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Well, Mom told me when I walked in that she broke her light when she raised her cane up. This is above her island. So I took a pic to help determine what we needed to get at Lowe’s. I tried to help her but I’m not sure that she got the right thing. She seemed to know what she wanted so I stood back and let her have at it. We’ll see. At this point, though, I figure it’s another return I’ll have to do. That seems to be the theme these days. I hate to be pessimistic but now I see why I am. There is not much that goes right – ever. People just think you’re negative, but they have no idea. lol There is truly this black cloud that exists that plagues, haunts, and I want to use the word torture but that would be a slight exaggeration – notice I said slight – lol. There is truly the crisis of the day – if not every day then every other.

Friday after I left her house from the doc appointment I was met with a beautiful sunset for the drive home. Here, enjoy them with me. These are not edited. Just taken by my phone.

There were these streaks of clouds that had a beautiful glow about them. The sun seemed to be in a hurry to “go down”. I wanted it to stay and play a while. I chased it west hoping to enjoy it as long as I could. But it was fleeting.

I thank everyone who watched the video yesterday. I somehow magically have 103 subscribers now. The first 100 is so hard. What, two years. It always seems like when I worry about the numbers, they never come, and when I just decide not to care again, they do. Back when I really had a hard time deciding to quit or continue I finally concluded that I remember why I did it in the first place – b/c I enjoyed it and wanted to. There was always hope it would mean something to somebody, but I believe I have decided it doesn’t really matter if it means something to me. I will just do it and stop when it’s no longer fun. Worrying over it doesn’t work for me when there is already so much that tries to worry me as it is.

But, if you missed watching the video yesterday on YouTube, here is the link:

Less Hustle More Coffee on YouTube

fried egg and bread pklatter
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Yesterday Mom and I went out for breakfast. I have been horrible lately about taking photos for the blog. I will try to do better! This is a stock photo but not too far off. Anyway, we enjoyed it so much. We went to a place called The Barrel House. It was great. The only thing is they charge if you want biscuits with your breakfast in most cases, unless you just use it as one of your two sides. But the bacon was as perfect as I’ve ever had and the eggs were really good and the hash brown potatoes were good.

It filled me up and I didn’t want anything until dinner.

In addition to Lowe’s where Mom got her light globes, she also wanted to plant flowers in containers on her back porch. So she picked out containers and plants and then we had to buy potting soil in bags I could carry.

Then we went to the store. She only needed a few things but as we walked through I would list what was on each aisle and she bought more things as she remembered them. I wanted her to stock up a bit with things she would enjoy because it will be TWO WEEKS before we can get her back to the store as we’ll be gone next weekend and will have a few busy days when coming back from the trip.

I wasn’t going to buy anything but I was afraid I didn’t have enough laundry stuff for when we got back so I went ahead and bought laundry items and also snack items. I don’t want to be caught without some snacks in my purse while we are traveling. I need something with protein for sure. And never want to run out of gum, either – especially for the plane. And b/c wine is a box travels well and is cheap – I figure I will put that in a baggy and put in my suit case for the AirBnB.

Once I got Mom’s Lowe’s haul unloaded to her back porch, I unloaded her groceries, and unloaded mine to my car. And then I headed home and began to do laundry and pack for our trip.

George fixed some red beans in the crock pot (from dried beans) after they soaked the night before. He added kielbasa and served it on rice. It was really good. And we had cornbread with it.

So the upcoming week will be interesting as we set about our travel to San Antonio mid-week. So stay tuned. I’ll blog by phone the best way I can and as I can.

But today, we will pick up Mom and take her to church and we have service, Sunday school, then we’ll go pick up a deli sandwich and take Mom home and then go take our deli sandwich and “picnic” at the church with our Life Group and then we will go see the Jesus Revolution movie with them.

Then I will come back and finish laundry and change both of our sheets and try to do something fun after that, like reading or working on a video. No cleaning this weekend. No time. It’s deferred to two weeks from this weekend. lol

Monday and Tuesday will be filled with getting things ready at work as much as I can. The priority getting payroll done and then I will have to double up on everything and do two weeks as once the following week.

I have to make a couple of doc appts for myself. I have been so busy with Mom’s appointments I’ve forgotten to make my own, I guess. I looked to see when my eye doc appt is and either I didn’t make one or I don’t have it written down so I need to check on that. I also have to make an appt for my blood pressure meds as my Rx is about to run out. So I need to make those calls tomorrow. The eye doc is hard to get in for a decent appt and usually made a year in advance. But I don’t know if it is even made and I usually go in the summer. The regular doc is not that hard to get in as he is flexible but I usually make them further in advance so I may have to be the one that is flexible. So these need to be set tomorrow.

We have to take Dexter to doggy place for his boarding Tuesday as we will miss the boarding drop off Tuesday evening. I think it’s a t 4 and we’ll not have time to get home and get him dropped off so George will take him Tuesday morning. I’m going to be sad Tuesday night no having him here and I’m going to miss him so much. But we will get to see our grandson! And Dexter will have his own fun. He will be in boarding on his 1st birthday but we are having a Dexter birthday Weekend.

Dexter’s Birthday Donut

Anyway, I will try to post and as far as next Saturday’s video and the one after….it’s kindof up in the air. We’ll see how it goes. And I’ll resume as soon as I can. I had hoped to get it done this weekend and I have a short one I can put together if I can just get a bit of time this afternoon and evening.

I will video some things in San Antonio for sure. And will do a video on that when we get back. But you’ll see photos before then on the blog.

Over and out. Mom has just called and she has a sore throat and not wanting to go this morning. I had figured she would cancel. She usually does on life group days it seems. But she has asked we drop by some alka seltzer for cold.

Also her Dryel was to deliver yesterday from Amazon. I guess she watched my previous video and it reminded her about Dryel as I talked about it in that video. So I texted her and told her that it delivered. But then she said it wasn’t there. I thought well of course it’s not. Would I expect anything to go right at this point? NO! Life has taught me that. I’m not worrying about it yet. Because it was dark when she told me that and who knows it might be in her USMail since it was the weekend. So before I go chasing down a return and reorder with Amazon (insert what the hey emoji here) I want to make sure it’s really not delivered! Amazon is going to quit dealing with us! lol. I just have never seen such a debacle of things going wrong in my life.

Dear Lord, please get rid of the evil spirit that is residing over there and causing all sorts of issues. Replace it with the fruits of your own spirit, which include peace and joy!!!!!!!

Maybe something good will happen one day.

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  1. Hope your trip to SA is fun! The weather looks decent right now. We’re in Houston, and while yesterday was hot for March (85), a little front came through this morning and it’s a nice 75 right now. 🙂

  2. Never a dull moment it sounds like with your Mom. I hope you have fin with your family in SA. I know that baby will be thrilled to see his noni and poppy.

  3. Have a great trip. I am envious that you are going where it is warm. I love San Antonio but I have only been there when it is 110 degrees. ENJOY.

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