Bucket List: Winter into Spring

I’m really not sure if I ever shared the bucket list for Winter and Spring. I didn’t see that I had, but…I could have missed it. I don’t remember sharing it. But here it is. It’s mainly trying a lot of restaurants! lol And we will not be eating out all that much. Soon it’ll be time to do the Spring/Summer one, which I guess we’ll go from April 1 thru August.

There are some important things on there though – like spending time with friends and family. Here it is:

And here was the Fall/Christmas bucket list of the past.

For some reason I can’t ever fly the drone, shoot the gun and we never play games so we never got the Sheep game off the list, lol. And the way we eat, I never make progress toward health goals. lol. I do but it’s back and forth. And we keep talking about having dinner with the Pryor’s but there’s not been time on the horizon and then there was diverticulitis when we got close to making plans. Even the plans with some other friends for Feb 29th, we’ve had planned since the first of the year. Jan and Feb up til Valentine’s is just a good time to hibernate.

Anyway, it’s fun to see what we did and didn’t do over the last few months. And it’s fun to see what we have on the list to see what we have coming up.

I finally had meat this weekend. We had Salmon Friday night and I forgot what we had Saturday night. lol. But last night we had stuffed red peppers with beef in it. I had to scrape the ketchup off the top. I had told George I couldn’t eat ketchup anymore as it burns my esophagus but I don’t think he understood. I am not sure why all of a sudden I can’t eat it anymore. But I have to dip our homemade fries in a aioli mayo sauce. Not too healthy but fries were made for dipping. The fries are made in the air fryer. We had fries with our peppers and he made me some aioli sauce for that. lol Anyway, it was all really good and I have a leftover one for lunch.

I woke up this morning dreaming that I was working on “annual benefits open enrollment” and was getting panicked and trying to hurry it along, while answering emails galore and then I sent an email out that wasn’t supposed to be sent and then I was trying to figure out how to get it back. And then I woke up and was thankful that I no longer have that on my plate. I never really got to EVER enjoy spring much for having to worry about all the benefit stuff happening on top of everything else. It’s the time of year that I would be getting ramped up for it and we’d soon be setting up the travel plans and such. And of course the hiring was on top of that, that never stopped. I remember sweating it b/c we’d always have to wait on the new rates before materials could be printed and everything was always so last minute and then everyone had to scramble to make it happen. I’m such a planner and I always hated that part of having to rush at the end. Then we had to get all the changes entered and ready for May 1. And this morning upon waking I realized…yes…I don’t have to go through all that this year! It’s such a relief to wake up from that dream. I honestly don’t know how I dealt with all the stress.

Now I have the new stresses, of which I also had to wait for data before I could do anything with it at points, making me rush and storm the last week of January, but at least that is over. All except for one state where you have to enter all the w-2’s manually and there are 208 of them. I am about 1/3 of the way through. Hopefully can get the rest of them entered this week. As my boss said, I did pretty good considering the amount of time I had to do all the states we had by the time the data was given to me to do it. So it looks like January will be my horror month where month end, quarter end, and year end all hit at once. I finally had to stop and do all my monthly tax payments for Jan last week and got that done. So now just catching up on that one state’s year end. That state takes uploads but apparently we don’t have the right software to upload so we enter by hand.

Anyway, better go get ready and get out the door. It’s raining cats and hippos out there. Yuk. WE have rain in our forecast for like 2 weeks with not many sunny days in between. Ya’ll take care. Probably will not post until about Thursday or so unless something happens that warrants some news. Otherwise it’s just me blabbering like I’m doing today.

Oh I did get quite a bit done with that focus app til I got tired of focusing and sat down and read! lol Almost finished with the John Denver book.

Weekends go by too Fast for us Geeky Introverts

We had a wonderful game night with friends at Paul and Judy’s Saturday evening. I’m trying to enjoy it, our time with this group because Paul and Judy could be moving soon as they are already working on the progress of this process. It makes me sad for us but happy for them.

Judy made the most wonderful lasagna. One has to has to have seconds!

So good extra was made so Paul could have it while Judy goes out of town this week.

I made the Italian salad, which was quite simple but had a great taste, I thought.

I used the big shaved parmesan and it had pepperoni (chopped) in there. The dressing was a dijon vinaigrette that you pour over right before eating and then add the croutons.

And the bread was awesome. YUM!

And Mr. Albert is always awesome, the sweet baby! He’s getting older, but he’s a cutie. And the turtle caramel cream pie was divine after a couple of rounds of LCR.

No big gambling games here. We use quarters. I think we’ve all been passing around the same few quarters for about two years now. lol. Usually Joe and Cheryl end up with most of our quarters. They had to get bigger jars this year and they may have to go bigger next time, lol. You can play with pennies or even buttons if you choose, lol. The concept is fun. A true game of chance.

Came home, slept so good. And then could not believe that the dogs let us sleep until 7:30. I had to make sure they were alive. Had coffee, and a relaxing morning that flew faster than a Porche on an open road in California.

Before I knew it, it was past time for me to go and get my toes and nails done if I wanted to beat the crowds. Actually most of the crowds ended up getting there as they opened and then it all slowed down. There are some new places in town near by – plus it was a cold dreary day. So either no one was out or they are losing some business or both. I may try the new place myself sometime just to see what it’s like.

Kinda fun wearing flip flops when it’s in the 40’s outside, lol. I’m sure people at Subway and in the parking lot thought I was an idiot. But when you get your toes done, you have to wear them or they’ll smudge.

I did the dip with my nails. I decided to do something different. I like the way they feel better than the solar version. The dip is more expensive. So I may not do this always. But I can get more choices of colors. I took a pic and sent to George and let him know I was at Subway and then headed to the Home store b/c when you do both nails and toes you are in there forever. I like to get my toes done separate so I can sit there and be on my phone and do email and catch up on social media. But they put my nails in aluminum foil to soak to loosen the previous polish so I couldn’t move my hands. lol Oh well.

The wrap at Subway was really good and I’ll get that instead of the bread again. But I was really disappointed they did not have ice tea made. They were cleaning it and letting it soak. It was the only reason I got the combo and then all they had were drinks with either sugar or fake sugar. I got the Vitamin Water as it was the least sweet. I could be wrong there, but I made the best decision I could. I DID let the guy know I wouldn’t have gotten the combo if I had known they didn’t have ice tea. They need to do their cleaning/soaking after hours and not on customer time. This was the Mount Juliet location at Walmart if any Subway bots are reading, lol.

I went to the home store looking for something to put in the kitchen on the wall where there is a blank spot next to the new bulletin board. Nothing I was enthralled with so I didn’t settle. But I did come home with this plant for my office. I wasn’t sure where it would go at the time but this is where it landed.

Notice picture of Mom beside it.

When I got home George had made three meat pies for our Sun night dinner- well, They were made with mixture of deer meat, pork, and beef. Very good. We recently had meat pies that were bought from somewhere from a fundraiser and we really enjoyed them. Just plain meat pies. You can add veggies along side to go with. Makes a really good meal. Yes, we have leftovers.

I spent the afternoon in my office working on organizing my life. I spent more time organizing it than doing it. lol. Because I’m geeky like that. No really, I do think I get a lot done. If I didn’t do this on the weekends though I’d be in such a tailspin.

I finished our Winter Bucketlist finally now that one of the three months are gone. Oh well. The aftermath of the holidays and the business of the last quarter, took all month to recover.

Here was the fall Bucketlist for starters to revisit. We did pretty good.

There are more things that are sure than death and taxes. Apparently I keep eating good food and don’t meet my weight loss goals. lol. But I’ll keep tweaking at that. At least I am not gaining the 5 lbs every year like I was after the holidays. Amazingly I only gained 1 lb through the holidays but I had gained about 5-7 before the holidays began beginning in August when we celebrated George’s birthday and began a big long stretch of eating bad (good) things. But I keep this on the list and I will keep trying to tweak and get better. My system helps!

And here’s the Winter Bucket List. George threw a lot of restaurants on there. I think we won’t go to all the Asian restaurants but I think we will be going out on Friday nights a lot as we will hit several of them. Usually they are pretty reasonable at the Asian restaurants. I should throw Mexican on there but didn’t. I’ll put it on the summer list, I guess. I really love my Mexican meals – I can get fajitas and it won’t be too bad.

I like doing this b/c it keeps us focused when we “do” our weekends.

So I have really been having to do and redo my long list every weekend, refusing to put it in excel (I don’t have excel anyway on the iMac) but I found an app that does a listing system exactly the way I do it. And I paid for the option to have it on my iMac and my phone – crazy but you had to pay for EACH app to sync to the cloud version. And that was worth it to me. Also it downloads to PDF and I can print. I’m in heaven! Now I don’t have to do all that writing by hand on the weekends and can have a paper copy to mark off and add to and then on the weekends I just add it to the iMac and reshuffle some. But it even has a due date and reminder feature (and notes) so it’ll actually move itself into the urgent column as the timing nears. I LOVE THIS! WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It’s called the Focus Matrix app.

Ha! You can see the beginning of my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s Essay as my Evernote app is open in the background. lol I gained 1 lb from the beginning of my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s Challenge (enter pics, weight, essay and get $200 in free product). But I don’t do the THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY’s products as I should – otherwise I’d be continuing to lose. It’s the struggle b/w being an ALL OUT FOODIE and married to one, and having my cake (literally) and eating it too. Somehow though doing really well at maintaining considering all we eat so there’s that. Also have to work at getting exercise in on the schedule.

One thing I love about the Mac is having the ability to multitask and having a lot of things open at once. Had never really thought about that when we got it but it’s very helpful.

I put an orange sticky over the camera b/c I came in one day to see the FaceTime app up and viewing myself on it. Weird. So now if it was really somewhere there, they only see orange. lol I did stick my tongue out at them. But I think it was just a glitch. But certainly weird as I’d not had that app open. They didn’t see much during that time if it was someone as I wasn’t in here.

Well, I better go. I don’t have a lot of time before I have to leave. It will be a busy week this week. I have payroll of course and then was finally given Friday the things I needed to do the unemployment filings all due by the 31st. Of course I have to stop and do payroll so…it didn’t really give me a chance to get much of these done so we’ll be riding the line. Then I have all those year end reports to do. It’ll be a miracle if in on time. I will do my best, but really wasn’t given much of an opportunity to work on them. I needed to have been working on them all last week too but didn’t have the data. OH well. It will be what it will be. I will get done what I can with the time I have and that is all one can do.

Ya’ll have a great week. I will try to pop in about mid week. I think we will be going to get the cow this weekend in KY and we have our neighbor’s memorial at 1:00. I really do not see how we will have time to do both. The cow and pig is slaughtered and being smoked so we will have to go pick it up I think. But it’s a round trip of 5 hours. He said we’d have to get up early Saturday morning. Oh dear.

Ya’ll have a good one! What you up to this week? Anything on your to do list? I just wish I had another day. I have more I wanted to do this weekend.