Making the Best, But Easy, Spaghetti Sauce Ever | Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese

Good morning. I’m sharing some really incredible flavors with you. This, my peeps, is my most favorite meal in the world. The layers of flavor that morph as a “party in the mouth”! I think I even like it better than Prime Rib! And that is a lot!

Video Link Here: The Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever.

This does NOT take long at all to make. It’s NOT an all day affair. I just make it in the evenings after work.

Finding the cheese may not be as easy. Usually I have found in most grocery stores that have a great gourmet cheese selection. Usually it is found in round block forms and you have to shred it yourself. But I found it already shredded in a tub put out by the Spaghetti Factory – hoping you can be so lucky. It was around $7.50 so the cheese is about twice your regular cheddar but it is a MUST to use Mizithra with the browned butter for the right taste.

And no we don’t eat this often. I usually just buy it whenever I see it and then we have it. I’d say we eat this about twice a year, but this year we have been able to find the cheese more often. Large, updated, Kroger stores usually have it.

So here is the video for this week and how I make it. Also a little humor from George and of course a clip of Dexter boy. Enjoy!

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Here’s the link again: Best Spaghetti Ever

8 responses to “Making the Best, But Easy, Spaghetti Sauce Ever | Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese”

  1. This is a valuable write up you have put out here.

    Please let me see if I have the key take aways of your article here.

    This is making my mouth water! The recipe looks so delicious and easy to make. Can’t wait to give it a try!

    Thank you,

  2. Yum0!!
    I have to find Miz.cheese.i would make that.
    I always break the noodles.
    Usually i do a Marana or a Vodka sauce.
    Pasta is always a winner.
    Good video. Thanks!!

  3. Mazithra cheese ??? Never heard of it over here. Is there a similar type cheese ?
    Sounds such a great recipe…

    • I’ve only used mizithra. And I bet you could find it now that you know to look for it. I’m not sure about using anything similar. But it’s so good. I wonder if you could order it somewhere from on line? Probably be more expensive.

    • No, what is it doing different? It kinda tastes like Parmesan but not as strong- it had more of a- I want to say “fudgy” but that’s not right, that’s more the texture. More flavor than feta, less heavy than Parmesan.

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