San Antonio Arrival | Condo Tour | Good Food in Texas

Well this week has certainly been busy! Not enough time. Every minute has been filled! I’ve gone to bed every night putting things off to the next day.

Work has been busy trying to get things done so no one is impacted by my absence as much as possible. I didn’t get everything done I wanted. Most of it will be waiting for me next week. I worked almost two hours over yesterday/ one to cover Moms appts monthly and the other because you have to work more to get a vacation – you do not net the hours you should because the work still has to be done. lol 😝!

So I did manage to get the next video scheduled for Saturday! It’s possible I won’t miss a beat!

So Mom is not feeling well and I ordered cough medicine as she asked for some to be ordered an hour or so before bedtime. Got that done. I’m waiting to see if her Dryel showed up. She said it didn’t arrive but we think it might have gone to her mail box. So I had contacted the seller and we are waiting on Mom to check mail box.

So, we got up this morning and flew to San Antonio. It’s been a great day! We parked at the airport. It was 24 degrees in Nashville -so was glad the shuttle was quick.

Our flight was smooth!

We took an Uber over to Blue Star Brewery, near our complex and had a beer and lunch.

I had fish tacos. The Mexican or Tex Mex is a little more authentic here! Served with pintos and crema/Mayo with lemon wedges to squeeze on the fish tacos.

The landscape is a lot different too. I love these big plants. Here’s pics of our condo.

We walked to a burger place nearby for dinner after we Ubered for groceries and back. We had hung on balcony and read for a while. It was great!

A mean margarita! And nachos! With queso dip and Mexican crema.

George’s burger is to the right. It had Mole sauce and avocado. Managed to get a pic of mine before it was gone!

So I’m pretty tired tonight after the all we did today! We are hanging out on the balcony while we can. Colder weather is coming after a front tomorrow night.

I’m going to go now. Just want to relax and read!

Nite nite everyone!

9 responses to “San Antonio Arrival | Condo Tour | Good Food in Texas”

  1. Have fun!!!! Enjoy every minute… Eat some Guacamole for me…. I had the best guacamole i have ever had on the Riverwalk in San Antonio (Boudro’s on the Riverwalk).

  2. Hope you have a blast! The big pointy plant in one of the pictures is a Century plant. My mom has one – just a small one in a pot. If you’re still in SA for St. Pat’s, they turn the river by the river walk green. Or at least they used to! 🍀🍀🍀

  3. Your condo looks neat. I enjoy seeing your pictures. I have never been to Texas. We love Mexican food too. It has turned awfully cold here too. I know that the cold won’t bother you cause you will be with little Roo & Katy. Enjoy your time with your family…

  4. So glad everything is going so well. Relax and enjoy every minute. Hope by the time you read this you will be double happy as you’ve seen that gorgeous wee grandson..looking forward to photos. ENJOY. XXXX

  5. Dexter looks so sad. Poor baby.
    Your place looks nice & comfortable. You always find great places to stay.
    I hope you can lay back & let your hair down.
    Enjoy Katie & Co. !!

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