. We just live in a world with imperfect people, doing imperfect things and cross paths and irritate the fire out of each other. But I’ll list a few of the things that have irritated me lately. You can let me know if you relate to any of these things or if you have a perfect life and nothing ever bothers you, lol. These are in no certain place or space that I will mention or call out. Just know if the shoe fits, it might be about you, lol. I know I’m not perfect either and I’m sure I annoy my share of people. We just rub each other the wrong way I guess. And perhaps we just mis-call it on each other. But here ya go:

  • Men who can’t take advice from a woman. (aka weeeeeenies)
  • People who refuse to let you talk.
  • People who interrupt you.
  • People who have to one-up every last thing you say
  • People that don’t want to allow you to have a different opinion than they do.
  • People who pull out in front of you and make you slam on the breaks
  • People who tail you when you are going the speed limit or more
  • People who think they are above the rules
  • People who break line and have to be in the front of the line even in front of those who have already waited (one day they shall be last)
  • Having to wait on people who can’t follow a timeline
  • Having to wait on people period. lol
  • People who wait to the last minute to schedule something and then expect for you to clear your schedule (insert rolling eye emoji here)

It’s a good thing that no one can hear exactly my thoughts. However, I’m also not one to beat around a bush about how I feel and on occasions will let people know their actions are putting me out. I came about that honestly by the way. But I do try to be patient.

I guess what bothers me the most is when it seems like people just don’t really care that they’re being late or that you are being inconvenienced or that they have put you out in some way. And I think that is both rude and disrespectful of people. And if someone is going to be that way, I sometimes don’t mind calling them on it.

How I End up Dealing with Annoying Behavior

  • Unfortunately, I find myself wanting to tell another, and I often have. But that can be classified as gossip. We get consoled in ways we think we can’t console ourselves when we tell another. The person you tell says “Yes, I agree with you” or “Yes, that’s awful” so you get agreement and sympathy. I do this sometimes and I need to break the habit. I keep trying. It’s one of those things God keeps having to forgive me over.
  • I blog about it. That is my way to purge, get it out, and or write about it so that I can make sense of something. I have blogged my frustrations for a long time and even though I try hard to be positive, I’m human and I do have frustrations and I share them. I get your perspective and it often helps me.
  • I try to stay away from the person that is causing me annoyance. We don’t need negativity in our lives. Stick with the positive people. This is the “flight mode”.
  • Fix the conflict? Sometimes, if it is a relationship worth fixing. (This could be fight mode though.) Aren’t they all worth fixing? No not really. I’m sorry if that is raw and real, but there are certain folks that at some point I may not ever see again, and to stir back up a conflict or go through what I’d have to go through – nahhh. It’s just easier for us to continue passing as ships in a busy shipping lane and be on our merry way. If we have to beep horns at one another to “move” out of the way, then we just do til we are no longer in each others way. lol
  • Sometimes I talk to mid air as if the person is listening. “Just who do you think you are buck-o?” “Well that was pretty stupid on your part, lol” or “well why would we think you would do anything any different?” or “why don’t you just get on with your big bad self” or “why do you think that being on my tail (bumper) is gonna make me go any faster?
  • Saying things without saying them aloud. I’ve even beeped ship horns in my head when they said things. Baaaaaaawwwwmp. Bawwwwwwwwwmp, in your deepest voice. Mainly b/c it cracks me up. They have no idea I’m sitting there ship horning them out of my head.
  • Prayer. I actually get so mad sometimes I just say “God, I’m gonna let you deal with them today. They are all yours. I’m leaving ’em behind.”

Some things just can’t be helped along. You can try to make a point, or fix an issue, or pray and hand it over for God to deal with or give you wisdom to deal with. Most of these are minor annoyances. When they build up all at once, it becomes a major issue. Sometimes it’s just my mood or lack of tolerance. I have high expectations of myself and so I also have those same expectations of others. But I do realize we are all full of little imperfections. It’s the people in life that don’t care they are putting you out or not following the rules that really get me. Most of these things are passive aggressive types of behaviors because I don’t like dealing with conflict, until one day I decide to and you don’t really want to see that side of me, because I’ll be really honest, really fast about it, and I will defend myself VERY well, and you will hear every single thought I’ve had and why and when and how it’s gonna be from now on. It may or may not be at an elevated level of loudness or urgency. Yeah, I’m working on it and I got that honest too. lol

How We Really Should deal With Annoying Behaviors

  • Setting boundaries with the person. Yeah that won’t work on the guy tailing you. But it might with the person that is not treating you the way you want to be treated.
  • If you are not willing to set the boundaries, you just have to get over it, or do the above – which may or may not work, lol. Let it roll off. I can’t do this unless I’ve dealt with it – at least in my head. I try not to say bad words or flick birds, but I say “bless your heart” way too often. lol
  • Sometimes passive aggressive is ok if it’s not hurting anyone and it works. A little ship horn bleep only heard in my head never did. lol But it made me laugh. Laughter is good. Ole Captain Jerk doesn’t have to know he was just bleeped out by a ship horn in the ever loving tides of your mind.
  • Give it to God or Flick it to the Wind.
  • Sometimes it depends on the situation and who’s in control. If it’s something I’m in control of, I’ll set the rules and expect them to be followed and enforce it. (Akin to boundaries.). If it’s not in my arena, I might have to let it go or visit other options depending on how badly I’m impacted. Most of these things won’t matter once the night is gone.
  • The psychologists say just to not let anyone control your moods. More power to them. I try but it still doesn’t wipe the annoying moments away. But it’s a nice thought just to say “That just bothered me but ok I’m not gonna let it bother me”. You just messed up my schedule so I’m gonna dance a little jig and sing a little song like it don’t matter. I keep trying. But so far that doesn’t always work for me.

It’s all good. Nothing serious here. Just another string of notes and bullet points I made while hashing through things. By the time I am writing about them most of the events have changed or doesn’t matter or will be changing soon. So on with the next entries!

How do you deal with life’s annoyances?

Life’s Update

Well George is sick now. He has the fever. It’s been six days since I began having a sore throat. Now he has it. He has 101 and not planning on missing work. It’s so hard to work when you feel so bad. He is miserable and has an hour commute each way so I feel bad for him. He may feel differently tomorrow – or maybe he can work from home. But not sure he brought his computer.

We just keep getting these viruses every few months – just giving it back and forth to one another. I’m sure it’s just a different twist on the one we had before. I think it’s been 3 months for me. Maybe him too. Seems it’s always quarter end for me. There’s always another one. I’ve never had so many colds and mini flus in my life.

Got Mom’s bloodwork rescheduled. I take her Wednesday. And then on Friday is her eye appt. I was able to get a lot done today and a lot caught up. I’m still a bit behind and not where I could work on quarter end yet. I’ll be gone enough this week dealing with Mom that will impact my getting much done toward quarter end this week. But next week hopefully will allow me to get things done. I’m sure I’m an annoyance to people at work for having to be out for myself or for Mom. But it can’t be helped. I do the best I can. I’ve never had this much problem working a schedule before in my life. Even when I had a child. Of course the child (Katy) we had numerous other people that could help. Most of the time it’s just me with Mom. I have a sibbling that is not in the picture. So here I am saddled with it all. But I will do it because God wants me to. Retirement comes soon.

I have the bucket list done for Spring (Apr, May, June) and I’ll share that in the next day or two. It’s pretty aggressive, but will feel good if we get some of it checked off and done. More on that later.

Over and out. Have a good day!

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      • That is why my right hip weakening affected me so much. Although my husband’s health is okay right now…I realize as his cancer is metastatic that we have to be careful. In the afternoons, he tires easily so many garden things and even if we travel will be in the morning. I use my physical therapy to stay as healthy as possible!

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