Things to Do in San Antonio & Fredericksburg Texas

This includes our family long weekend vacation in San Antonio and Fredericksburg Texas. We had a great time. Lots of good food, breweries, wineries, shopping, and a tour of our condo. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. Lot’s of fun! I wanted to share so if you go, you can see some of the things we saw and get some ideas of what to do. I also put some information in the description of the video on YouTube, with websites and info.

Watch Video Here: San Antonio & Fredericksburg, TX

A little update: I’m feeling better and fever free. Fever of 100 to 101 lasted for a couple of days, then the sinuses released and had some coughing. I burned myself in the shower (feels like a sunburn) because I was so cold that I let the water get to hot without realizing it so that hurts when I cough. But I think I’m sweating it out this morning. Feel better but sound horrible. I’m hoarse, but drinking coffee. I think I’ve managed to keep it out of my lungs by NOT taking meds and letting it take its time. When I take meds, it drains too fast and I end up with bronchitis. So I like to just let it run its course. I didn’t even take Tylenol since the fever wasn’t horrible. I let it run its course too. I truly believe for me I get over something quicker if I just let it run its course without intrusion from lots of meds. That said, if I get to miserable, I WILL give in.

I’m cooking our Easter macaroni salad and strawberry shortcake today for Easter and we will bring Mom over to eat. I’m videoing my day today. I’ve been doing my videoing on Saturdays, whatever we are doing and that seems to work well. If something special happens during the week, I’ll get the camera out for that and video too. I’m doing a time lapse as I type this. We’ll see what it looks like. I don’t have on makeup and just got up an hour ago, lol.

I meant to tell you I’m seeing some action on my World Bible School. I had to increase the numbers of adoption since a great percentage of those that enroll don’t actually do the lessons. I think I have close to 300 students I’ve adopted. If they all start doing their lessons at once, I’m in trouble, but they won’t. I maybe grade 1 to 3 lessons a day. Three lessons is good for me right now as I do about 30 encouragement messages on top of that. And spend time adopting about 10 to 15 a day. I adopted about 25 a day for a while til I got some people doing tests. I really love sharing God’s word with these women in Ghana, Nigeria, and several countries all over the world. They are women seeking truth and trying to make sense of life just as we have. I feel so special to be able to message back and forth with them through the portal. I pray for them daily.

Enjoy the video. I’ll try to remember to take pics and video our meal tomorrow!

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  1. That was a super Vlog Sonya. Thanks for sharing ..pity you can’t show us your lovely wee grandson but if that’s what his parents want your right to keep him out of things…but it is sad and a terrible to think that any danger could come of showing your own children….
    It certainly seems a lovely town. Love all the water features…

    • Thanks. We live in a terrible world. Just look at what a young woman did at our Nashville Covenant school. Walked in and killed 3 kids and 3 adults. So scary. I share him on the blog but not even there too often.

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