Ways to Save Before and During Retirement; And Easter Weekend Update

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I’ve pondered this some now that it is seriously time to consider our options and plans. Not only do we need to prayerful consider this but also financially. For me the decision to retire early at 62 and half is made. With the physical and mental demands on my life, my sensitive nature, and the fact that I’m not in the best of health conditions makes it almost a necessity for me. Plus retirement then puts me about the same as George retiring at his full retirement. This also puts us at a good place to make a move, if we so desire, to be closer to family, while we still have some oomph (what’s left) to do so.

In my notes, these are ways in my life that I might be able to save some at retirement. The insurance costs will be the big thing to consider. At the same time there are many costs that just go down in a big way – such as the gas, wear and tear to car, food for work, clothes for work, etc. But all that considered, here’s what I came up with.

Let me know if you are retired and how you are making it work, or how you made the transition. What sacrifices do you make? What surprises did you have?

Ways to Save During Retirement

  • Going longer between haircuts. I normally go every 10 to 12 weeks. I can see just cutting my own hair or going infrequently for a trim maybe three times a year? Maybe two?
  • Lot less gas mileage. I mentioned that already but it’s on my list. We won’t be working. And based on our long distant last trip, I don’t think we are up for a lot of driving travel unless we do a long trip with few hours of the day in the car each day. Even six hours a day was a bit much for us last trip, but both of us were under the weather. If we do travel, it won’t be to the extent that we worked.
  • Reduction in clothes buys. Not working, I just wouldn’t be spending as much on clothes for such. We still have church and I’ll still need the basics, but I wouldn’t buy as many tops and such as I do now. I’d be more conservative and I’d also have a new hobby to find deals as we’d have more time to hunt them out.
  • Yard Sales, we would have more time for yard sales and more time to save money by finding things we need there. In the past when times were hard, I’d pick up lots of things at yard sales to wear.
  • Eat out less and less extravaganza. We just don’t have to spend what we do now on big anniversaries and birthdays. We can see how it goes, but this is one way to save big. We have blown it out in the past.
  • Make more from scratch. I’m already starting some of this now. But I just don’t have the time. I’m thinking we can make more on our on than all the little things we have to buy for work or on the go snacks, etc. We’ll develop a rhythm of cooking and eating what we have from home. It’s hard to do when you are at work most of the week.
  • Wear less make up. I won’t be putting on as much make up and many days would go without it so savings would naturally happen.
  • I’d do my own nails. I spend a fortune on my nails and toes. I’d probably still get my toes done but I can do my own toes some. I just can’t get them like they can. The toes is going to be my main splurge.
  • Slimming down at Christmas. We do overkill at Christmas. Much like my grandparents and parents, there comes a time when you just have to slow it down and make it more simple. Not only from a money standpoint but from the standpoint of pulling it all together. As we age it’s harder to get out and shop, do a lot of wrapping, and such. So I anticipate this will gradually slow. I say that but with retirement two years away – it will happen pretty quickly.
  • Back to travel again – we’d have to budget for our travel. Now we put it on the card knowing we can pay it off the next month with the bill comes in (for the most part), but when we retire, we’ll likely have to save in advance for it to stay out of trouble.
  • Less Doggy Day Care for Dexter. He’ll have us and can still go on ocassion, but this is one way we can cut back.
  • Thrifting. I kinda mentioned this before, but I’m looking forward to this perusal of second hand shops and Good Will.
  • Having a booth of our own. We talked about the possibility of having a booth of our own at retirement – not that we tend to personally but maybe within an already set up building of second hand booths.
  • Be intentional about lights out and what we spend on electricity etc.
  • Stock up on things right before retirement if we can – for the freezer and pantry. However, if we move, this will be in direct conflict of our move goals to move as little as we can. And getting rid of as much as we can for the move.
  • We tithe, so the less we make, the less the tithing will be. I just thought of that, lol.
  • No longer buy name brand. I still will buy some of my favorite brands -but there will be a renewing of going for the lesser priced items. I’ve already started on this. But by retirement, I’ll have it down to a craft.
  • Have a PT job or side gig to bring in some extra cash. Would have to be something you enjoyed. I wouldn’t want to give up work life to have more work, but I could do some odd jobs here and there to aid especially in the transition time period.

What We Can Do Now

  • Possibly reduce our phone plan. We are paying way too much just to have the peace of not going over our allotment of minutes, where we have the luxury of not worrying about it. We can certainly manage to use wifi where we are if needed. Certainly by retirement we can do this for sure.
  • Sell some stuff. There’s some stuff we can get rid of and just need to get started on it.
  • It’s time to clear out and get rid of stuff whether we move or not.
  • Decide on whether we are moving or not. Right now we are in prayer mode. So much can happen in two years time.
  • Doing major repairs needed while we are working. If we stay here the kitchen and baths need to be remodeled.
  • Even if we don’t stay there is much that needs to be done before we could sell the place.
  • Order less on Amazon unless it’s needed. There are a few things I’ll still do for the house to make it look nice – small things here and there – but mostly what I order is gifts and supplements.
  • Simply cut back on everything (spending) ahead of time so that we can focus on the future and our goals. We need to do what we can toward what we know what are goals are. Not knowing whether we are moving are not is hard, but there are things we can still be doing for retirement – even not knowing that for sure.
  • We probably have to cut back on what we give as grad gifts and birthday gifts and weddings and things like that. I mean there will no longer be big spends on wedding gifts for people you hardly know or see. I remember as a newly wed being thrilled over a gift card for $25. We may have to go back to simplicity on a few things. When you buy gifts online then you have to wrap and pay tax – might have to rethink things like this.
  • Think out of the box. Revisit creative ways to save. Look to others for ideas.

What are some things you can think of to add to the retirement living/saving cause? I appreciate your input more than you know.

Update on What’s Happening – It’s like TWO Posts in ONE! 😉

We are loving having a few days with Dexter. My being sick, I got an extra day plus Good Friday. He is happy having us here with him.

Here’s his position by morning, below. He loves to snuggle. He doesn’t start out this way, but ends up this way. He was not ready to get up on this particular morning.

I made a pasta salad and strawberry dessert for our Easter meal today with Mom coming over after church. George has the spiral ham and beans. We’ll add tubed corn and rolls and tea. I’ll have to take pics later of the salad. I took video but forgot to get a photo after it was made.

The table is set and ready to go.

I’ll have to take Mom to the store afterwards on our way home. She needs a few things for the week.

Well, I need to get ready for church. I did not get as much done this weekend as I intended because of being sick. I had to sleep and rest more. I’m by no means recovered. But will have to move forward. I’m still stuffy/sinusy/coughy/miserable and can’t be without Kleenex but life goes on. No more fever at least.

The coming weeks will be busy. Quarter end needs to be focused on. I’m behind at work already by missing last Thursday, so I’ll have mend everything back into shape quickly along with my Kleenex box, lol. And keep checking off boxes toward quarter end.

At home we’ll be focused on getting the house ready for our Life group in a couple of weekends from now. And trying to hit some of the goals.

The San Antonio was the mother of big videos to edit. lol. Oh my gosh. So much footage and several songs and lots of titles and just trying to get the story out. If I’d have not been sick it would not have gotten done. But since I had a fever I had an extra couple of days to myself to focus a few more hours on it. It’s live if you didn’t see it, it’s in the previous day’s post.

Looking forward to the upcoming video’s. I’ve been taping every Saturday with whatever we are cooking or working on. I had not expected doing cooking videos but it’s happening more frequently. Anyway, much to share going forward. But glad to get the San Antonio one behind me. It was fun to do but like I said, it was the mother of all, lol. I also had to do some research too to make it more meaningful and helpful.

Over and out! Happy Easter. Oh and here’s what Little Roo thinks of the Easter Bunny! He loves the candy event and easter egg festivities though. Here’s 2022 and 2023.

On a brighter note he caught a fish with his Dad this weekend and wanted to give it a hug.

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  1. I will have my first published novel by this summer. I am hoping to make a series and make some extra monies. That is the plan but if not, I will keep working for the next couple of years or so.

  2. Hi Sonya, you’ve sure been poorly these last few days I’m glad your a bit better but worried your going back to work and starting at full speed trying to cram two days into one you will knock yourself back again. Please love take care. I love how you’re thinking and planning for the retirement. I think you know well yourself the sort of things that you MUST start doing. I certainly think you will have to cut back on how many gifts you give to people. I know you love to give but in this day and age you are not being mean in cutting back. For instance a lovely card for birthday is every bit as much appreciated than a $25 dollar gift..that quite possibly the recipient won’t need like or want anyway. How many times have we received a gift that we are much to polite to say i don’t really need this ! Instead we smile and say oh thank you so much with a smile on our face….and a grimace underneath. So I suggest that’s definitely something to cut back on …..No doubt there will be lots more ideas popping up in your head…BUT….instead of just nodding to yourself. ACT on it NOW.. hope you’ve had a lovely Easter Day……God Bless.

  3. I don’t blame you for not waiting for retirement. I just lost a friend I worked with for years. She was still working until she went to the Dr. for back pain and found out she had lung cancer. She died 2 months later. Made me stop and think Life is short.
    I wish you the best no matter what you decide.
    Dexter looks so funny sleepy eyed laying on your bed.

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